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Chapter 118

Seeing Qin Zhao’s like this, Tang Wanwan knew that there was still possibility to recover. She sat down beside Qin Zhao, took his arm and put her head on his shoulder.

She then said softly.

“But Qin Zhao, did you know? I have to do this. You know my position in the Fu family. As long as Fu Zhen is there, my father and brother will never see me.”

She continued.

“No matter what I do, the person who is wrong and is always be punished will always be me. I really can’t stand it. That day, Fu Zhen didn’t let the man do anything to the rope I’ll be using but he asked him to put medicine on my food. Isn’t it more embarrassing than falling?”

When Tang Wanwan said this, she was crying. Two years ago, falling from that cliff was indeed a dangerous step but she knew she had to help the system and it should not cause no big problem to her.

Especially after she went to the Fu’s house, she found herself greedy than she thought. She wanted not only the love of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting but also everything that Fu Zhen had, including all those who loved him.

She used her achievements points to get everything she wanted from the system, and that one big win made her go even better in the following two years.

Only this time she did not know why the system never appeared again.

Now she could only rely on herself, she raised her hand and pitifully wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes. She then said to Qin Zhao.

“This is the kind of a woman I am. If you can’t accept it, we… we can break up.”

Qin Zhao took Tang Wanwan into his arms and comforted her. He then softly said to her.

“It won’t happen in the future, I can protect you.”

“Thank You.”

Tang Wanwan snuggled into Qin Zhao’s arms.

This incident did give Tang Wanwan a small blow, netizens gave her a lot of unpleasant nicknames, like poisonous woman, two-face person, chameleon, and so on.

This was the treatment Tang Wanwan had never enjoyed before, and the Shazou Chronicle’s shooting were also affected and needed to stop.

While everyone in the internet was criticizing Tang Wanwan, some people began to regret that when Chun Huashan was released last year they did not watched the film.

Last year because of Tang Wanwan, they slandered and boycotted the film with all their might, the film which should have been recorded in the history of film, has just slipped away from their grasps.

Now there was no way for them to compensate the young director. They could only just wait for the sequel of the Shazou Chronicle to come out and throw in a few more coins to express their apology.

Fu Zhen does not care any of these, he had already sent out what he should be sending out. And the person who was going to be upset should be Tang Wanwan.

There were so many people behind Tang Wanwan, but Fu Zhen didn’t even care about it. He just want to knock her down, he was just getting back his innocence and his Shazou Chronicle.

But Fu Zhen didn’t expect Tang Wanwan’s face could be so thick. In this situation she could even say that she was right to shoot the Shazou Chronicle.

Fu Zhen had to say a word of admiration to Miss Tang Wanwan this time.

The day after the statement was issued by Fu Zhen on the official blog of Shazou Chronicle, Tang Wanwan was interviewed by media outlet.

And when asked about his opinion on the statement issued by the official blog of Shazou Chronicle and his plan for Shazou Chronicle, Tang Wanwan replied.

“This anime is said to be created by Fu Zhen but it is more accurate to say that my brother and father invested in it. I think that according to the cost of the investment distribution, Fu Zhen does not have a complete say in the film and television right of the Shazou Chronicle.”

The reporter nodded and then asked Tang Wanwan another question.

“So, you got permission from Mr. Fu Jianchen to film the Shazou Chronicle?”

Tang Wanwan smiled and responded.

“Of course.”

“So what really happed two years ago?”

Tang Wanwan wanted to deny this matter immediately but directly denying it now would only make the netizens ridicule and laugh at her more.

She has made her next plan so at this time when faced with the reporter’s questions she just said.

“I’m sorry I can’t answer you for the time being.”

Just like in the interview, Tang Wanwan also gave an explanation on Weibo about Shazou Chronicle. And just like what she said on the interview, she believes that Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were the real owners of the Shazou Chronicle.

And as long as they both agree, she could shoot the live action version of the Shazou Chronicle.

Soon after, an article sprang up in the eyes of the netizens amidst to all controversies about Fu Zhen and Tang Wanwan, this was reposted on each blog like Zhihu1 and other major forums.

This was just one article released by a blogger named V. This one article was telling the readers about a girl’s miserable life, the girl grew up in an orphanage when she was a child. Later by studying hard, she finally found a good job in a big city.

And every month she would pay a fix sum of money to the orphanage.

However she was subjected to bully and was repeatedly injured by her colleagues. But even so, her heart was still yearning for the warmth and love.

One day she got into an accident but she luckily survived and even met her loved ones back. But her life didn’t get better just yet, there was someone who didn’t welcome her.

She was abused a lot in secret and no one found out about it. And that person was more and more excessive.

Finally he put some medicine in her lunch box, making her fall asleep. She was raped, and when she wake up, she could not accept what happened and just hurriedly escape from the hotel and then was hit by a passing van.

The girl’s life ended like this.

The article written by blogger V, was simple but very moving. Especially the last paragraph, when the girl question’s her fate, which directly hitting the bottom of the people’s heart.

Tang Wanwan also repost the article and commented.

[What did we do wrong?]

The netizens instantly brainstormed what Tang Wanwan meant, and it looked like this one might be based on her.

Does this she mean she suffered a lot in the Fu family? But looking at the way Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting have responded to her every request, and the large dowry given to her when she got married. It really doesn’t look like she suffered any injustice in the Fu family.

Could it be that was because Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were compensating her?


Zhihu1– Zhihu is a Chinese question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by the community of its users. Its website, zhihu.com, was launched on January 26, 2011.


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