GTKWF 23.1

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


I am not worthy (1)

Sheng Qiao woke up earlier than usual the next day. She had not slept well and had a nightmare all night, where she was chased by a female ghost and jumped off a cliff.

She used to have nightmares in the past but had later put a signed photo of Huo Xi under her pillow. It acted as a talisman and whether it was psychologically effective or really useful, she seldom had nightmares anymore. She would be able to sleep peacefully just by touching the picture.

While washing, she thought to herself that she needed to get another signed photo of him.

When she went downstairs, she saw Shi Xuan dressed in sportswear just coming in back from outside.

Many singers had the habit of running in the morning to exercise their lung capacity and practice their voice. Shi Xuan was carrying a bag of food in her hand and while she was a little surprised to see Sheng Qiao come down so early, she quickly recovered her usual calm expression.

“I bought breakfast for you.”

“Thank you.”

She did not have to cook this morning and Sheng Qiao was grateful. After Shi Xuan had changed her clothes, she looked at her and sneered in her heart seeing her eat so happily. She had walked so far, she had not expected Sheng Qiao would be the first to eat her food.

Sheng Qiao: “Have you eaten?”


Shi Xuan sat down opposite Sheng Qiao. The daylight outside the window fell on Sheng Qiao’s beautiful face. Her face was really flawless, delicate and white, stunning enough she couldn’t help feeling jealous.

In the last years, because of Sheng Qiao’s numerous scandals, everybody had only paid attention to her awful character and not to her god-given appearance at all. But then again, like her agent had said, except for her face, she had nothing else. Just thinking about it, Shi Xuan found Sheng Qiao’s face less dazzling and her heart calmed down.

She smirked and said: “Le Xiao and Feng Wei both pay attention to body management. You are the only female artist I know with a normal diet.”

Sheng Qiao took a bite of the steamed dumplings: “If I need to, I will eat less.”

After all, shooting this variety show did not require her to keep in shape.

Shi Xuan was stunned and asked with a smile: “Do you have any projects next?”

Wasn’t she going to quit after the termination?

Sheng Qiao curled her own lips and looked at Shi Xuan after finishing her food.

“Shi Xuan, how many days will you be staying?”

Shi Xuan was taken aback: “I am leaving in the afternoon.”

“Pity.” She wiped the corner of her mouth: “We do not have time to become friends.”

Shi Xuan was smart enough to understand the meaning behind her words; they were not friends yet and did not have the time to be. And if they were not friends, she was not qualified to inquire about her personal affairs.

Shi Xuan had trouble maintaining her smile as Sheng Qiao looked at her. After a long time, Shi Xuan got up: “I will wake everybody up.”

Sheng Qiao kept smiling, crumpled the paper towel in a ball, raised her hand and threw it into the trash can.

Everybody got up one after another. The paper cranes had been drawn yesterday and those who needs to start today would start. After breakfast, the group held their paper and started thinking about their tasks.

The director told Sheng Qiao: “You and Le Xiao have changed tasks. You will have to go to the construction site today and tomorrow, from 9 to 5.”

Sheng Qiao looked at the time; it was already 8:40. She quickly went upstairs to change clothes and Le Xiao followed her: “Qiao Qiao, if you cannot do it, you must call me and I will bring everybody over to help you.”

“Okay.” She patted her face with sunscreen and added: “I froze the hot pot ingredients last night. Just add some water to boil it. There is no vegetable left but the meat is in the freezer. You can take it out to defrost and the rest of the dishes are under the cupboard.”

She grabbed her bag and turned around to look at Le Xiao that was still staring at her eagerly. She pinched her cheek: “It’s okay, I am not going to the battlefield. You guys be good at home.”

The barrage was commenting:

[I feel like once Sheng Qiao leaves, the backbone of this family will be gone.]

[She’s just going to step away…]

[Hahahahahahaha what are they doing.]

When Sheng Qiao went downstairs, she said a few more things.

“Xiaohan, the weather is good today. I moved some potted flowers indoors yesterday, you can put them back so they can bask in the sun.”

“Wei Wei, after taking the fruit out, put it in the water to melt the ice before eating.”

“Zhong Shen, don’t bully Le Xiao!”

And finally, she glanced at Huo Xi and added: “I’m leaving.”

As she turned around, Huo Xi called her: “Wait.”

He approached her and handed her a gray thermos cup: “It will be cold at the site so take this with you.”

Sheng Qiao was very moved. Oh, wasn’t her idol so warm! Who was this kind little prince? She took the cup with emotions, wished a good journey back to Shi Xuan and went to work.

The production team had sent two cameramans and one assistant to follow her to the construction site. After the security guard greeted her, the person in charge of the site immediately recognized her.

“Oh, I know you! You are the one that played Xiao Nuo in {Prosperity of Chang’an}.”

Sheng Qiao politely stretched out her hand: “Hello, my name is Sheng Qiao.”

The person in charge was surnamed Zhou and Sheng Qiao called him Brother Zhou. Brother Zhou led her to the site with enthusiasm; it was the first time a celebrity came here and she was very beautiful. The workers all left their current task and ran to watch.

Brother Zhou scolded them: “Stop looking! Go back to work!”

Sheng Qiao put on her safety helmet and smiled while looking around, making the workers blush.

Her task was to move bricks. The red bricks were unloaded by the trucks and piled on the empty ground. The workers had to use trolleys to transport them to the project and hoist them to the third floor by gantry cranes.

Brother Zhou led Shen Qiao over. It was very noisy and dust was flying all around. The netizens who were watching her were shocked by the reality of the environment and even the people who were still scolding her yesterday kept quiet.

Brother Zhou notified the person in charge of this area and left. Sheng Qiao put on her gloves, took the cart given to her and started moving the bricks.


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