Chapter 19

Since Xu Yanwen went to a meeting it was not good for Zhou Chenguang to stay on Xu Yanwen’s office, so he left first with an excited mood.

Until he got into his car, Zhou Chenguang’s excited mood could not be calmed down so he quickly took out his phone and sent messages to his friends as if he was revealing a big secret.

[Zhou Chenguang: @everyone, I seem to have discovered an amazing piece of gossip!!!]

Just after the message was sent, it was like a stone sinking into the sea, one minute, two minutes, three minutes… ten minutes passed but still no one in the group said anything.

[Zhou Chenguang: ??]

[Zhou Chenguang: @all, aren’t you guys curious about what gossip I know? It’s really an amazing gossip!!!]

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…. the group was still silent.

Zhou Chenguang stared at the motionless WeChat group and his heart was broken.

Damn this people are too much!

No one actually pays attention to me!

His heart was not reconciled at all as it was still pounding with excitement and his soul of gossip was still burning!

[Zhou Chenguang: keep ignoring me, then don’t regret missing the dinner in the new imperial dinner this evening!]

Now someone was finally paying attention to him.

[Xiao Zhe: I’m free for the evening get together!]

[Wu Dong: I’m free too!]

[Tang Yichuan: And me!]

[Zhou Chenguang: Heh! That’s a brother!]


In the afternoon, Xu Yanwen finished dealing with work-related matter and left work half an hour earlier than usual.

Driving back to the apartment, Xu Yanwen opened the door and entered the house, he saw Xu Jiayue still busy in the kitchen.

“Do you need help?”

Xu Yanwen, dressed in suit asked as he walked to the kitchen door.

Xue Jiayue turned her head to look at him and smiled.

“You’re back, no need to help. I can handle it.”

Xu Yanwen’s eyes fell on her, she was wearing a piggy apron design on her front and her hair was tied in a bun looking more and more adorable.

“Can you kill the fish too?”

Xu Yanwen suddenly wanted to do something for her.

Xue Jiayue took a look at the carp in the basin and wanted to say she has no problem handling the fish.

Since she really couldn’t imagine what it was like to have a big president in a suit standing by the kitchen to kill the fish.

But looking at Xu Yanwen’s attitude, he seemed to really wanted to help so she change her mind and was happy to have someone help her. So she nodded her head and said.

“En, it would be great if you could help me.”

After saying this Xue Jiayue saw Xu Yanwen untie his tie and took off this suit jacket. He then slowly and methodically pulled the sleeved of his shirt up to his elbows and walked towards the basin with water, catching the fish with one hand.

Xu Yanwen’s movements were very skilled, one hand was pressing the fish while the other hand was holding the knife cutting the fish belly and cleaning the guts. He looks nothing like it was his first time killing and cleaning a fish.

Xue Jiayue: “…..”

Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said blandly.

“When I was studying abroad, I cooked for myself.”

Xue Jiayue hurriedly and doggedly said.

“You’re amazing!”

Xu Yanwen gave her another look which was like looking at a stranger.

When he met his deep gaze, Xue Jiayue’s heart thumped.

Could it be he had seen something?

Could it be that he found out that I was different?

Xue Jiayue felt guilty and did not dare to stand beside Xu Yanwen. And so that she would not be seen by him she quickly went to the side to do other things.

Fortunately Xu Yanwen didn’t say anything else later.

As the saying goes, it was not tiring to work when the men help the women.

With Xu Yanwen’s help, Xue Jiayue quickly finished making the dinner.

Three dishes and one soup were served, Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen sat down to eat.

“The carp and bean curd soup is delicious.”

Xue Jiayue scoope a bowl and put it in Xu Yanwen’s hand.

“Eat a little more of the fish you killed.”

Xu Yanwen raised his eyes and met her smiling face, the eyes that were smiling brightly at him, reflecting his appearance on her clear eyes. Which made him unable to say no.


Xu Yanwen responded, picking up a spoon and lowered his head to drink the soup.

At this time, Xu Yanwen’s phone rang.

He put down the spoon, and picked up his phone checking who called. After seeing Xiao Zhe’s name, he frowned slightly and said to Xue Jiayue.

“I’m going to take this call.”

Xue Jiayue watched Xu Yanwen take his phone and go to the side to answer the call.

On the phone, Xiao Zhe’s voice came over.

“Brother Xu, is Jiayue’s cooking edible? She didn’t set the kitchen on fire?”

Then there was the sound of couple of brats laughing.

It turned out that Zhou Chenguang invited some friends to the new imperial dinner and since Xu Yanwen didn’t go, Xiao Zhen asked Zhou Chenguang what was the matter.

Zhou Chenguang shook his head and said.

“Brother Xu has changed. He actually said he wanted to go home for dinner, saying the food at home is different!”

The crowd was shocked by the words and wondered if the food at Xu Yanwen’s house was really that good.

Zhou Chenguang could not answer the question and in fact he also wanted to know.

Later at dinner, Xiao Zhe lost the bet, and under the unanimous bullying of the crowds, he could only bite the bullet and call Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen heard the laughter of several brats on the other end of the phone and said with a cold voice.

“Are you guys itching for a beating?”

The sound was so scary making Xiao Zhe’s hand shake and hangs up the phone automatically.

Xu Yanwen looked at the black phone screen and couldn’t help but grunted lightly, thinking that he need to disciplined those few stinky brats!

Turning around and looking back, Xu Yanwen raised his eyes and saw Xue Jiayue staring at him like a little kitten who was despised by others. She obviously heard what Xiao Zhen said on the phone.

Looking at Xue Jiayue’s big innocent eyes, Xu Yanwen’s hand holding the phone tightened as he heard her say.

“They’re making fun of me again?”


Author has something to say:

Xu Yanwen: Distressed.



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