Chapter 22

Chen Feng put down the tea and waved his hand, stopping Shen Xi’s words.

“It seems like you still hate her so much even now.”

Chen Feng said.

Shen Xi said angrily.

“Whether it is in public or private I am disgusted with this family.”

Knowing the knot in his heart, Chen Feng’s expression was slightly heavy but did not take his words and only said.

“Just do as I told you. Although Jiang family is stupid and evil, but it is not enough to immediately put them to death now.”

Shen Xi pursed his lips, and since Chen Feng had said so he could only collect the hostility that flooded his heart just now. He then said in a low voice.


Chen Feng continued.

“You just need to observe if she has any special changes. Don’t worry about other things, and….”

He then seriously added.

“She is a girl after all. When you watch her, you should pay attention to discretion and only look at things related to us or other abnormal things. The rest of the girl’s life you should not see much.”

Shen Xi didn’t expect him to say that and was a little surprised.

Is the master soft hearted to the unruly Jiang family’s eldest daughter?

Seeing him hesitate, Chen Feng lowered his voice.


Being asked by him, Shen Xi sober up a bit. Even if he has personal feud or the other party does evil, but the master was right, the other party was still a girl.

No matter what character the other party has, he has his own moral bottom line that he could not violate.

Shen Xi said with a straight face.

“Yes! Doing everything according to what the master said.”

Chen Feng nodded and change to the next topic.

“Have you gotten any results on the matter of the Han Yun house investigation?”

Shen Xi was ashamed to say.

“For the time being the investigation is still in progress.”

Chen Feng frowned slightly but did not blame him and only said.

“Rush them a little. There is nothing more today, you go back.”


Shen Xi respectfully saluted, opened the door quietly and looked outside to see if there was someone outside, and then disappeared quickly outside the garden.

Chen Feng turned the teacup in his hand and pondered silently.

He always felt the Jiang Liangchan was a bit strange recently, although the person was still the same but the previous her seems a bit different.

Today the five year contract he said to her was actually made up.

What he said about how he was set up by Jiang Liangchan into the house was true, but he would have been in the Jiang house even without Jiang Liangchan taking interest in him.

But he did not expect what Jiang Liangchan said to him about setting him free.

He made up the five-year contract on the spur of the moment, and seeing her in daze it seemed that she had already forgotten how she had bullied a man and drag him into her fu.

Though it was an excuse he made to deceived her.

He wanted her to believe it, but when she did he was even more suspicious.

Although he had unfinished business, and could not leave for the time being, and as long as she believed then he would continue to live.

But what was going on with her, he had to find out.


On her way to the main room to pay respects to her mother, Jiang Liangchan passed by the patio and met Jiang Yunting who was practicing there.

Jiang Liangchan saw him from afar, with his back facing her. He looked stable and powerful doing a horse stance, to be exact he looked like a general.

Jiang Liangchan was a little relieved, she quickly walked over and came to him along the corridor, hoping to give him a loving encouragement.

When she arrived, Jiang Yunting was indeed doing a horse stance and on both of his thigh there was plate with melon seed.

While squatting on the horse stance, he was gnawing the melon seed and when he saw Jiang Liangchan coming over, he greeted her enthusiastically.

“Sister you came in just in time, when I went out today I saw this freshly cooked melon seeds and bought a bag. It tasted pretty good, try it.”

Jiang Liangchan didn’t want to taste the melon seeds, but wanted to him to taste the dust instead.

Does this carefree kid doesn’t care what will happen to him in the future?

Jiang Liangchan smiled gently as she raised her hand gently, Jiang Yunting seeing this thought she was going to pick up the melon seeds.

But she instead fiercely grabbed his ear and tugged him the next moment.

On the corridor, Jiang Yunting’s pig like scream resounded.

“Ah! It hurts! Let go!”

“If you want to eat, eat. If you’re practicing then focus on it. Why are you doing it both!”

“Ahhhhhh I’m warning you, you put your hand away from my ear! Let go! And don’t twist it!”

“Ahhhhhh don’t twist it!!! It hurt It hurt It hurt!”

When they arrived at the main room with his ear being twisted, Jiang Yunting’s feeling was regret very much regret.

Was the melon seed not delicious, or does she not liked the maidservants that’s why she was provoking him at her leisure?

No, he didn’t provoke her today, she just came to him for something.

His big sister has become and more crazier during this time.

When the two wriggled into the main room, Mother Jiang was looking at the account book that came in this month.

Seeing the two children coming in, Mother Jiang don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“You two children, what are you doing again?”

Jiang Yunting felt that his grievances were very serious this time and howled first.

“Mother, please control this fierce daughter, she just attacked me in the garden and your son’s ear was about to be torn off by her and I almost lose face my face in front of my underlings!”

Mother Jiang helplessly got up and patted Jiang Liangchan’s hand as she said gently.

“Chan’er let go first, what’s the matter? Speak slowly.”

As soon as Jiang Liangchan and Jiang Yunting came in and saw her Mother Jiang, she didn’t bother to take care of Jiang Yunting. She just immediately hugged her mother’s waist and breathed her mother’s scent greedily for a while.

She followed her mother’s movements as she sat on the soft seat and acted coquettishly beside Mother Jiang.

Jiang Yunting who just had his ear twisted and was instantly left out in the cold: “………”

Who am I? Where am I? Does anyone don’t see me now?

Fortunately the mother and daughter finished their sweet moments and finally focused on him.

Jiang Liangchan said indifferently.

“You are still here?”

Yes, thanks to you.

Jiang Liangchan turned her head and said to Mother Jiang.

“Mother just now when I passed by, I saw him practicing martial arts. But his posture was not good, and he doesn’t exert any strength at his moves. He’s losing Master Zhang’s face.”



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