Chapter 18

The children now—She really had no way to say some big words like, ‘my son is so good’, ‘you are mommy’s only blah blah’, but since she couldn’t her use any of that method, she change the topic quickly.

Jian Ruixi then add another awkward laughed before saying.

“I heard from dad that you are interested in LEGO recently? But since mommy is in the capital right now, it wouldn’t be hard to find latest LEGO collection.”

In fact, it was President Fu who bought the LEGO. It was not very good for her to follow suit so instead she said.

“Baby, what else do you like? Mommy will buy it for you.”

As a child, the young master who had no shortage of anything was very calm at the mention of gifts. He said wisely and politely.

“Mommy don’t need to spend any money. I have lots of toys, so mommy don’t need to buy new one for the time being.”

The child was so well behaved and understanding making his parents proud of him. But Jian Ruixi was different, she needs to have a good relationship to the child. As a noblewoman, the next generation of heir was her own son.

Obviously she could rely on her husband and son to cross the house1. But in the end his husband didn’t say anything, and after chatting with her son, the mother and son were still using polite language to talk with each other.

No wonder Madam Fu was always worried about her position being unstable.

The dissatisfied, Jian Ruixi began to think what she needed to do.

She was not a good actress in the entertainment industry. As her acting skills were just few step away from a newbie.

However it should be more than enough even to a mature child like Jayce, who could not resist and compromise with her after all she said.

“As long as mommy bought a gift I will like them all.”

In the heart of a six-year-old Jayce this kind of thing, acting cute and coquettish was a three year old should do. So he keep his face straight and stop talking to save himself from shame.

Jian Ruixi was not particularly satisfied but she knows when to stop. If she teases the little guy more, he may end up crying and it would an unworthy loss.

She said.

“Mommy will visit you in a few days, and see will bring you a gift, so we could play, okay, Muah~”

Across the screen she sent another flying kiss this time calm and quite child had a red ears but still politely said his good bye.

“Daddy, mommy good night.”

Fu Shiyuan who has been watching their interaction until now finally was mentioned. He does not mind watching his son being teased by his wife, and seeing his the child’s normal reaction it seems interesting.

It was just that Fu Shiyuan look at his son with complicated look in his eyes. He doesn’t know whether to remind him, his mother emphasizes that she would go visit him and bring gift twice. But maybe she was just teasing her son again.

In the end, Fu Shiyuan said to his son with a gentle face.

“Good night.”

Jian Ruixi was indeed teasing her son, but of course she did not admit it. She just thinks that her son has a too calm attitude at a very young age and very good demeanor but in her opinion it was a risk of having a facial paralysis—

Obviously she and Fu Shiyuan has such humorous and cute personalities it would be a failure to raise a son into an iceberg.

So she would start to cultivate a humorous cell on the child. Jian Ruixi has decided to choose a more fun gift for the child.

Jian Ruixi originally thought that the requirements for the gift she wanted to give would be a bit difficult find. But she did not expect the next day of shopping she would found a cosplay children clothing store.

When the child was dressed up with a variety anime costume, can he still keep up his mature face?

Then like opening the door to a new world, Jian Ruixi also took fancy to all kinds of animal jumpsuits, such as panda and dinosaur. She choose too many styles that child would not repeat one costume in a month.

She couldn’t wait and go back to Hong Kong and play with her son.

President Fu was also quite supportive of Jian Ruixi’s plan. She brought the gift she prepared for her son back to the villa and before she had time to pack it up she was seen by Fu Shiyuan.

The always calm and easy going Fu Shiyuan was unprecedentedly dumbfounded and seemed to have some difficulty accepting her brain like child.

At that time Jian Ruixi was still a little anxious. If she wanted to win over her son, she was bound to offend her rich mother-in-law.

But Jayce was still her child, if her mother-in-law want to mother her child, she could at least wait for 20 years.

She also knew that she has the most powerful backer, President Fu. No matter who she offended as long as she didn’t offend President Fu, she would be always Madam Fu.

So if President Fu doesn’t agree with her, then she could probably– maybe could only do it in secret.

She didn’t expect that after President Fu understood what she was going to do, the first thing he said was.

“It looks good, remember to send me some pictures after you put it on Jayce.”

He was sure that Jian Ruxi would take pictures without fail.

Compared to Fu Shiyuan statement, Jian Ruixi was a little stunned. Unexpectedly there was a bit of evil interest with the noble and elegant President Fu.

Indeed, they must have a special fate, meeting each other and become a family.

And with the support of President Fu, some things could be done more confidently and boldly.


to cross the house1– not to be look down upon


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