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Chapter 117

When the recording was widely release, Tang Wanwan had just left the set and before she could check her phone she was caught by the reporters who had been lurking the set for many days.

The reporters surrounded Tang Wanwan first and put their microphones near her mouth to interview her about her next plans on Shazou Chronicle.

Tang Wanwan smiled and said that she intended to only shoot 20 episodes of the live-action version of Shazou Chronicle, which would probably be released in summer vacation.

Fu Zhen didn’t care what Tang Wanwan said in the interview now, not long after Jiang Hengshu released the recording.

He logged on the official site of Shazou Chronicle and posted a picture. The picture was really simple with no color, and there were 17 characters in white, plus punctuation.

Shazou Chronicle Producer: Fu Zhen

Along the picture, there was also a statement from the Shazou Chronicle regarding the film of the live action version of Shazou Chronicle by Tang Wanwan:

The Shazou Chronicle has never granted the film and television rights to Miss Tang Wanwan and we will pursue the legal responsibility of Miss Tang Wanwan and the Shazou Chronicle crew from now on.

As soon as this was post on the Weibo there was immediately an uproar. Not to mention that Tang Wanwan just decided to remake the film without even getting the copyright.

Also the fact that the director of the Shazou Chronicle was no other than Fu Zhen, enough to make the netizens talked about it for a while.

[Isn’t it just the same name? There are so many people called Fu Zhen in the world. He was not necessarily the same Fu Zhen that we think of.]

[I think it should be the same. Otherwise, why would he burst his name at this time? Isn’t he trying Tang Wanwan?]

[Hahaha! Am I dreaming? Someone pinched me!]

[I have been a fan of Shazou Chronicle for more than four years. Today, after hearing the recording I still had my doubts but after knowing that Fu Zhen is the director, I now unconditionally stand by Fu Zhen.]

[Fake right? This is fake right? Official blog you’re hacked if you blink.]

[I must not be awake yet, I’ll go to sleep again. I’ll be fine when I wake up, the melons in the past two days is a bit much I cannot afford to eat this!]

For a while, various permutations and combinations of words from Fu Zhen, Tang Wanwan and Shazou Chronicle name was made.

And the recording appeared as one of the hot searched in the Weibo, and major forums and websites were also pushing relevant news.

It was said that as long as the person was online during this period, no one was unaware of the matter.

This accident has reached this point, because first of all Tang Wanwan contributed a lot. The traffic she had accumulated in the past two years was considerable.

It was no exaggeration to say that she was the most popular female star in the entertainment circle.

The second was the fan of Shazou Chronicle, most of them were young people who were active on the internet. And they were more sensitive and more engage in gossip than the middle aged and elderly people.

And after Fu Zhen revealed his identity he received more and more attention.

Last time the whole people ate melons when the national son-in-law was cheating, and Tang Wanwan’s melon was much better than cheating.

It turned one after another, and it was sometimes smashed by the Pegasus meteor hammer, except for Tang Wanwan’s fans.

Other netizens eat it as a feast and they couldn’t wait to eat more.

Of course, at this time the netizens have not forgotten the police of Pinghai City. Hoping that they could quickly send out the truth that happened two years ago, so that everyone could eat melon more.

After receiving the reporter’s interview, Tang Wanwan took out her phone and when she saw the series of topics on hot search list. She just felt dark and almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately Tang Wanwan was still relatively strong. She kept what little sanity was left to get into the car and quickly returned to the Qin family.

And once she had returned to the Qin family, she was faced with disappointed and disbelieving gaze from Qin Zhao.

Tang Wanwan stood in place without moving. She knew that Qin Zhao at this time must have listened to the recording that came out online.

She had went home immediately to see Qin Zhao’s attitude and then make a decision later.


Qin Zhao looked at Tang Wanwan who was in front of him. It seems that this was the first time he saw Tang Wanwan’s another side.

He took a deep breath, closes his eyes, raised his phone and asks Tang Wanwan.

“Is the person talking in this is really you? You tell me the truth.”

After a period of silence, Tang Wanwan nodded.

“It’s me.”

Qin Zhao stumbled on his feet and saw down on the sofa, he didn’t know what else he could ask Tang Wanwan.

The gap between the Tang Wanwan who made this incident and the girl he imagined was just too big, not to mention the fact that Tang Wanwan was always crying to him and others about the damaged caused to her by the accident two years ago.


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  1. I kinda feel bad for him too. I mean I don’t like him but from his perspective Fu Zhen tried to kill his fiancé/wife. I don’t know what he’s going to do from this point on but his behavior up till now makes sense.

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