Chapter 17

Once Xu Yanwen did not respond to her, she became hysterical and finally made herself into a mental hospital in the end.

Xue Jiayue does not want to become that extreme nor does she want to enter the mental hospital. She wanted to find something for herself to do, to distract herself.

To use her own efforts to counteract the plot and to try to change her destiny.

Elder Xu did not know about what was on Xue Jiayue’s mind but he was very happy to hear that she wanted to do something and encourage her.

“You draw well, and if there is anything you need, just ask, grandpa will support you 100%”

It was wonderful to have such a grandfather who fully supported her. Xue Jiayue was very happy and said with a smile.

“Grandpa, you really are the best grandpa in the whole world.”

Elder Xu was amused by her and laughed.

“It’s good that you’re happy.”


Today Linda was wearing her new blue and white dress, and her beautiful face adorned with a delicate makeup, the whole person looks more beautiful than usual.

She looked like a beautiful flower.

Sitting in the office, her colleagues complimented her on her beauty.

“Linda where did you get this dress? It’s so pretty!”

“The color is also very beautiful and it matches your skin. You always look good in everything you wear!”

“It’s good to be young!”

Listening to the praise and compliments of her colleagues, Linda’s whole being was about to float. She knew she was good looking, better looking than many others.

“Stop it, it’s just a dress. How can it be as good as you guys say?”

Linda said with a slight blush, pretending to be embarrassed.

“We’re telling the truth.”

Her colleague laughed.

Linda pouted and stomped her foot.

“I’m done with you guys, I’m going to deliver the papers.”

She said as she picked up the documents on the desk and walked out quickly of the office with excitement and apprehension towards the president’s office.

When she reached the door of the president’s office, Linda took a deep breath and let her excitement calm down a little before she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

“Please come in.”

Xu Yanwen’s low and pleasant voice came from the office.

Linda put her hand on the doorknob and gently twisted it to push the door open and walk in.

“Presiden Xu, here are the documents you asked for.”

Linda walked over and handed the documents in her hand to Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen looked up and saw Linda wearing a blue and white dress. The dress was very familiar making his gaze obviously paused for a moment.

In his mind came Xue Jiayue wearing the same dress in the kitchen busy cooking in the morning. Xue Jiayue with a bun hair was looking very cute and youthful, also very beautiful.

It was said that clothes makes a man but at this moment, Xu Yanwen has a thought that it was the other way around when he saw Xue Jiayue with the same dress.

In fact he even thinks that how beautiful the clothes was depends on who wear it, seeing the same dress with different people was also seeing the big difference of how a clothes could be beautiful.

The good-looking ones were always good-looking and the bad-looking ones would only be compared to the scene of a car accident!

Linda did not know what was in Xu Yanwen’s mind and just saw Xu Yanwen’s gaze kept on falling on her body. Her heart immediately burst into pink bubbles of love and happiness.

She knew she could get Xu Yanwen’s attention by wearing the dress that would make her look more beautiful and elegant. Also everyone said that she was so good-looking.

Men were visual animals, even if Xu Yanwen was a gentleman she could take him down. She was very confident about this.

“President Xu.”

Linda called out softly, while smiling she looked at Xu Yanwen expecting him to say a little something to her.

Xu Yanwen glance at her face and ignoring her expectations. He said half-heartedly.

“Just put the documents here.”


Linda’s heart welled up with loss that was sour and was very hard to bear.

She pursed her lips and put down the file, she then reluctantly glance at Xu Yanwen. Seeing that his attention was on the computer, and without a slightest intention to look at her again, her heart was both sad and unwilling.

Xu Yanwen saw that she was still standing and didn’t move. His cold eyes looked at her.

“There’s something else’s?”

Facing Xu Yanwen’s stern face, Linda didn’t dare say anything.

“It’s already okay, I’m going out.”

When she turned around to go out, Linda was still comforting herself thinking that President Xu was the president and she was the new secretary. The two only has subordinate relationship.

And President Xu was not good at expressing himself, she has to be a little more active and not be discourage!

While being subjected to Linda’s fantasy, Xu Yanwen at the moment was fixing his eyes on the computer checking his mail but in truth his thoughts were drifted to Xue Jiayue wearing the blue dress very beautifully.

At home, Xue Jiayue had just finished drawing a pair of designs when her phone rang.

She picked her phone and saw it was a message from her bank. She tapped and open the message and saw that it was Xu Yanwen who transferred a sum of money to her.

Staring at the 0’s Xue Jiaye was astonished and counted carefully, Xu Yanwen had actually transferred 200,000 to her.

This was not the beginning of the month, nor the end of the month let alone the New Year holidays. Xue Jiayue wondered why Xu Yanwen would transfer so much money to her.

Could be a wrong transfer?

She hurriedly sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen.

[Why did you transfer money to me?]

Xu Yanwen quickly replied to her.

[Pocket money.]

Pocket money? Not living expenses?

Xue Jiayue blinked, still unable to understand what was going on. So she typed another,

[?] on her phone and send it.

Xu Jiayue stared at the cartoon character Xue Jiayue sent over, with a big red “?” on top of its head. It looked like a dumbfounded look.

Very cute.

The corner of his mouth curved up into a smile as Xu Yanwen’s fingers flew to tap down a sentence on his phone.

[Take it and buy what you like!]

For the first time in her life, she received such a large sum of pocket money. Xue Jiayue was surprised and happy at the same time, she send a picture emoticon ‘thank you boss in red envelope and the boss will be rich’  to Xu Yanwen with a smile on her face.

In the office Xu Yanwen received a thank you picture emoticon from Xue Jiayue, it was a fat white cartoon character holding a red envelope in his hand and was smiling, and above it’s head was thank you boss and the boss will be rich.

It was a total copy of Xue Jiayue, Xu Yanwen couldn’t help but laughed.


The author has something to say:

If Xue Jiayue and Linda wear the same dress and bumping into each other, it will really be a car accident scene hahaha



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