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Chapter 116

Fu Ting who came back from outside said to Fu Jianchen.

“We are one step late, the recording has been taken away.”

The living room feel into long silence, March was about to arrive and the harbingers of spring were slow to appear in the Fu’s house.

“One step late, another one step too late.”

Fu Jianchen mouth left a bitter smile, his head was already covered with hair, it was only a month that had passed but he seemed to have aged by more than ten years.

He let out a sigh and said slowly.

“We are always late and time would not give us the chance to start over again.”

They woke up too late, two years too late and now it has turned into a rift that could no longer be crossed over.


Fu Ting did not know how to comfort his father in front of him. His heart was equally tormented by guilt and remorse.

He had secretly run to see Fu Zhen many times, and now his brother was being cared by another man. He did not know how that man actually treated him but he could see that Fu Zhen was now living a happy life.

He really doesn’t need them anymore.

That sounds a little sad, but it was true.

He had been to the site where Fu Zhen worked before and had been to the room where he used to live. He also asked those strangers many questions about his past but the more he knew the more his heart was tortured.

Why was he so cold-blooded and heartless at that time. He said he would love his brother for life but he had driven him out of the house and give his love to Tang Wanwan who he did not even know where she came from.

He was manipulated like a puppet on a string, taking a knife and sharpened it by his own hands and then stab it into the heart of the one he loved the most.

Now it was too late to say anything, no matter what the reason was. Those things were done by him, and now the fruits of these sins were what he deserves.

The only thing he could do now was to watch Fu Zhen afar and help him out as much as possible without disturbing him.

Fu Zhen did not want to see him, and Fu Ting tried to keep this in mind so that he would not bother him again.

But looking at his father in front of him, Fu Ting was slightly less patience as he spoke softly.

“Dad, if you miss him…..”

Fu Jianchen raised his hand and stopped Fu Ting’s next words. There was no use in comforting him, he said to Fu Ting softly.

“Don’t say anything, the recording was taken by Jiang Hengshu, right?”

Fu Ting nodded.

“It should be him.”

“That’s good.”

A hint of relief was finally revealed on Fu Jianchen’s bitter expression. Besides them, there was now another person who was willing to protect Fu Zhen unconditionally.

He has suffered too much, Fu Jianchen does not was to see Fu Zhen’s sad face.

Fu Ting changed the subject and asked Fu Jianchen.

“When will we announce that matter?”

“After a while, let’s see when Jiang Hengshu and the other will take action.”


God makes people perish, and make them crazy, this saying could be said to be very suitable in Tang Wanwan’s case.

After her debut, Tang Wanwan’s road to stardom was smooth sailing, with this she did not fear anything.

She despised the law, ignored the authority and only believed in herself.

Fu Zhen watched as she was being interviewed and discussed in a confident voice on how she had been preparing for the drama, Shazou Chronicle.

A drama that would surely satisfy all her fans.

Tang Wanwan would occasionally even mention Fu Zhen, each time she would look and sound reluctant to talk about him. Looking like a white lotus, so much that the netizens gradually also feel bored with her act.

Occasionally she could act like a Virgin Mary but she had been acting like that all the time that they even suspect that this person’s brain must be not working well.

After watching Tang Wanwan’s these few days, Fu Zhen said to Jiang Hengshu.

“You can put out the recording.”

He did it on purpose, Tang Wanwan was the ‘virgin’ and he was not. He just wanted to catch Tang Wanwan unguarded and hit her hard with a hammer.

Jiang Hengshu let out a hmm, and hung up the phone. Soon after that, the recording was flooded on the network.

And the headlines was exaggerated one after another.

[Two years ago, Tang Wanwan chatted with a strange man late at night, but it was for him?]

[This recording reveals a different Tang Wanwan.]

[This man who had suffered injustice has been wronged for so long!]

Netizens who initially saw the headlines found them unbelievable but because they were driven by curiosity, so they decided to clicked on the audio.

And after a rustling sound, a middle aged-man’s slightly raspy voice sounded in their ears.

“Miss Tang Wanwan, you…. you really wanted to do this?”

“Just do what you we’re told. What are you afraid of?”

Tang Wanwan’s voice has a distinctive sound to it that cannot be imitated by ordinary people.

“You’ll be hang ah, you could get killed.”

“It’s not like you are the one who would fall, what are you afraid of?”

“But if something does happen to you, the police are sure to end up on me.”

“Don’t worry, I’m ready. Nothing will happen, you just do what you’re told. Also I arrange it that you could immediately leave the country and won’t let anyone pursue you, so naturally they won’t come to you.”

 The man did not speak and seemed to be hesitating.

Tang Wanwan paused for a moment and then said.

“I will give you a deposit of three million after you completed the job then I will give you another five million. You can take this money to go abroad and enjoy it for a period of time. And when the wind of this matter has passed, you can come back.”

After a long period of silence, the man’s voice finally resounded.

“Okay, I’ll take this one.”

Even if the recording only ended on that part, but it already revealed too much information and was too powerful. The netizens were still a bit unable to accept it for a while.

But after a series of comparisons and inspections, they proved that the female voice in the recording was actually Tang Wanwan herself.



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