GTKWF 23.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


I am not worthy (2)

The ground of the construction site was bumpy and Sheng Qiao twisted her ankle twice. Fortunately, it was not serious and after a few back and forth, she reduced the number of bricks and kept it within her physical strength.

The assistant was looking at her and couldn’t help but ask: “Would you like to wear a mask? Drink water?”

“The mast is too stuffy and it’s not easy to breathe with it.” She was very tired and panting. She took the gray thermos from the assistant and took a sip. The water was sweet and tasted like milk. Huo Xi had made her a cup of milk powder. Had he added caramel? It was so sweet.

She quickly drank a few more sips which gave her the feelings she could move for another five hundred years.

After moving bricks all morning, Sheng Qiao was ready to collapse. Although she had been taught to be independent since childhood, she had never done heavy work. When she took off her gloves, she saw all the blisters on her palms. After poking them with her finger and trembling in pain, she turned to the assistant and asked: “Is it too late to change back with Le Xiao?”

There was a [Hahahaha] in the barrage. She sighed and waved her hand again: “Forget it. I am already like this, she would probably die.”

Lunch was distributed by the workers. Sheng Qiao sat cross legged on the ground and started eating after receiving hers. This image of her was so down to earth, netizens stayed silent for a while.

[My dad is a construction worker, he is always tired.]

[Winter is okay, in summer it would peel off.]

[And there is so much dust, it’s bad for the lungs to inhale too much.]

[This is how the lower class works, all the money is hard earned.]

[Sheng Qiao can bear it and keep working. How many stars would bear this kind of hardship?]

[I feel pain looking at the blisters on her palms.]

[I used to say that she was hypocritical but she is really working hard.]

[I scolded her so much yesterday my face hurts now.]

Many haters became much nicer immediately.

Back to the broadcast, Sheng Qiao was still eating and started shaking. The lunch in her hand fell to the ground and she started vomiting.

Both the audience and production team were shocked. The assistant hurried up to check the situation; Sheng Qiao was still vomiting and in a mess. Her face was as white as paper and her whole body was shaking.

The assistant was frightened and called 120 while crying. All the people around came to take a look and the broadcast screen trembled when the cameraman put his equipment to the ground and ran out while carrying her.

The netizens who were watching were terrified and started speculating whether it was food poisoning. While everybody was anxious, Sheng Qiao was lying on the back of the cameraman and weakly said: “I’m okay, it’s just food allergy…”

Today’s food was Yuxiang eggplant. Sheng Qiao did not know about the original’s allergy history and had not paid attention while eating. After a few mouthfuls, her stomach had started to hurt and her lips and throat had become numb.

Her former high school best friend had been allergic to almonds and she was aware about it. She had instantly realized what was happening and had thrown the lunch box away and started to vomit. She had been careless. After she had become Sheng Qiao, she should have done a complete examination and checked everything about her new body.

120 came quickly and they carried her to the car. Sheng Qiao’s mouth was already entirely swollen and her speech was slurred. She pulled the assistant’s hand and said: “On’t wowy em is jus allergies. I will e etta soon.”

The broadcast was still ongoing and the netizens who heard her talk calmed down. It turned out to be an allergy!

Suddenly, some remembered:

[Previously, it was rumored that Sheng Qiao had vomited after eating a lunch box from one of her drama crew. Was it because of an allergy?]

[I don’t know, I was scolding her for thinking she was better than everybody else at that time. Both leads had their lunch box and she had something else ordered.]

[There seem to be lots of misunderstandings about her.]

[If she had really vomited about an allergy, shouldn’t she had gotten a checkup? After understanding your allergies, you should always be cautious about your food. Why didn’t she say anything today?]

[Perhaps she was too tired and hungry after moving bricks all morning. Hey, I feel sorry for Xiao Qiao.]

The ambulance quickly sent Sheng Qiao to the hospital. After the treatment, they gave her an IV and she soon fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was already dark. After opening her eyes, she smelled the disinfectant scent and for a moment, it was like she was back to the day of her car accident. She turned over, sat up suddenly and the alarmed voice of a young man playing on the phone on the chair was heard.

He hurried closer and pressed the back of the hand the IV was attached to: “Don’t move!”

Sheng Qiao raised her head and looked into the man’s eyes. His face was very clear and she stared at him without blinking for a long time before softly calling: “Huo Xi…”

Finally realizing she had not changed back, Sheng Qiao let a silent sigh out.

Huo Xi let go of her hand and stood up straight. After a few seconds, he asked: “Are you disappointed to see me?”

“No, no, no, no, no…” Sheng Qiao gave a small smile: “I just don’t like hospitals very much.”

“You don’t like hospitals but you take risks? You don’t even know what food you are allergic to?”

Sheng Qiao lowered her head and remembering something, she touched her face: “Am I still swollen?”

Huo Xi: “Yes.”

The room was quiet and there were no cameras. The production team had stopped filming after sending her to the hospital. Huo Xi sat back on the chair and asked: “Are you hungry?”

When he asked, Sheng Qiao realized that her stomach was indeed empty after vomiting so much earlier. She was both hungry and uncomfortable at the same time.

“Le Xiao and Lu Yihan are making soup for you at home. They should be here soon. Feng Wei went to the pet shop and has not returned yet. Zhong Shen went to the construction site for you in the afternoon.”

So he was the only one left to take care of her? Had she saved a nation in her past life? Her idol had actually come to the hospital to take care of her!

At this moment, only one song came to her mind:

{I am not worthy}.

TL: That was kinda weird, but here is the song: 我不配


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  1. Awwww Xi’er is worried that she doesn’t like him 😢Don’t worry baby cuz she wuvvvvvvs you 😍

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