Chapter 14.1

A few minutes later, Jiang Mian went downstairs.

It turns out that the so called ghost and evil spirit in this world was somewhat similar to the immortal cultivation world she previously lived. But their strength was less than a thousandth making their appearance somewhat scary.

In the world of cultivating immortals, if a monk fails to survive and lose his physical body, he could cultivate his spirit and become a free practitioner but has no chance to ascend all his life.

In the third floor earlier, Jiang Mian has never sense anyone like it.

Uh, I guess it’s a female ghost cultivator.

Her temperament was a bit irritable, her face was gloomy and she looked like someone owes her millions and wanted to take her body.

Jiang Mian found out where that cold Qi comes from this kind of ghost cultivator. In fact she could already use it and turned it into spiritual power for her own use.

The harvest for this evening was comparable to her mediation for a half a month. Feeling the warmth from her dantian, Jiang Mian decided to follow her Taoist Father out to do some cleaning work when she had time in the future.


Jiang Mian looked at the peach wood sword which was broken into two pieces in her hand and was embarrassed for a moment.

She really didn’t expect that the peach wood sword of her Taoist Father was so fragile that by just using it to poke down the door it easily broke.

This peach wood sword was not even a spiritual weapon in Jiang Mian’s eyes. If she could build a foundation in this world one day, she should refine a spiritual weapon for her Taoist Father.

Shaking her head, Jiang Mian set aside these trouble away first. She walked back to the teacher’s room on the first floor and gently woke up her father.

Zuo Xingping opened his eyes in confusion and Jiang Mian, the culprit who had let his father inhaled the essence looked at him in surprised and said.

“Dad, you’re awake, just now you suddenly fall asleep.”

“I fell asleep?”

Zuo Xingping’s was still a little bit confused.

“Yes ah.”

Jiang Mian said fervently.

“I supported you to come in here.”

It must be the ghost who caused this trouble.

Zuo Xingping immediately thought and couldn’t believe that he actually come in contact with the ghost right away.

He stood up abruptly making the stool rubbed off the ground and making ear-splitting sound startling Jiang Mian. Surprise, Jiang Mian thinks her acting skills were not up to standard?

“Mianmian are you okay?”

Zuo Xingping’s aura changes in an instant. He holds Jiang Mian behind, looking around fiercely and picks up the peach sword on the table.

With a ‘click’ the tip of the peach wooden sword fell to the ground.

Zuo Xingping: ???

“Dad I broke the sword by accident.”

Jiang Mian said.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

“It’s okay, it’s nothing.”

Zuo Xingping hurriedly said.

“It’s not a worth of money, just three yuans. I have a lot more of these.”

Jiang Mian: “…….”

What the Taoist father didn’t say was that although the peach wood sword was only three yuan a piece. But because it had been used for a long time, it has already considered a spiritual weapon used to deal with ghost and evil spirits.

But how could he willing to tell the truth and make his daughter feel guilty? He just need to raise a new one.

After confirming that her baby daughter was fine and did not find anything wrong, Zuo Xingping took Jiang Mian to walk around the whole teaching building. He found out that the building was clean and there was no ghost or evil spirit lurking. Bewildered, he finally left the school with Jiang Mian.

When they arrived at the apartment, Zuo Xinping didn’t stay any longer. He just gave Jiang Mian the broken peach sword and then left. Though Jiang Mian wanted him to stay for the night but her Taoist Father declined.

Jiang Mian meditated all night to digest the newly acquired spiritual power and only lay down on the bed at dawn, then waking up noon.

Aunt Liu was putting the cooked foods on the table when she saw Jiang Mian coming out from the bedroom. She was stunned for a moment and said sincerely.

“Miss, you are getting beautiful every day.”

No matter how beautiful a person was, she won’t be as beautiful when they wake up. However, this young girl in front of Aunt Liu was as beautiful as a flower bud, her skin was so tender and soft, that if you pinch it water would come out. She was stunning that people couldn’t move their eyes away.

And even if Aunt Liu always saw Jiang Mian every day, she would just feel that she was getting more beautiful than the day before, which gives her an unspeakable feeling.


It was naturally pleasant to her compliments right after getting up. Jiang Mian then sat down at the table to eat.

She found that there were several unknown missed calls on her phone and there were the same number.

After thinking about it, she was ready to call back the number but her phone rang first with the exact number who miscalled her.

Jiang Mian raised an eyebrow and answered the call. A familiar voice rang out on the other side of the line.

“Is this Miss Jiang? I’m Liu Hong.”

Director Zhang’s assistant was called Liu Hong.

Jiang Mian’s heart stirred.

“Yes I am.”

Assistant Liu coughed.

“It’s like this, Miss Jiang. Director Zhang appreciates your audition but there is another student whose performance was really good. And director Zhang had a hard time deciding, so he wants to invite you again to try another scene. I don’t know……”

Jiang Mian interrupted him.

“Is the other student named Guan Xin?”

Assistant Liu wasn’t surprise how she knew and just answered her sincerely.


Jiang Mian smiled.

“Okay, when?”

Assistant provided the time and place. It would be five pm at the Jun Lai Hotel where Director Zheng was staying.

On the phone, Assistant Liu inquired about Jiang Mian’s relationship with Qin Jingrun but the result that came out were not meaningful even after investigating for half a day.

Turning his head, he told Director Zhang who buried his head in the pile of documents. Hearing what Assistant Liu said his brows were furrowed but his head were still lowered, and only gave a laugh.

“This girl is a bit interesting.”

Assistant Liu was not good at judging and was rather hesitant. He could only see that Director Zhang was more interested in Jiang Mian, and dislike Guan Xin especially after seeing her appearance last night. But the person behind Guan Xin was the chief investor of the play, naming Guan Xin to play the female lead.

It happened that Jiang Mian had something to do with Qin Jingrun it’s just that they don’t know their relationship. Thankfully after knowing about Guan Xin neither side was offended so there was such a ‘reexamination’ between Jiang Mian and Guan Xin.

If Jiang Mian could overwhelmingly crushed Guan Xin, Director Zhang would choose Jiang Mian without any fear.


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