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Chapter 119

Once the netizens make up their minds, even then nine cows couldn’t be pulled back1. They responded quickly and matched the girl’s life in the article with Tang Wanwan one by one.

Of course including the girl’s ending. That this shows that if it wasn’t for Tang Wanwan framing Fu Zhen at the beginning, she might have suffered this same result.

But no matter what it was still a bit out of the ordinary for Tang Wanwan to do this. Moreover, Tang Wanwan used her left arm to sell herself to them, which made them sick.

So although the girl in this article made them feel very sad, they didn’t sympathize with Tang Wanwan’s experience. They always felt the Tang Wanwan were hiding something from them.

In addition to the fans’ painful and tortuous topic all day, other netizens were not as crazy as before, and their malice to Fu Zhen was not as big as before either.

Especially after knowing that he was the director of Shazou Chronicle, Fu Zhen finally has a batch of powder2 of his own.

Netizens rely on their keen intuition, in order to prevent being beaten in the face again. This time they maintain three rules; one do not speak, two do not stand in line and lastly follow one and two rules.

And as a result, the police of Pinghai City were more diligent. They were hoping they could quickly investigate what happened two years ago, so that it would be clear at a glance who was right and who was wrong.

After a few days of hard work, the Pinghai City Police finally finished their investigation on the hanging incident that happened two years ago on the set of ‘Wang Xidu’, and as the police officer on the case thought.

Tang Wanwan was indeed lying to everyone.

Soon after the police briefing came out, it was stated. First of all Fu Zhen paid to hire Mr. Zhang to put chili oil into Tang Wanwan’s lunchbox but then Mr. Zhang was bribed by Tang Wanwan to destroy the rope use the crew to hang Tang Wanwan instead.

Tang Wanwan falling from the cliff has nothing to do with Fu Zhen. Tang Wanwan and Mr. Zhang intentionally damage other people’s property, causing more serious consequences and should be punished.

After the netizens saw the police statement, their fingers stiffened on the keyboard and don’t know what to say.

[Fuck! After sympathizing with her, it turns out that the unspeakable medicine turned out to be chili oil ah!]

[You guys are really good at making up stories and telling it like it is the truth.]

And the blogger who made the story for Tang Wanwaan finally suffered a backlash. A few days ago he was still gloating over the netizens crying over his article.

But now all those netizens who cried have changed their faces, as if the tears they shed before were cry for grievances.

With all of these happenings and since the blogger’s heart was a little fragile, only after an hour of scolding he couldn’t bare it and just close the comment area.

He also lost most of his Weibo fans because of this incident, which would completely become his black history. Even after many years has passed, as long as he regain his little popularity this incident would be mentioned again.

How well he wrote that short article before making the netizens cry has now become disgusting making the netizen nausea.

Also the medicine that was mentioned was actually just a chili oil, how could it be called medicine?! They really admired Tang Wanwan.

Since this matter was not true, then the other things mentioned in the article was also not true. Moreover, the accusations Tang Wanwan talked about in her interview, of Fu Zhen bullying her may also be untrue.

What cruel thing could a young man do, who put chili oil on his enemy’s lunchbox as a revenge?

Somehow they realized that they had stereotype Fu Zhen before, which they don’t know why. They all thought that he should be an introverted and gloomy type of young man.

But now learning that this young man would find someone to put chili oil into Tang Wanwan’s lunchbox for revenge, was the opposite of what they think he was.

His image seems to be all at once coming out now, and that he was far from the introvert and gloomy young man, but was lively instead.

Also what could a chili oil do? They had only eaten old godmother before and hadn’t heard of Chongtian brand. So some people put their query on the internet.

[Chongtian brand chili oil is really spicy, if you do not believe me, you can try it. One mouthful will refresh your mind, two mouthful loses your fatigue and three mouthful you’ll have immortality.]

Soon after someone replied to the post.

[I believe in the evil commenter upstairs. I bought a bottle of chili oil to try, and now my daughter-in-law thinks my fart is also hot!]

What mad Fu Zhen laugh was that the brand manager of Chongtian chili oil called him soon after.

In order to thank Fu Zhen for his promotion, they decided to pay Fu Zhen an advertising fee.

At the same time it has been quiet for a long time, since after the acquisition of several entertainment news of the Fu family due to that interview.

Finally, Fu Jianchen made a speech. He did not have a Weibo account before, so he had to apply and quickly create an account.

The first this he did was to release the DNA test that he had Fu Ting do some time ago.

In this test, it showed that Tang Wanwan and Fu Jianchen was not related by blood.

Fu Jianchen even indicated that they would have the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the hospital, and the shares together with the manor given to Tang Wanwan before would all be taken back.


nine cows couldn’t be pulled back1– Means one-track mind. Difficult to change one’s mind.

powder2– fans


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  6. What mad Fu Zhen laugh was that the brand manager of Chongtian chili oil called him soon after.

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