Chapter 29

Shen Yan also know about this matter. Before, the conditions sets by the Meng family were just to make herself toss, making Meng Yi’an completely hated her and accepted the blind date arrange by the Meng family.

And Meng Yi’an’s blind date, was also considered the best female according to the plot.

Except for Shen Yan herself, all the plot were continuing according to the original and all Shen Yan has to do was stay away from this plot that she has nothing to with it.

“Sister Zhou, I don’t want to be in a relationship for the time being.”

Zhou Ruo was more satisfied, the golden period of an actress was only within a few years. After these years unless she becomes a legend in the entertainment industry her shine wouldn’t be that bright.

Otherwise she would go downhill. Especially for Shen Yan, she was struggling in the entertainment industry, and Zhou Ruo doesn’t want to add another reason to delay Shen Yan, just because of a relationship.

Shen Yan has potential, she was just delayed before because of her relationship.

The production of Life Together was generous with Shen Yan when they signed the contract with her. They transferred the fee to Shen Yan’s agency and then the agency quickly gave Shen Yan her part of the money.

Chen Fei production has no match with the production of Life Together, whether it was the actors, the salary and the production itself.

In addition, Shen Yan’s role in the series was a supporting character, but she has many screen time, so the production rewarded her with three time as much as she was paid at her role in Chen Fei.

Although they don’t give Shen Yan all the of her film remuneration and for the time being only one third of it was given to her first.

Shen Yan’s agency also took part of but for Shen Yan it was very good enough.

Looking at these film salaries, She Yan simply bought all the money again for stocks. She wanted to earn more by stocks first and then wait for that next investment opportunity!

Thinking about the money, Shen Yan simply forgot about the fact that she was going to star in a TV series invested by Meng Yi’an.


Wang Peng looked at Zheng Rou with a stern face.

“Look at Shen Yan, she appeared in a web drama before as the third female, now she can directly play a supporting role in the TV series. Look at yourself again.”

Zheng Rou argued.

“I didn’t have a chance to audition at all.”

“Zhou Rou said about the show Shen Yan was interested in but I don’t know what show it is. I think that since Shen Yan doesn’t pay much attention to Life Together and is not willing to participate in the film, it must be very important opportunity, ask Shen Yan and we will join together.”

Wang Peng was embarrassed to ask Zhou Ruo and could only point the information to Zheng Rou he had received from Zhou Ruo.

Zheng Ruo hurriedly answered yes, after thinking of something she said.

“By the way I saw He Han today.”

After thinking about it, Wang Peng asked.

“Who is He Han?”

“It’s another artist under Sister Zhou, I don’t know why but I feel she’s not in the right state of mind.”

“I haven’t hear of it, you don’t have to care.”

After hearing that Zheng Rou said nothing, she only have a few meetings with He Han. This time she thought that He Han came to audition to Life Together, that’s why she asked him.

Thinking and frowning, Zheng Rou doesn’t think it was necessary to think about it. It doesn’t really matter to her.

Back to the hotel, Shen Yan washed up and planned to sleep but before she could lie down, she was woken up by a voice next to her.

The voice was somewhat familiar, like Zhou Ruo’s voice.

Shen Yan lifted open the quilt, put on her slippers and goes out. She approaches Zhou Ruo’s room next to her, and indeed, heard the sound of shouting inside that sounded like He Han’s voice.

Shen Yan was not interested in listening to other people’s affairs so she turned around and wanted to go back.

But unexpectedly she heard the people inside calling her name, so she stopped her tracks.

“It’s all because of Shen Yan right?”

Inside the room, He Han looked at Zhou Ruo with red eyes.

“You are biased ever since Shen Yan auditioned successfully for the role of Princess Lan you’ve become biased. Before it was nice to say that you concentrate more on giving Zheng Shu your resources and you treat all other people equally. But now, you are biased towards Shen Yan!”

He Han has not notice that she had just offended Meng Yi’an and that her whole career was already over before it could even bloomed.

“I don’t mind if you give the resources to Zheng Shu, or Zheng Shuhong. Didn’t you say we can share the remaining resources equally to us? Everyone will audition together for any resources.”

Zhou Ruo had serious face.

“Have you made enough trouble?”

He Han laughed a few times.

“I’m not making a scene. I’ll reason to you again, why do you recommend Shen Yan to audition alone? Not only that but you also accompanied her personally.”

Zhou Ruo rubbed her temples, when she signed He Han she thought He Han was a sensible person. But now she doesn’t know if it was still the case.

And even if she lets He Han audition, what role would she give her?

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Ruo said.

“In that case you can change your agent. I’ll call someone from the company now and help you apply for change of agent.”

With that, she picked up her phone to call the company.

“Yes, then change agent!”

Hearing this, Shen Yan knows that what was going on now. But He Han was still has some rationality left in her, confronting Zheng Ruo first.

But her being like this, is this because of what happened in the elevator with Meng Yi’an that’s why she was upset with Zhou Ruo?

After thinking for a while Shen Yan still did not figure it out why He Han started acting like this.

 She just planned to go back, but as soon as she turned around, Shen Yan saw Meng Yi’an standing there looking at her with a smile but not a smile at all.

Seeing his face, Shen Yan remembered that Meng Yi’an was also staying at this hotel.

She Yan wanted to go back to her room, she hurriedly walked pass through Meng Yi’an, but he moves quickly. His slender fingers grab the door handle and blocking Shen Yan’s from her room.

Just because she was in a hurry, Shen Yan didn’t have the time to take her phone and room card.

Two people stand very close, Shen Yan lowered her eyes unable to see what expression she has. After a while she walked around Meng Yi’an but he dragged Shen Yan’s wrist.

“Shen Yan you have a guilty conscience huh?”



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