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Chapter 124

Fu Zhen was still a little bit embarrassed, his eyes widened slightly and he said to the deputy director.

“Then I won’t come back?”

“Don’t come back, don’t come back. It’s your big day, enjoy it why come back?”

Someone joked.

Fu Zhen gave a smile and bowed to the staff.

“Then I’ll trouble you all today.”

The people waved their hands at him.

“No trouble, no trouble. You’ll have to bring more wedding candy tomorrow.”

“I would.”

Fu Zhen went downstairs and directly walked towards Jiang Hengshu’s car. He opened the car door and sat in. Jiang Hengshu looked at him and asked.

“Are you nervous?”

Fu Zhen’s two hands clasped together and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I’m okay.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled and didn’t say anything, HE let go of the clutch at his feet and took Fu Zhen to Civil Affair Bureau of Pinghai City.

All the way through the ride, Fu Zhen hung his head and looked at the black screen of his mobile phone. He had a thousand thoughts in his mind, but in the end he couldn’t grasp anything.

More than half an hour later, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu stood outside the Civil Affairs Bureau. Fu Zhen was holding his ID card and hukou book1, now he was the only one left in the hukou book.

But he will soon have a new home. He raised his head at the Civil Affair Bureau in front of him, this ordinary building turns into a tall castle in his eyes.

Jiang Hengshu holds his hand and together they walked step by step. Jiang Hengshu opened the door of the Civil Affair Bureau and went in with him.

After the country opened the same sex marriage, in addition to the first year there were not many same-sex couples in the Civil Affair Bureau in the following years. And the number of lesbians were more than gay men.

The staff looked at the two men coming together, they didn’t show any difference on their faces but they have a kind smile plastered in their faces.

The person in charge handed them two marriage application forms, and after they filled them out. The staff member checked them out and said.

“Go over and take pictures.”

Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu interlocked their fingers. Fu Zhen secretly glanced sideways at Jiang Hengshu beside him.

Jiang Hengshu was standing straight, his face looked extraordinarily delicate and looking three-dimensional under the light.

“Look at the camera, look at the camera.”

Fu Zhen turned his head and looked at the camera not far away, but the photographer didn’t press the shutter for a long time. He sighed and straightened up then said to Fu Zhen.

“Smile, which wedding photo has a crying face ah?”

Jiang Hengshu turned his head and saw Fu Zhen’s expression was a little weird. His eyes were full of tears ready to fall down, he looked very pitiful. If he didn’t know, he would think it was Jiang Hengshu who forced him to come and receive the certification.

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of Fu Zhen’s eyes with his thumb he then held his face and asked him softly.

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Zhen shook his head at Jiang Hengshu.

“Nothing, I was just too excited and couldn’t control my expression a little.”

“Relax.” Jiang Hengshu said then patted him in the back.

“Take a deep breath.”

Fu Zhen finally calmed himself down, they once again stood in front of the red background. Although this time, Fu Zhen did not have tears flowing but the expression on his face was still slightly stiff.

The photographer was used to this kind of scene so he just to Fu Zhen kindly.

“Smile more naturally, ok looking good. If you don’t smile at this time, then when do you want to smile? If you want to wait until you are old to smile, you will have no teeth in your mouth ah.”

Fu Zhen couldn’t help but let out a smile, the photographer who took the pictures seized the moment and pressed the shutter of the camera.

“Ok, this is your physical examination form. Now go for a check-up and come back later with the checklist to get your license.”

“Thank you.”

Fu Zhen took the physical examination sheet. If he take the examination they would find out something was not right on his body. So he asked.

“Do we really have to take the checkup?”

“It’s better to do it, but it’s not mandatory. If you don’t want to do it, you can get the certificate directly after you seal it.”

Fu Zhen tilted his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu.

“Let’s claim it directly.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded his head. They came to the window they had just passed and watched the staff seal on their marriage certificate. From then on their lives would be closely intertwined.

Fu Zhen eyes were a little hot, but this time he didn’t cry anymore. He held Jiang Hengshu’s hand tightly instead just like the golden character behind the Civil Affair Bureau.

‘Holding your hand a growing old with you’.

Fu Jiangchen stopped the car on the street opposite the Civil Affairs Bureau and watched Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau.

He was most afraid of Jiang Hengshu’s feelings for Fu Zhen were not sincere enough, and that he was only playing with Fu Zhen.

He was afraid that Fu Zhen would be hurt again, but since he was willing to bring Fu Zhen to the Civil Affair Bureau it means that he was serious about Fu Zhen.

He just don’t know if the Jiang family would accept Fu Zhen.

Fu Jianchen who was sitting on the car was looking at Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen through the window. They pushed the door open and came out from the hall of Civil Affair Bureau, Fu Zhen’s face was filled with a happy smile.

He could see that Fu Zhen was very happy now.

This happiness from now has nothing to do with him.

What else could he for Fu Zhen?

Fu Jianchen was lying on the steering wheel. In the past he would often see Fu Zhen in his dreams, but now he has not dreamed of him for a long time.

Fu Jianchen’s phone rang at this time, he raised his head from the steering wheel, took out his phone and slid down the answer button. A loud male voice came from the other end of the line that voice said to Fu Jianchen.

“In the past two years, what Miss Tang Wanwan has done has been investigate clearly.”

Fu Jianchen gave a sound and said slowly.

“Sent it to my mailbox.”

He then hung up the call, leaned back in the chair and closes his eyes.

What Tang Wanwan once did to Fu Zhen he would pay it back little by little, and his own debt would be paid slowly for the rest of his life.


hukou book1Hukou (Chinese: 户口; lit. ‘household individual’) is a system of household registration used in mainland China


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