Chapter 21

Jiang Liangchan returned to her bedroom, and the first thing she do was to rummage through her things

When Chun Xin came in and saw her rummaging through her things, she was startled and quickly asked.

“Young Miss, what are you looking for?”

“You’re just in time.”

When Jiang Liangchan turned around and saw her, her eyes immediately lit up.

“You help me find out if there is a five-year contract, it should be three years old.”

She refused to say too much, worried that she may have given wrong information. Chun Xin had to call Xia Yi, and the three people turned over the sea to find the contract for full two hours, but not a single hair was found.

Jiang Liangchan wanted to find to contract was because, one to confirm the authenticity and the second was to see exactly what was the content so as she would know what to do next.

But unfortunately, after looking for so long she couldn’t find it, and had to give up.

Maybe it was a verbal agreement in the first place?


On the matter about Chen Feng’s five-year contract Jiang Liangchan does have half doubt, because there was really no such part in the plot.

But on the second thought, Jiang Liangchan felt that the vicious female villain had been arrange to do many big and small things that would harm Chen Feng.

If he had the chance to go, how would he not grab it and set himself free? And would make up instead the so called contract and make himself stay in this fire pit for two more years?

With this in mind, she had realized and think it seems that the matter could not be faked.

At the thought of being forced by the plot to bound Chen Feng for two years, Jiang Liangchan sighed deeply.

The poor Jiang family was still tied to the rope with her, and they still have to live tiptoes for two more years.

The door of Chen Feng’s humble garden was closed.

For the first time, there was one more person in the room today.

A young man stood in front of him respectfully as if he had just reported something.

Chen Feng nodded to indicate that he knew. Just before the young man was about to retreat, Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Shen Xi, do you believe that a person will suddenly become a completely different?”

Chen Xi froze and asked.

“Perhaps you have some major changes?”

“There is no change, no signs either, just sudden change in personality of a person in general.”

Shen Xi shook his head.

“That is impossible, the mountain is not easy to change, and the nature is not easy to move, if people changes it has to be through some great pain, how can character or personality change suddenly.”

“It seems that you don’t believe either.”

Chen Feng looked at the floating tea leaves sinking. It seems to have a deep meaning but at the same time it doesn’t.

“Yes either it is pretending or is really a new person.”

He asked again for instruction.

“Master is there any other order?”

Chen Feng thought about it.

“After Jiang Liangchan came back today, is there anything unsual?”

Jiang Liangchan?

Shen Xi replied.

“There is nothing unusual, only one thing, after coming back she seems to be looking for something but in the end it seems like she did not found it.”

Chen Feng stared with interest at the hanging green tea needle and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

Looking for something.

Her first action upon her return was surprisingly to find something.

Chen Feng did not speak, and Shen Xi did not dare to inquire.

After a while, Chen Feng said.

“Keep an eye on her, if she has any strange movements report to me in time.”

Shen Xi agree and couldn’t help but ask.

“Master, you asked me to keep an eye on her, is she doing something evil again?”

He should be disgusted with Jiang Liangchan by just the mention of her name, his ice like face would have a very disgusted expression and the frown between his eyebrows were very obvious.

“The Jiang family is not a good family, why do you still need to stay here…….”

Said Shen Xi disapprovingly.

Chen Feng didn’t speak.

Shen Xi added.

“Mater, you suddenly asked me to pay attention to her, is she aware of our plans? If she is in the way of our plans, then I will first put her…..”

He did not completed his sentence until the end but the second half of the sentence was not hard to guess. The words contains deep hatred that was easily revealed.

His every words were filled with hint of murderous intent, like the cold metal blade.


TL: heya! I don’t know if this chapter was just really short or there are missing paragraphs, I tried to search the novel through different sources, but everything was the same. To my dear readers, if you happen to know or read the raw on this chapter and prove that there are missing paragraphs please let me know!



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