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Chapter 122

In Pinghai City there was a recently opened botanical garden just right in Jinsha district not far from their neighborhood, and Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen decided to walk directly there.

But most of the plan in the botanical garden hasn’t bloomed yet however the flowers of all colors in house were competing to sprout.

The long flower rack extends from the entrance to the exit, so the fragrance of the flower permeates the air, as if it was welcoming the coming of spring.

After coming out of the greenhouse, there was a huge lake on the opposite side. The lake was calm and quiet , there was one to two boats wandering on it.

On the bridge, there were several little girls in Hanfu1 taking pictures.

“Fu Zhen?”

Fu Zhen heard someone calling him, he turned and saw a young man in his twenties running towards him.

The young man’s chin was covered with cyan stubble, his hair was messy and he looked like he hadn’t tidied for a few days. His eyes were also blood shot, over all he has a sorry cut figure.

Fu Zhen knows this young man, he used to be Fu Zhen’s best friend for many years. They basically grew up in the same pants2 but unfortunately he fell in love with Tang Wanwan.

Not only he parted ways with Fu Zhen but he also dumped his girlfriend who he was about to engage with.

His girlfriend was pregnant at that time, but only Fu Zhen knew about it. After she was dumped she didn’t reveal anything to keep him, instead she just went abroad without hesitation and didn’t come back until today.

Fu Zhen coldly greeted the person in front of him.

“Luo Xi.”

Luo Xi looked at Fu Zhen in front of him, he pursed his lips, lowered his head and did not dare to look at him again.

After a long time, he said to him.

“I’m very sorry about what happened in those years.”

This apology like the letter of confession sent by Fu Jianchen no longer had any meaning for Fu Zhen. He turned around and wanted to leave but Luo Xi once again called him.

He asked.

“Do you know where Chen Mo is?”

Fu Zhen lowered his eyes, wondering what the man in front of him wanted to do now. He just said four words.

“I don’t know.”

Luo Xi grabbed Fu Zhen’s sleeve and pleaded to Fu Zhen with sorrowful expression.

“Fu Zhen, I’m not asking for your forgiveness. I just want to know where she is, please tell me, tell me.”

Fu Zhen still shook his head and said the same words he said earlier.

“I don’t know.”

“You must know, please tell me.”

Luo Xi’s eyes turned red and tears come rushing down. His strange behavior soon attracts the eyes of the people around them, but Luo Xi doesn’t care.

He just wanted to know the news about Chen Mo.

Fu Zhen exerted some force to break his sleeve away from Luo Xi’s hands then pass through Luo Xi and walked towards Jiang Hengshu who returned from buying water not far away.

Luo Xi turned around and not intending to pester Fu Zhen anymore. The golden sunlight sprinkled on the surface of the lake and the reflection shone towards Luo Xi, stopping himself in place in daze.

Looking at the water, he seemed to see the figure of Chen Mo on the surface of the water.

Where are you? I miss you so much, I was wrong. I’ll never leave you behind again….

However none of these could be heard by Chen Mo and she would never come back just because of these words.

When Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu were about to leave, they met Luo Xi again. He was sitting alone on the bench by the side of the botanical garden, his eyes were listless as his soul had been drained away.

Jiang Hengshu noticed Fu Zhen’s eyes were a bit strange so he asked him.

“Someone you know?”

Fu Zhen shook his head.

“Once knew, not familiar now.”


Nowadays Tang Wanwan’s reputation on the internet was declining. Her live action Shazou Chronicle which she have planned for several months has been shut down.

At the same time, she also faces multiple lawsuits. Especially now after everyone know that the she was not Fu Jianchen’s daughter. They were even more mean and perfunctory to her.

Although Qin Zhao has a lot of resources and power, he was reluctant to deal with these problems. Moreover, Father Qin and Mother Qin were getting biased against Tang Wanwan because of this matter, and even ask Qin Zhao to divorce Tang Wanwan.

The pressure on Qin Zhao’s body was increasing day by day. Finally one day, he couldn’t stand it anymore and hysterically questioned Tang Wanwan.

“What kind of person have I love?”

Tang Wanwan pursed her lips and said to Qin Zhao.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a person who will do whatever it takes to succeed, just like you know now.”

Qin Zhao was stunned at once. He did not know why Tang Wanwan was not even willing to lie to him even little, he looked at Tang Wanwan dumbly.

Tang Wanwan paused for a moment. She had gotten love of many men through the help of the system. But now they were all leaving her one by one.

However, not Qin Zhao who was in front of her, because he was the only man she did not get through the system and therefore she finally choose to marry him.

Tang Wanwan continued.

“What? Now even you are going to abandon me like Fu Jianchen and the others?”

Qin Zhao looked at Tang Wanwan, his eyes were full of misery, and he gritted his teeth as he said.

“You let me think about it.”

Tang Wanwan nodded her head and said to Qin Zhao.

“I don’t care, at most I’m just like the old days, all alone. You don’t have to feel guilty about it or anything.”

After saying these words, two lines of tears slid down from Tang Wanwan’s eyes.

Qin Zhao held his head and felt immense pain as let out a broken accusation.

“Why did I fall in love with you?”

What do you like about a person? Was it appearance? Or was it the soul? But what does the soul consist of? How could we really see through a person and touch its soul?

This really was the puzzle of the century.

If Qin Zhao give up on Tang Wanwan at this time, then all his effort over the years would become a joke.

But if he doesn’t let go, does he still like this kind of Tang Wanwan?

After a long time, Qin Zhao raised his head and looked at Tang Wanwan. He said to her.

“You stay at home during this time and don’t go out again.”

Tang Wanwan replied with a light “En.” Tang Wanwan knew that Qin Zhao was still choosing her, but Qin Zhao alone was far from enough, she wanted to take back everything she lost.

She was still young and has many possibilities for the future, and would definitely not be easily defeated.


grew up in the same pants2– childhood friends similar meaning


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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Wow, the number of lives TW and her system seriously messed up or destroyed on the path to fulfilling her dream… and the price paid out of the damage to achieve her goals means absolutely nothing to her. There is no reflection, no regret, only greed and desire for “what’s hers”.

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  4. If you think about it, Tang Wanwan could have succeeded after the system left if she had used it’s help properly. Her wish to replace MC was always going to turn out badly, but if she hadn’t followed up by actively pushing him out of the house then his dad and brother wouldn’t have been horrified by their own behavior and think to recheck the DNA test. And if she had put time and effort into polishing her acting skills then the contrast between her acting pre and post system wouldn’t have been so jarring.

    Honestly if I were her and made those wishes and a system told me I was already going to marry a rich handsome dude in the future I’d be like, I’m good then.

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  5. I would’ve wished to be a billionaire and use it to start business and marry a good husband and make a family of my own.

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