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Chapter 123

During this period of time Fu Jianchen was busy with the company affairs, instead of wandering around the streets of Fu Zhen’s community before and secretly watched on him. He handed over this arduous task to others.

He started to hand over all the affairs of the company to Fu Ting. In the past he didn’t feel that he was old, he was less than 50 years old and he was still in the golden age of a man.

But after Tang Wanwan got married, he suddenly realized that he was very old and easily got confused, that he couldn’t even protect his own children.

Fu Jianchen finally settled his work and was ready to return on paying attention on Fu Zhen’s life when the man he sent to guard on Fu Zhen told him that these days he often see Jiang Henghu take Fu Zhen to the hospital for checkup.

Fu Jianchen’s face paled immediately, and many questions brushed his mind.

What did Fu Zhen go to the hospital for?

Is there something wrong with his leg?

Fu Jianchen then decided to visit the Jiang family hospital where Fu Zhen would come these days. He found the doctor who was treating Fu Zhen and asked him about Fu Zhen current situation.

The doctor looked up Fu Jianchen and said.

“You said you are the father of the young man who just left, right?”

Fu Jianchen nodded his head and asked the doctor in front of him.

“What happened to him?”

The doctor stared at Fu Jianchen and asked him back.

“You’re his father and you don’t know?”

Fu Jianchen moved his lips but did not say any words at the end.

The doctor immediately knew that the relationship between Fu Jianchen and Fu Zhen was not very good.

If anyone paid attention to the entertainment news, anyone would find that the relationship between the two was not only bad but also a feud.

The doctor shook his head and said to Fu Jianchen.

“Ask him yourself.”

“As doctors, we have professional ethics. If we shouldn’t, we won’t say a word. You don’t have to ask anymore.”

Fu Jianchen was silent for a while, he then opened his mouth to ask the doctor again.

“Is his current condition serious?”

The doctor thought about it, looked at Fu Jianchen and couldn’t bear it. He revealed a bit of information to him.

“It has nothing to do with seriousness, it’s a good thing.”

What else could be good thing about coming to the hospital all day for checkup?

Fu Jianchen was deeply suspicious of the doctor’s words, but he had no way to ask any other useful information from his mouth.

Fu Jianchen left the hospital in state of disorientation.

What was wrong with his Xiao Zhen now, he would never be able to get an answer.


On Monday, for the first time Fu Zhen wore a special formal dress, it was as if he was going to attend a wedding.

People at the studio were stunned by Fu Zhen’s attire today, and asked him with a smile.

“Director Fu, you have dressed up so well, where are you going?”

Fu Zhen smiled and lowered his head, looking a little shy. He replied.

“Going to Civil Affair Bureau later.”

Wang Tong stares at Fu Zhen not far away. He was wondering if he has heard it wrongly. He already know what Jiang Hengshu’s family does, and also thought that his parent would be against Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen being together.

They would surely not agree with Fu Zhen for Jiang Hengshu, so he never thought that the two of them would enter the process of obtaining the certificate soon.

Is Jiang Hengshu cutting first then playing second?

Moreover, the two of them have known each other for less than three months since their first meeting, wasn’t this progress a little too fast?

However, there was no need for Wang Tong to say these words now just to pour cold water on Fu Zhen.

He and the other staff members have a smile of blessing on their faces.

With their quick response, they shake hand with Fu Zhen and then ask Fu Zhen for wedding candy.

“Director Fu, what about wedding candy?”

“Yes ah, you’re going to get a license, where’s the wedding candy?”

“…..Are you going to have a wedding?”

It seems that they were more likely to accept homosexuality than ordinary people.

Fu Zhen nodded and said to everyone.

“Here, here, here I’ll give it you tomorrow.”

“Where’s Jiang Hengshu? When is he coming to pick you up?”

“His downstairs now.”

Fu Zhen replied.

The deputy director patted Fu Zhen’s shoulder and said to him smilingly.

“Go now, Xiao Jiang should be anxious if you don’t go now.”

Fu Zhen smiled at the deputy director with embarrassed expression.

“I’ll get back after I get my license.”

“Why are you still coming back for? Your big day today, go out with Xiao Jiang and have a candlelight dinner, then watch a movie. You just have a good time, no need to come back ah. We can take care of the rest of the work in the studio, so you can rest assured and have fun.”



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  2. It is so sad to see so many families destroyed for one person’s ambition. Thank you for your hard work

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  4. Aahhhhh, all these people hurted by surnamed Tang really is pitiful. They were happy but this dog come in and manipulate them. Idk how many times I’ve said this but i really hope that some how they’ll be happy again.

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  7. Moreover, the two of them have known each other for less than three months since their first meeting, wasn’t this progress a little too fast

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that.


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