Chapter 14

Ruan Tian didn’t pay much attention to Yang Li’s worries. Instead, he was quite excited. He had always heard about hidden rules before, but he had never encountered it.

He once even told his friend about his curiosity on hidden rules, but his friends didn’t believe him and all said that Ruan Tian should just grew up like beautiful and innocent, and it was not good to be curious about hidden rules.

If he could really encounter the hidden rules, he thinks it would be fun.

Ruan Tian pushed the door in and saw a big head half blocking the computer screen, his hair was neatly combed, but there were several big pimples on his forehead, which makes his appearance not so good.

Ruan Tian’s loves beauty as he was beautiful himself. Even the school flower like Deng Ru was only notice because she had saved him before, if not only Qin Li’s appearance where he believed would have pass.

So even if Qin Li upset him several times, he would still forgave him for the sake of his face.

But of course, in front of Qin Li he would never admit that Qin Li was handsome.

Ruan Tian tentatively said.

“Hello, Mr Guo, I’m Ruan Tian.”

“Ruan Tian? Okay, okay, you sit for a while.”

Guo Feng said but still staring down at the computer screen as his fingers moved fast.

Ruan Tian looked around the office and picked the cleanest and softest sofa to sit on. Guo Feng on the other hand didn’t pay attention to him. So Ruan Tian took out his phone and found that Qin Lin had sent him a new message.

[What kind of job are you looking for at this time?]

Ruan Tian thought about it and decided to wait on the results before telling him, so he didn’t reply to Qin Li’s message.

He then went ahead and started playing intently.

Ruan Tian luck was good, he had won several games in a row. The multiplier of each player was still very high, but he could still reach the first place in each game.

As long as he stabilized the situation, then he could seize the opportunity to get the camera he has coveted for a long time, it would long not be dream.

This activity was launched by Landlord software, with total of 10,000 participants in each game. The victor could get a physical prize card, which could be the redeemed for physical items with the physical prize card.

Ruan Tian has been wanting this camera for a long time and was counting on winning through the competition. This was his best situation he could create in front of him and wining was close to his hand.

Ruan Tian has a good memory, and if he was willing to pay attention, he could remember all the cards played and the person who played them. Making it easy for him to play the cards in his hand.

For the remaining cards in the game, as long as he plays double king first and followed by a pair of three then he would win.

But Ruan Tian had just played the double king and was about to follow with the pair of three when he heard a sudden yell from the side.

“Fuck you, I’ve lost again.”

Ruan Tian’s hand shook and came out with a single card three.

“Ruan Tian ah.”

After Guo Feng yelled and finally notice Ruan Tian, he quickly adjusted his mood and said smilingly.

“I’ve had just a busy job, I’ve kept you waiting for a long time.”

He clearly has a strong knack for talking with his eyes open.

Ruan Tian looked at the five-digit multiplier next to him and then at the only three left in his hand. This card was destined to be unplayable.

“What are you playing?”

Guo Feng looked at towards Ruan Tian’s phone screen.

“Oh, this is going to lose ah, you can’t keep the third card in your hand.”

He pointed out.

Ruan Tian squinted at Guo Feng, dark clouds were already gathered above Ruan Tian’s head and the corner of his lips was curved downward. He was obviously not happy.

“I was going to put down the third but you suddenly said something and I accidentally clicked on the wrong card. If I won the game, I could have gotten the camera.”

If someone else could have said this, Guo Feng could have scolded him, but when it was Ruan Tuan, he couldn’t say anything harsh to that pretty face.

“Isn’t just a camera? If you sign with Light and Shine Entertainment I will give you one directly.”

Guo Feng said readily.

“Why? I haven’t made you any money yet, won’t you lose money by giving it to me?”

“How can I lose money by giving a beauty a camera?”

Guo Feng said as he moved closer to the sofa where Ruan Tian was sitting.

Ruan Tian was sitting on a two person sofa, if with Guo Feng wanted to sit with his huge size, the two could directly squeeze together.

Ruan Tian looked at Guo Feng’s neck and arms, which were covered with flesh, he also looked at his stomach that looks like he was pregnant and forehead that was covered with pimples, and his face was also greasy making people disgusted.

Before Guo Feng took his sit, Ruan Tian quickly and agilely avoided it, leaping to the opposite sofa.

Guo Feng was very dissatisfied with Ruan Tian’s avoidance, his smile faded a bit. He knocked on the table next to him while meaningfully saying.

“You are very short of money right?”


Ruan Tian nodded.

“The pay that I said to you before is a pay for a first tier actors, and even famous actors needs to have some backing before they could get that amount. You need to be sensible and know what’s best for you.”

“What do I have to do to be sensible?”

Ruan Tian was already aware that the hidden rule in the legend were about to begin. He was very interested in it and was looking forward to it.

Guo Feng however mistook Ruan Tian’s eagerness and showed an ambitious smile.

“Have you heard of subterfuge?”

Ruan Tian’s eyes got brighter.

“I’ve heard of that.”

“You don’t look at the entertainment industry as bright and shiny place. Actually who hasn’t been offered with hidden rules, who doesn’t have hidden rules, who has good resources and good opportunities, who doesn’t have a backer. You have to have hidden rules. You, do you have a backer?”

Ruan Tian froze and judge bitterly.

Does Qin Li count?

He should not be counted.

Although he was the father of his kitten, he doesn’t even want to pay for baby’s milk powder.


Ruan Tian shook his head.

Guo Feng clenched his fist and knocked on his palm.

“That’s right, you are very poor and had no backer, you can only accept the hidden rules. In fact the hidden rules are very simple, very comfortable and the process is very pleasant. As long as you sleep with me you can easily get resources, why not do it, as beautiful as you are, you can only use your face and there’s no need to work hard.”


Ruan Tian mused, and half a minute later said seriously.

“Excuse me, I have thought about it but I don’t want the hidden rules.”

Guo Feng was stunned and immediately slapped the table angrily.

“You’re playing with me.”

“I’m not playing with you. It’s not fun playing that rules.”

Ruan Tian couldn’t help thinking of what happened with Qin Li that night.

He put away his memories with a bitter face and quickly got up to leave the office.

Guo Feng pointed at Ruan Tian, who showed no signs of consideration, he viciously threatened.

“If you step out of this door, you will have to come back to me sooner or later. I’m telling you no company will dare to sign you without my word, so you’ll never make it out in this life.”

After he said that, he suddenly changed his tone again, looking lustfully ambiguous.

“Of course, if you want to change your mind, you’re always welcome here.”

Ruan Tian was such a spirited person that he deserves to be captured patiently.

Sooner or later, this prey would have to enter his net!


The author has something to say:

Mr. Qin is on his way carrying a 40 meter long sword.

Ruan Xiaotian: It turns out that the hidden rules are too terrible, it’s a life threatening job. It’s really not easy to find job QAQ

Qin Lin: Don’t compare your husband’s optimus prime with other people’s bean sprouts (:з)_



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