Chapter 114

Now that she’s going to play Shazou Chronicle. Could her acting still the same as before? When that time comes, could she also portray the heroine to the point that they could blow rainbow farts for her again like before?

Fans of Shazou Chronicle were deeply skeptical.

Forget it, she was the golden master, and was good at acting, also her looks to a certain extent also somewhat in line with the image of the heroine in the anime.

Maybe she would suddenly became enlightened, and her acting would go back to her original level?

Finally under the brainwashing of the water army, the fans slowly accepted the fact that Tang Wanwan was going to be the female lead of Shazou Chronicle.

At first, Tang Wanwan was very happy to see that the netizens acknowledge her to play the female lead of the Shazou Chronicle.

But later, when netizens began to criticize her acting skills, her eyebrows wrinkles involuntarily. She was very confident in her acting skills, so she didn’t believe on the remarks she saw on the internet.

She believed that it was the work of her rival, hiring water army to spread black water1. With this way, they could replace her with the role on Shazou Chronicle.

Not to mention that the investor of the Shazou Chronicle was originally her, she was only having problems with the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle. But without her they could not even find the produced of Shazou Chronicle.

Sometimes, Tang Wanwan couldn’t explain why she has such obsession with Shazou Chronicle. It’s like she has a feeling that as long as she makes this film, she could get the award she didn’t get last year.


About the fact that Fu Zhen was arrested for investigation at the police station was now widely spread on the internet. Everyone was waiting for the police briefing, but Fu Zhen seems to have evaporated once again and the police never mentioned him again.

And after a short time, the police invited Tang Wanwan for investigation. Her words to them were the same as those what she said to Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting two years ago.

It was Fu Zhen who bribed someone to ran on the set and cut the rope she would use for the scene, causing her to fall and almost if not died, crippled herself.

After listening to what Tang Wanwan had said, the police officer, looked at Tang Wanwan for a while making Tang Wanwan uneasy. She drank a mouthful of water to relieve some of her uneasiness, not noticing the officer’s eyes drifted to the other side of the wall.

The police officer then said to Tang Wanwan.

“We have recorded everything you have said and will find out the truth as soon as possible.”

Tang Wanwan expressed her thanks to the police, then left the police station with her bag.

Once Tang Wanwan was away, the officer who had just taken notes to what Tang Wanwan said to his fellow officer standing off the side, he said.

“She could be lying.”

His colleague raised an eyebrow and asked him.

“How do you know that?”

The officer smiled and said.

“I’ve been handling cases for so many years, unless the physiological quality of the criminals are particularly good, I can tell at a glance if an average person is lying or not.”

The colleague exclaimed.

“Then Tang Wanwan is not an ordinary person.”

The officer nodded.

“Not an ordinary person, indeed.”

If it was a normal person, he or she could not easily arrive at the Fu family so soon, and force to have the pampered prince of the Fu family to leave.

The netizens didn’t know any of these and was busy checking on what happened and what experiences Fu Zhen had over the past two years.

What they know was Fu Jianchen at that time that he had driven Fu Zhen out of the Fu family and severed their father and son relationship.

The netizens all thought that he was only covering Fu Zhen, hoping that through this way he could block the mouth of the public.

But Fu Jianchen really never contacted Fu Zhen since then nor gave him more than half a cent. Moreover, after Fu Zhen left the Fu’s house, they didn’t know if it was Fu Jianchen, Fu Ting or Tang Wanwan but Fu Zhen never really have a job.

Just after two days, he would always be dismissed by his boss.

The colleague sighed.

“If Fu Zhen really didn’t do this things, then he has been wrong for the past two years.”

The police officer said.

“Yeah, I don’t think Fu Zhen was the one who did it.”

The netizens on the other hand lack a pair of eyes to see through the truth and were still blinded by Tang Wanwan, but this was also related to the fact that they have learned too one-sidedly.

Every day, these netizens would on weibo nagging the police of Pinghai City Police Department, asking them to hurry out and give them explanation.

Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were also trying their best to find out the truth two years ago. They don’t believe that Fu Zhen did what happened back then, especially after the DNA identification.

But only few people believe Fu Zhen could not do what was accuse to him, it was not enough. They must find a convincing evidence, in order to make Fu Zhen innocence and only then he could get out completely from the mire past.


Tang Wanwan had not seen any recent updates nor post on the official site of Shazou Chronicle. She thought that Fu Zhen must be racking his brain out to deal with the police now, or maybe he was still in jail unable to bail out at this time.

On the other hand, the director of Shazou Chronicle adaptation had repeatedly urge her to set the actors portraying the Shazou Chronicle in a hurry, he really did not have much time.

Fortunately the script has been prepared before the Spring Festival, and Tang Wanwan had contacted some of the actors already, all she need to do was to make it official.

And it shouldn’t be difficult to start the shooting next month.

Tang Wanwan immediately made a decision, they could just secretly shoot the TV series. And for the copyright issue of Shazou Chronicle, she could just “negotiate’ with Fu Zhen in the future.

However Tang Wanwan did not expect the pictures of the crew to be taken by the paparazzi and sent them to the internet immediately.

Tang Wanwan stayed at the top hot search for a long time without her knowledge, once she knew it, she quickly contacted the weibo to remove the hot search and for the pictures to be taken down.

But it was already late, netizens have long kept the pictures taken by the paparazzi secretly. Setting that aside Tang Wanwan’s fan were discussing and celebrating, they also use some of Tang Wanwan’s video clip to make an edited mini version of Shazou Chronicle for her.

However the frustrated fans of Shazou Chronicle, went to the bottom of the official blog and asked when the updated of the Shazou Chronicle would come out.

And the man who was topic of all the discussion was being taken to the hospital by Jiang Hengshu at this moment to check his health.

After Fu Zhen came out from the lab, Jiang Hengshu took the sheet in his hand, scanned it then looked up and said to him.

“We found the evidence.”


black water1– bad, nasty rumours


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