Chapter 30

Shen Yan wanted to shake off Meng Yi’an’s hands several times but couldn’t win against Meng Yi’an strength.

She looked her wrist and Meng Yi’an’s hands and could see his pale bone joints and slender fingers.

“You have a guilty conscience.”

Meng Yi’an’s tone was light, his eyes were stained with little gloominess.

“I told you to wait for me. I will work hard to make money but you threw me away like a trash.”

Shen Yan once again wanted to break free from Meng Yi’an’s fingers holding her wrist but she couldn’t, it only made Meng Yi’an pushed her harder which made Shen Yan’s wrist hurt a little.

Taking a step forward, Meng Yi’an leaned over and said next to Shen Yan’s ear.

“You said I can’t give you what you want, saying what qualifications do I have to be with you. I spent three years forgetting about you, only to have you show up again, but you still avoid me this time. I don’t think so!”

“Let go.”

When Shen Yan’s words fall, Meng Yi’an fingers subconsciously loosened only to clench Shen Yan’s wrist again in an instant.

Shen Yan also retreated and flung her arms.

“Meng Yi’an let go of me.”

Meng Yi’an just stood there looking at Shen Yan with cold eyes and without the intention of letting go.

While staring at each other down, Shen Yan bit Meng Yi’an wrist and at the same time violently pushed Meng Yi’an away.

Meng Yi’an took a few steps back making him release Shen Yan’s wrist.

Shen Yang straightened her back and said.

“No guilty conscience!”

Having said that she directly turned around and hurriedly walk towards the elevator.

Standing in the same place, Meng Yi’an looked at the teeth marks on his wrist and then looked at Shen Yan’s figure. He turned around and walked towards the opposite direction.

When Meng Yi’an returned to his room, Assistant Wu hurriedly come up to him while carrying a stack of documents to Meng Yi’an.

“President Meng, these are the ones you asked me to print.”

When Meng Yi’an reached out his hand to pick up the documents, Assistant Wu directly froze. Their President Meng has a tooth mark on his hand?

Assistant Wu wanted to continue to look when Meng Yi’an had already sat in front of the table opposite to him, and Assistant Wu did not dare to look openly.

On the quiet room, while Meng Yi’an was reading the documents, his phone rang. After checking who it was he swiped the answer button.

The caller was Meng Yi’an’s mother, Li Cuiyu.

“Son, did Shen Yan want to get back together with you recently?”

At this question Meng Yi’an raised his eyes at Assistant Wu, under his gaze Meng Yi’an said.


Li Cuiyu paused before saying.

“At first you couldn’t give her the future she wanted, but now you’re different if you still like her I support you to be with her. I think she was only thinking of the future and it’s not like she doesn’t like you. It’s just that career is more important to her than you.”

Pursing his lips, Meng Yi’an said.

“I don’t like her anymore.”

After a long silence, Li Cuiyu sighed. She wanted to say something to Meng Yi’an but Meng Yi’an already hung up the phone directly with the excuse of work.

Li Cuiyu looked at the phone and said to herself.

“Since he doesn’t like Shen Yan anymore, why don’t he want to go on a blind date? Is he afraid of breaking Shen Yan’s heart?”

“Forget it, as long as he don’t like Shen Yan again.”

Speaking of this Li Cuiyu sighed with relief. She called Meng Yi’an just for this matter, but since Meng Yi’an already said directly that he did not like Shen Yan anymore then he would not get back together with Shen Yan also.

In Li Cuiyu’s opinion the match she found for Meng Yi’an was good in every aspects. The two would be a right match for each other, they would even look good just by standing together.

Not knowing how much better Shen Yan was with Meng Yi’an.


Assistant Wu was still standing in place without moving.

Meng Yi’an asked.

“Shen Yan’s matter….”

Not waiting for Meng Yi’an to finish asking Assistant Wu hurriedly said.

“I am Meng Yi’an’s person, I know who I am following and who pays my salary.”

With a hum, Meng Yi’an continued to read the document, as if Li Cuiyu’s phone call did not give him a slightest impact.

Assistant Wu saw that Meng Yi’an believed him, so he went out and felt that he was a smart man. Even if the Meng family asked about Meng Yi’an he would not say it.

Walking to the door, Meng Yi’an called out Assistant Wu.

“The opening for Life Together, I will go and attend.”

Assistant Wu sympathized with Shen Yan in his heart as he hurriedly answered in an affirmative tone.

After looking at the hotel staff, Shen Yan opened the door she was staying. She then took out the room card inside and thanked the staff and went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth.

Shen Yan said to herself.

“Meng Yi’an said was wrong. He just want to learn from me.”

Having said that, she looked at herself in the mirror and felt that she had to work harder.

After washing her face, Shen Yan goes back to have a rest while He Han next door was still arguing with Zhou Ruo.

Shen Yan thinks it has nothing to do with her. She couldn’t help what Zhou Ruo would give her and she doesn’t care.

Thinking like this, she falls asleep after a while.

The next day Zhou Ruo came knocking on the door before Shen Yan got up.

“Yesterday He Han came to see me because I asked you to audition. I’ve never been partial, I just thought that you have high chance to succeed in the audition that’s why I asked you to come. Anyways, now He Han change her agent. Although I proposed it, but it has something to do with you.”

Speaking of this, if Zhou Ruo doesn’t wait for Shen Yan to make a statement and remind her to shoot well.

“Sister Zhou, I will shoot well.”

Before Meng Y’an does anything to her, Shen Yan would the scene properly.



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