The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The most urgent matter about capital venture was already resolve, which could be regarded as eliminating the possibility of bankruptcy of the Xu family.

And the most important thing, was that the entertainment company has also been created, and just waiting for Xu Yan to fully operate.

When Xu Zhixing completed these two major events, she felt that the burden on her shoulder had been lightened by half since she was reborn, and finally she could have a good sleep.

The next day was Mother Xu’s physical examination organized by their company. Xu Zhixing was staring at her mother early in the morning, she watched her until Mother Xu went out with the physical examination form.

According to the incubation period of esophageal cancer, the rate of Mother Xu having the cancer was probably low. As long as she prevents it now and improve her eating habits, she believes that there would be no bigger problem!

A few days later, mother Xu’s physical examination report was sent home but she didn’t pay attention to it. She felt that she was in great shape.

But as soon as Xu Zhixing got the examination report, she couldn’t wait to open it and have a look. Sure enough, it said that there was suspected esophageal wall thickening accompanied by inflammation.

It was suggested to go to the hospital for further review.

Xu Zhixing rushed to her mother.

“Mom, the doctor told you to go to the hospital for reexamination! It says there’s something wrong with your esophagus!”

Mother Xu was browsing through the recent newspapers of various issues and had no time to pay attention to her, nodding perfunctorily.

“Fine, fine I understand.”

Xu Zhixing had expected this for a long time. She took out the information She had prepared and long ago and slammed it into the desk in front of her mother.

“Mom! I’m not kidding you! Look, this is all the result of not paying attention to esophageal lesions! Look, the thickened esophageal wall and esophagitis are precursors of esophageal cancer! The doctor has advised you to go to the hospital for further check-ups, you have to listen to the doctor!”

Mother Xu was shocked by the notebook her daughter gave her. She was about to yell at her, when she has stunned by what she heard the next second. She subconsciously look at the notebook her daughter threw at her.

In the notebook, she wrote down the causes of esophageal cancer one by one and which organ were easy to deteriorate because esophageal cancer. There were also some cut out cases of esophageal cancer in newspapers and books, they were all pasted on their.

Xu Zhixing chattered like a worried mother.

“Think about your eating habits, and look at the causative factors of esophageal cancer written on it, aren’t you stepping on the mines perfectly? I told you long ago, eat slowly, don’t eat too hot and salty, don’t be angry all the time, if you really get cancer one day, do you want to leave me alone!”

Mother Xu don’t know if to laugh or cry but one thing she knows was that her heart was flooded with touch of emotion.

Her daughter has really grown up. Before, she only knew how to eat and play. What she always talked about was the limited edition dolls in her room. Now she knows how to care about their healthy but also ran to look up information.

She solemnly put the medical report away, and stroked her daughter’s head.

“Okay, mommy knows, mommy will go this weekend.”

Only then did Xu Zhixing feel at ease and added.

“I’ll go with you!”

Mother Xu looked pleased.


As soon the weekend came, Xu Zhixing couldn’t wait to urge her mother to go the hospital and told her.

“Don’t drink water, don’t eat anything, you have to do gastroscopy. Do you have your medical insurance card and ID card?”

For a moment Mother Xu almost didn’t recognized her daughter.

She seems to have grown up without her realizing it, and become sensible. Xu Zhixing solved the problem she once had to worry about, and in turned cared for her.

No one knows better than her as her mother, her daughter grew up rich and spoiled all the way up. She was the little princess who was served with clothes and food extravagantly.

And now suddenly she was not the little princess anymore, she has the resilience that was unfamiliar to her.

She didn’t know what her daughter had gone through to suddenly grow up overnight, but she suddenly felt an indescribable sadness in her heart.

Her eyes were red when they left the house after realizing something.

Xu Zhixing noticed her mother’s stranger behavior.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Thinking that her mother was scared with her words yesterday, she said.

“Oh, I just said something serious yesterday, it’s going to be fine! It’s just a follow up check-up today, it’s not a big deal!”

Mother Xu’s heart became more and more sour instead, she hugged her daughter and stroke her head.

“Mom knows, mom will be fine, my little princess have not grown up yet, how can mom leave you.”

This almost made Xu Zhixing cry.

After arriving at the hospital, mother Xu went for another follow up check-up while Xu Zhixing sat in the corridor and waited.

There were countless days and nights when she also guarded the empty, cold corridor very much like this, holding a faint hope that a miracle would come.

Later, when Mother Xu passed away, she began to fear the hospital and the smell of its sterile later. But she had to come, because there was a paralyzed father who needed treatment, she was afraid of this place, but had to step into it again and again.

But later she just learned or rather she was numb to all of her surroundings.

Fortunately, she was lucky enough to have the chance and do it all over again.

It turns out that when you embrace miracles, miracles really do happen.

The two of them had lunch at a restaurant outside the hospital after Mother Xu finished her examination and waited until the afternoon to get the result.

The doctor took the list and focused on her diet and told her to come back for regular checkups.

There was no problem, the two were in a good mood. After leaving the hospital they decided to go shopping, Mother Xu bought a lot of clothes and shoes for Xu Zhixing like she didn’t want the money stay longer in her wallet.

Once Xi Zhixing tried one dress, mother Xu would always say it was good on her and bought everything.


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