Chapter 18

Zhou Chenguang went out of his office and heard Xu Yanwen’ laughter, he pushed the door opened on Xu Yanwenw’s office and went it. Seeing Xu Yanwen’s bright smile, he asked curiously.

“What’s the matter laughing so happily?”

The smile on Xu Yanwen’s face paused, he then coughed and put the phone away expressionlessly. He said in a serious manner.

“It’s nothing.”

Zhou Chenguang has known Xu Yanwen for many years and knows Xu Yanwen more. He would only looked at Xu Yanwen’s face to guessed what had happened!

 I wonder what exactly is funny?

Zhou Chenguang speculated.

However, Xu Yanwen did not give him too much time to think. He reached for the paper on the desk, looked up at Zhou Chenguang and said faintly.

“What did you come to see me for?”

Zhou Chenguang came to Xu Yanwen with something important and when he heard Xu Yanwen ask him, he hurriedly came forward and started talking about his own affairs.


After Xue Jiayue received the allowance given by Xu Yanwen she was very happy but also thinks that she just received such large sum money but did not do anything that was worth it.

She wanted to buy something for him as a thank you but he was not lacking of anything and she only had her talent in drawing and could only cook.

Speaking of cooking, Xu Yanwen has been loving the dishes she cook a few times and even said it was good, so she was thinking of treating him to a meal.

The more she thought about it, the more she fell it was a good idea. So Xue Jiayue decided to cook a big meal and let Xu Yanwen choose what he liked to eat and she could also treat herself at the same time.

After making up her mind, Xue Jiayue picked up her phone and sent a WeChat to Xu Yanwen.

In the office, Zhou Chenguang was still talking to Xu Yanwen about work matter when Xu Yanwen’s phone on the desk suddenly rang again.

Xu Yanwen picked up his phone and looked at it, it was Xue Jiayue sent him another message on WeChat.

[Are you coming home for dinner tonight?]

Xu Yanwwen looked at the message on WeChat, his fingers hesitated clicking the screen but he still replied.


The reply was simple, and short just like Xu Yanwen.

Seeing that, Xue Jiayue replied back at him back.

[What do you want to eat tonight?]

Xu Yanwen looked at the message on the WeChat sent by Xue Jiayue on his phone and was about to reply back when he heard Zhou Chenguang who was sitting on the sofa say.

“Brother Xu, I finally finished this project so we’re going to celebrate tonight. How about going to the new imperial dinner?”


Xu Yanwen did not raised his head as his eyes fell on the message and his fingers were busy typing a few dish names he wanted to eat.

Zhou Chenguang has been watching Xu Yanwen fiddling his phone and when heard him say he was not going to the new imperial dinner his face reveals curiosity.

“Brother Xu why don’t you want to go? Do you think the new imperial dinner is not good? If you don’t think it’s good you can choose any place you like. Let’s get together tonight.”

Xu Yanwen listened to Zhou Chenguang with one ear while his eyes was always on the phone screen waiting for Xue Jiayue’s reply.

Until he saw the [Ok]] gesture that’s when he was satisfied and put the phone down.

“You guys go and have dinner tonight. I have something else to do.”

Xu Yanwen raised his head and said to Zhou Chenguang.

“What do you have to do?”

Zhou Cheguan didn’t believe it.

“What can you have that’s more important than a few buddies getting together?”

“I’m going home for dinner.”

Xu Yanwen answered frankly.

“Back to the old mansion?”

Xu Yanwen shook his head.

“Go back to the apartment.”

Zhou Chenguang chuckled.

“Brother Xu are you kidding? Who will cook for you back in the apartment? Jiayue or Sister Zhen? Don’t tell me it’s Jiayue, I still don’t know about other things but I’ve known her for so many years and never saw her cook. Are her dish even edible? If not, don’t eat it or you’ll directly go the hospital…”

Not waiting for him to finish his words, Xu Yanwen swept him a cold glance. He subconsciously felt something was wrong after obviously feeing a chill so he hurriedly shut his mouth knowing that he just said something wrong.

Zhou Chenguang casually looked at Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen calmly said.

“The taste is different.”

“…..” Zhou Zhenguan couldn’t react.

“I’m going to a meeting.”

Too lazy to explain more Xu Yanwen picked up the documents on his desk, stood up and walked around his desk to go outside.

Zhou Chenguang looked at Xu Yanwen’s handsome face although he had seen it for many years and looked so familiar to him but at the same time not.

He inexplicably felt that the expression on Xu Yanwen’s face today was a little undulate.

He’s going home for dinner?

And it taste different?!

Zhou Chenguang stared at Xu Yanwen’s back and a sudden burst of light flashed his head.

Damn it, is the taste of home different?!



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