Chapter 17

Jian Ruixi was very excited, not only because the child was handsome. It was no exaggeration to say that she has seen many handsome men.

For example, the male lead of this plot(there were videos and photos on the internet and she has seen them in Madam Fu’s memory). The male lead was the overbearing president who was so handsome that people couldn’t close their legs.

Of course including President Fu who was beside her, he was also a beautiful man who ‘obviously could rely on his face but chose to rely on his talent’ was the kind of beautiful man.

 If Jayce, this child inherited his father’s genes, even if he was extremely handsome Jian Ruixi would not boast as if she has never seen any beautiful man in the world before.

But what could be done, the little one was simply carved out of the same mold as her!

She was in a very good mood.

In fact, Jian Ruixi already knew what Jayce looked like. With Madam Fu’ memories, and on her phone there were also saved video, and photos of her son.

Jian Ruixi went through and check Madam Fu’s phone for two days, of course she did not miss to check the photo gallery.

When Jian Ruixi saw the pictures, she already had good impression. This child’s face hasn’t grown yet, but the delicate eyebrows and high nose bridge have the charm of a little male god.

It could be seen that he would grow according to the advantage of his parents given to him, their genes. For example, the eyebrows look exactly like Madam Fu, of course he also looked like her.

So for the sake of her secure life, Jian Ruixi gave him a hundred points and was not afraid if he was an arrogant kid.

But that was all. Jian Ruixi herself was not a girl who was an affectionate person and could easily trigger her maternal love.

How deep could she be expected to feel for a child who was essentially a stranger to her?

Of course she didn’t expect that she would eat her words so fast. It was just like being beaten on the spot.

When Jian Ruixi saw the delicate, fresh and lovely face on the screen, it was like her girl’s heart was suddenly activated. The whole person fell into a kind of dreamy and fanatical mood—

How could there such lovely and adorable child in the world!

Her boy!

Her son!

Even when she was just looking at him through the screen, she wanted to shower him with kisses, hug him and raised him high.

However, they were only video calling, it was impossible to hug him and held him high. Jian Ruixi could only see her lovely face on the phone screen.

Fu Shiyuan looks at the interaction between mother and son with a smile and indifference throughout the whole process. (In fact it was his wife’s one sided enthusiasm).

He looked at her as if it was not strange at all, but inside Fu Shiyuan has been stunned. He learned a few words on the internet some time ago—this was what they call ‘silly’. It seems that Madam Fu was the vivid image of that word.

Probably people who has surnamed Fu were unperturbed to changes, as Jayce was not frightened by his mother’s sudden enthusiasm.

On the contrary he looked like a little adult and has a warm and friendly business exchange with Jian Ruixi in a mature tone.

“Thank you, mommy is beautiful today too.”

Jian Ruixi maintained the same looked when she left the salon. She has good skin and uses good things, so even if she went to see a theatrical play and serve the hot pot (for her wealthy husband) her make up still look fresh.

Even with a little oil, her skin were shiny and bright. Jian Ruixi couldn’t help looking at the mirror, she plans to go to the beauty salon and ask them which brand of make-up they used on her.

So even if the child did not praise her, she still knows how beautiful she was. There was no need to be complacent about it.

Jian Ruixi smiled with her low-key and reserved smile.

“It’s obvious that mommy is beautiful. Jayce inherited mommy’s beauty that’s why you look so cute and handsome.”

Jayce: “……….”

Fu Shiyuan: “………”

The two felt awkward, his mother praised about him being cute was in fact her indirect way of appreciating her own beauty. How could he answer this?

Fortunately Jian Ruixi hasn’t gone to the point where she needs the child to find topic for them to talk about.

She shows her aunt smile and then skillfully and enthusiastically asks about the child’s studies and grades—the fear of being dominated by three aunts and grandmother from childhood to adulthood made her bear on how to handle a child like a pro.

Although Jayce did not start proper school yet, he has already learned how to arrange his study plan clearly.

Like what he needs to do after getting up in the morning, what time to study, learn piano, and learn about foreign languages. So hearing his mommy’s questions, the child naturally have the answers as he answer the whole day’s schedule fluently.

Jian Ruixi almost write the word ‘heartless’ on her face.

Fu Shiyuan’s face at the moment were more difficult than her words.

It was not me. I am not the one….

Although Jian Ruix lowered her voice, and Jayce at the other end of the video couldn’t hear her clearly. As smart as he was, and by just looking through her expression he could guess that his mommy was fighting justice for him.

The child who was already mature than his age said.

“These courses are not difficult. Many students in the class are also learning the same and I like to learn them.”

Jian Ruixi smiled embarrassingly.

“Is that so?”



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