The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

The whole room was eerily quiet.

Father and Mother Xue looked at each other and as their eyes met, they only have one thing in mind.

This girl, isn’t she the math class representative?

When did her Chinese become so good?

When did she become so eloquent, that making people dislike her?

 No this is not the point!

Father Xu hurriedly stood up and looked like he wanted to sort her out.

“Watch how you talk to your second uncle! Go back to your room!”

This was said, but there was no much anger on his face. In fact he was probably woken up by his daughter’s words.

Yes, that’s right my money! I could give it to whoever I want to give it to. How can he decide on what to do with my money, he even come to my house to make a fuss?

Mother Xu felt refreshed by her daughter’s words and said loudly.

“What are you doing going back to your room? You haven’t eaten yet! The child go to school so hard every day, don’t you feel sorry that she’ll starve! Xu Zhixing go eat.”

Xu Zhixing pursed the corners of her lips and smiled, she then obediently turned around and walked towards the dining area.

After she walked two steps she looked back at Xu Zhiwen, and smilingly said.

“Second uncle, you still need to eat even if you’re angry. Don’t be too angry and ruined your body ah”

Father Xu took over.

“Yes, yes, yes the meal still needs to be eaten. Second brother, let’s eat.”

Xu Zhiwen almost exploded in anger, his blood pressure was soaring and his whole face was red, he walked up and said.

“No more! I can’t afford to eat this meal at your house either!”

After saying this, he walked angrily towards the door.

He probably expected Father Xu and Mother Xu to stop him twice, but no one opened their mouths. He only heard Xu Zhixing happily say.

“Dinner is ready~ Wow, today there are sweet and sour pork again. I love you Aunt Liu!”

Xu Zhiwen slammed the door angrily and left.

For a while the room was quiet, and Mother Xu’s laugther burst around the surrounding.

Father Xu glared at her but seeing her laughing happily he couldn’t hold back and also laugh. The two walked to the dining table and sat down.

They reproached Xu Zhixing like everyone should do after the episode.

“This little girl, how can you talk big when you’re just small. Next time do not interrupt again. See if I can’t deal with you!”

Xu Zhixing pouted and think.

I haven’t even talked that yet.

If Xu Zhiwen wanted to be demon again, she would let him see how she chase a demon away!

Mother Xu said a few words to Xu Zhixing and then turned the tables on father Xu.

“In the whole Xu family, I’ve never seen anyone who is such a coward as you! You’ve been shoved in the face and yet you didn’t even dare to say a word! If your daughter and I hadn’t come back in time today, I think you have would have been trampled to death by Second brother!”

Father Xu glared at her unhappily.

“How can you talk like that? That’s my second brother, he’s my only brother now that my big brother is gone! If I didn’t have two brother to take care of me when I was young, it’s a question of whether I would have survive!”

People of the older generation like to talk about things when they were young. When they were young, their kindness could be deem to adulthood and even until death.

Xu Zhixing muttered.

“People can change ah, I was round face when I was a child but now it has become a melon face.”

“You still talked! How many chocolate did your second uncle buy for you throughout the year and where did they all go?”

Xu Zhixing was not willing to back off.

“There are so many people who buy chocolate for me, but they don’t care about my family’s money all day?”

Father Xu paused and frowned.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Xu Zhixing felt that she should take advantage of this opportunity to say things. If not her father would probably fall for Xu Zhiwen’s tricks. So she casually put her chopsticks aside.

“Then why else would he be so angry? Even if you invest the funds to brother Xu Yan, it did not cause him any loss ah. He said that in this project he wanted you to invest was because he was thinking of you and want you to make money. But since you didn’t invest, then you didn’t make any money, it was your loss that you didn’t make any money, not his. What does it have to with him? Why is he so angry? It’s not like he was the one who loses money.”

Father Xu’s eyes flickered twice, probably recalling the urgency that flowed when Xu Zhiwen approached him to sign the contract, the few times they met. He was silent.

Xu Zhixing looked at her father’s face and knew that he had taken her words in. So she strike while the iron was hot.

“The reason he is so angry is because you did not invest to him, which ultimately harmed his interest. So quite simply, the truth is that he did not want you to make money but he desperately needed the money to save himself. Now that the money is gone, who’s angry if he’s not angry?”

Before Father Xu could say anything, Mother Xu looked shocked and said.

“Oh my heavens, when did my baby girl’s brain become so smart?”

Father Xu frowned deeply, although he did not speak, but the looked on his face tells that was the truth.

Xu Zhixing sighed softly and clip a sweet and sour meat with her chospticks.

“In my opinion, don’t always think about making a lot of money from venture capital. You don’t know anything. You were already sold out, but you’re also helping to count the money. If you wanted to invest and get money back, you might as well do your job well.”

Father Xu nodded thoughtfully and immediately smiled.

“Who was sold out and helping to count the money? Is that how you talk to your father?”

Mother Xu also smiled, and once again the family was happy. Xu Zhixing secretly made a yeah pose under the table.

Father Xu put’s too much emphasis on family affection. Once the relationship was broken, with that wolf’s ambition, she shouldn’t be worried that her father couldn’t see it.

She remembers that soon after, the project of Xu Zhiwen cheated his father into investing in would be declared bankrupt because of his partner’s donation to escape and the failure of capital chain.

Because of how big this was, it was also featured in a financial magazine.

That time it was Father Xu’s money that was lost, this time, it would be his turn.

After completely solving the problem, Xu Zhixing was in a good mood and ate two more bowls rice for dinner.


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