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Chapter 120

Shortly after the release of DNA identification, the melon eaters who had not fully digested this fact had read another confession.

With Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu’s actions, Fu Jianchen put out a long post, which contains his long confession.

From the time when Tang Wanwan came to the Fu family to her marriage to the Qin family, Fu Zhen has never wronged Tang Wanwan.

He never bullied her, and although she had some disputes with Fu Zhen, Fu Jianchen as their father did not do a good job in dealing with these contradictions.

There were some deviations, and he was partial all the time taking Tang Wanwan’s side always.

Two years ago, when he learned that Fu Zhen had hired someone to cause trouble for Tang Wanwan, which cause Tang Wanwan to fall from a height.

He didn’t even go through rigorous investigation at that time, and because he was too angry he kicked Fu Zhen down the stairs.

It was this time that Fu Zhen’s legs bone was injured. Instead of sending him to the hospital, they drove him out of the Fu family and severed their father-son relationship with him.

Although there were various speculations on the internet that he sent Fu Zhen abroad and that he hid him. The fact was that two years since then, he has not contacted him.

And during this time, Tang Wanwan had repeatedly borrowed his and Fu Ting’s name to pressure on many companies that intend to take Fu Zhen.

So that Fu Zhen has no way to get a stable job, and finally could only do some odd jobs on the construction site.

After giving a brief account of Fu Zhen’s situation in the past two years, Fu Jianchen put a statement about the Shazou Chronicle at the end.

The Shazou Chronicle was created by my youngest son, Fu Zhen independently. The copyright belongs to him completely.

I did not participate in the production, and never gave the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle to Tang Wanwan.

Compared with the girl’s story written by blogger V before, this confession was just too sensational.

Some of it was just a straight statement, but they don’t know why it make the people reading it very uncomfortable.

However after a short period of discomfort, the netizens once again shoulder the banner of justice.

And instead accuse Fu Jianchen for not doing a good job as Fu Zhen’s father.

[??? I can’t believe this!]

[Fuck, just because of a fake daughter, he broke his son’s leg and kicked him out of the house. One Fu Jianchen is enough. If don’t accept it, I will obey him!1]

[I suspect that Fu Jianchen was put under the head. I read a few years ago about him and Fu Zhen, and then looking at the present, it really makes people feel awful.]

[Hey so no one cares, how Fu Zhen is doing now?]


“Boss, you….”

The secretary doesn’t quite understand why Fu Jianchen sent out such post at this time. It was obvious that he just needed to clarify the issue of DNA identification and the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle.

Now the whole network scolds Tang Wanwan and Fu Jianchen at the same time. And since Fu Jianchen thinks he was not a worthy father, why did he bother make such a fuss.

But it was indeed strange, he remembered that in the old days the boss loved the young master Fu Zhen the most.

But later after having a new daughter knocking on his door, the young master was driven out of the Fu family just that instantly.

And also at that time, he also hated the young master. Reasonably speaking he should not have this kind of emotion, but when he learned that Fu Zhen made Tang Wanwan fall he did think of helping Tang Wanwan releasing her and his anger.

He even have the thought of finding someone to beat Fu Zhen up after he was expelled from the Fu family.

But then, the disgust disappeared for no reason. Fortunately he didn’t do that, otherwise if Fu Jianchen had known he would have been fired.

Fu Jianchen tilted his head up to look at the pale ceiling and did not speak.

He was just redeeming himself, he knew Fu Zhen wouldn’t want to come back. He just hope he could live a better life.

Fu Jianchen’s confession has also topped the hot search. Fu Zhen who was now a gossip boy quickly saw the related topics.

He hesitated but finally did not resist the curiosity and clicked into that topic.

When Fu Zhen saw Fu Jianchen’s confession he was not moved at all. Now he was in the state of mind, that he was just watching a play.

But when he read Fu Jianchen, reliving his experience of the past two years, his heart seems to have been poured with bitterness.

But at the last moment of these two years, he picked up a candy making his bitterness all meaningful.

After reading Fu Zhen turned off his phone, and was guessing what drove Fu Jianchen to send out such long post.

Does it mean that Fu Jianchen and Tang Wanwan really severed their relationship? They don’t want to continue playing the drama, father’s kindness and daughter’s filial pity? Or did Fu Jianchen bring back another illegitimate daughter this time?

Either way, it has nothing to do with him anymore.

It may be because of his pregnancy, but these days Fu Zhen’s appetite was always not very good and was often vomiting.

In order to let Fu Zhen eat more, Jiang Hengshu took great pains and take some sour and sweet preserved fruits from his home for Fu Zhen to eat as snacks.

But Fu Zhen’s situation has not improving, so Jiang Hengshu simply took leave from the company’s work and concentrated on taking care of him.

After hearing this, Father Jiang was angry and called Jiang Hengshu to scold him. However after hearing Fu Zhen’s current situation, Father Jiang immediately turned 180 degree and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“If his not getting better, just bring him here.”

Jiang Hengshu who was peeling the mangosteen in his hand and fed to Fu Zhen’s mouth, replied to his father.

“No, the doctor said he should be fine after this period.”


If don’t accept it, I will obey him!1– it means you are awesome, and the only person I am in favor of or appreciate (this is being sarcastic)


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