Chapter 6

After all, she has no savings, even if she could cook lobster there was no money to buy the ingredients. And the cost of the white porridge was the cheapest.

“We’ll, let’s learn this.”

Ye Susu thought about it and finally confirmed it.

[Redemption successful.]

[Please read the entire page of text out loud and look at all the pictures.]

She was an educated cat, but—

Ye Susu pricked her ears.

Waiting to hear the sound of Ye Wan’s high heels as she closed the door and left. She then sat on the toilet and read it word for word, embarrassed.

“First wash the rice, put the right amount of water to soak…”

Although she was really embarrassed to read it out loud, it was still useful.

As the words were recited, in Ye Susu’s mind various images of boiling a porridge soon appeared.

It was like all the steps on making the porridge, all the secret recipes of all the restaurant in all years in making white porridge all rushed over in one fell swoop, overwhelming her instantly.

Until the last word was read, her ears buzzed and then when she opened her eyes, she had the illusion as if she had boiled a million pots of porridge, and knew the heat and proportion of rice and water.

[White porridge: Master.]

[Remaining Cub Value: 0]

Ye Susu narrowed her eyes.

She put the book on the toilet lid, got up and opened the bathroom door.

After washing her hands, she went to the kitchen.

Looking at those pots and pans again, she had an unexpected sense of affinity especially on the casserole for cooking porridge and the rice cooker.

“Xun Bao1, how about white porridge?”

Ye Susu curled up the corners of her mouth.

She was so excited and was ready to roll up her sleeves and do a great job.

However by the time she was ready, the little boy Ye Xun who had put on a cotton coat, came out with a small schoolbag on his back.

He first nodded his head and said he want to eat.

But immediately, he remembered something, went to the cupboard, silently lowered his head to open the cupboard next to the gas stove and bent over to pull out a plastic bucket from inside.

He open the lid of the bucket.

Only to see a thin layer of rice at the bottom, it could be seen that even a small half of bowl could not be filled.

Ye Susu held her forehead.

Did she cross over into a post-apocalyptic novel? This situation she was in now was so miserable for her.

“Well… let’s go out to eat!”

While saying this she commented.

Sure enough, the last life is not so easy to pass!

She didn’t have much money, so she didn’t want to waste it. So she just ate most of the instant noodles she cooked.

While the vegetables and eggs that have been picked out for a long time were left for the cub.

“I don’t like Brussels sprouts.”

“Eggs are rich in protein, I am too old to eat that.”

Ye Susu racked her brains to come up with a ridiculous reason.

The little boy’s face was suspicious.

“I also just want to eat something light.”

Ye Susu spread her hands.

She mustn’t compete with the cub for good food. Only when the cub eats more could he grow up and finished the task of raising the cub as soon as possible.

Ye Xun at last nodded his head to show his understanding.

He was very clever, and decided not to talk more. He uses a small spoon to eat all the vegetable and noodle soup in the bowl.

Only, after Ye Susu turned her head around to change her clothes, that he secretly showed a very worried expression.

Kindergarten teacher have taught him that it was always important to eat green vegetables every day. But her mommy was not eating any vegetables.

Couldn’t pay the rent, and could earn money all because of him, so his mommy’s mood was affecting her appetite?

Realizing this, his little face all scrunched up and look so frustrated.

After Ye Susu finished changing her clothes and came out, she saw that the bowls on the dish rack had been all washed up and cleaned.

She blushed again.

She was careless.

Her cub works too fast.

“Xun bao, next time you just put the bowl away later and I’ll wash it, okay?”

As Ye Susu said that, she went out with her child.

Just now when they eat the noodles, [Task 1 let the cub eat delicious meal] never showed completed.

Fortunately she only let the child eat some vegetable and did not touch the noodles.

“What do you want to eat?”

Out on the door, with the original body’s memory Ye Susu should probably know a few of the surrounding restaurant where they could eat.

Ye Xun, the little boy obviously rarely had an experience of eating outside, so he didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head to indicate whatever was fine.

Ye Susu had to make the decision on her own.

After thinking for a while, she decide to go to the nearest store, which was only a corner away from where they live, the Yonghe Dawang.

She was going to order a porridge to try the taste of the human world.

Later, she would buy rice and try to cook it at home, so she could compare the skills she just learned, which was better or worse.

Since the little boy just ate some noddle and small portion of greens which were easy to digest, so she also decided to ordered a few small dishes with meat and more vegetables.

Ye Susu calculated her budget and check the menu while walking into the store.

At noon time, there were quite a few people dining in the store, leaving only one empty table in the corner.

Ye Susu hurriedly pulled the child and base on the memory on her head, she went to the cashier to order.

Looking up the electronic screen menu, she was confused with the bunch of 29.9, 19.8—prices that were full of decimal points. She felt that she couldn’t count even after using all ten of her fingers.

Just as she felt desperate, a low magnetic voice came out behind her, which almost made her heart tremble.

It was like a warm cat in winter, making her feel comfortable.


Ye Susu’s left hand held Ye Xun’s overly long cotton sleeves while her right hand covered her heart and barely turned her head.

She saw a square gold-rimmed silver card pinched by his clear boned thumb and clear fingers nails, helding it in front of her.

She looked up and narrowed her eyes.

The dazzling sunlight outside came in from the glass window of the shop seemed like sizzling fireworks exploding in front on her eyes.

Because of the beam of light she couldn’t see the man’s appearance clearly, and could only saw his tight jaw like the edge of the knife and slightly thin lips which looked like sexy but cold.

She took a light breath as her tiny nose twitched.

The smell of this human is so fragrant.

As the elder of the clan said, the smell of the best prey was super fresh that makes a cat ‘meow’ and unable to close their legs after a single smell. It has a faint grassy smell that has a high quality catnip.

“Is this the card you dropped?”

The man’s voice was also equally faint.


Ye Susu tilted her head.


The author has something to say.

The child’s father: The card, take it. Dare to drink the wine and break your legs!


Xun Bao1– literal meaning is treasure hunt, but in this case, Ye Susu is endearment for her cub


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