Chapter 5

[Reward: Daily Task Raising a Cub +1]

Ye Susu grinned.

The little boy looked up and met her with a different smile than usual.

Her smile was just as beautiful as Snow White in the fairy tale books he saw from his kindergarten friend’s books.

He knew his mommy was good-looking, but it seemed to be the first time he knew she could smile, her eyelashes curved like a little butterflies, they look warm and soft.

He looked at it for a moment and bowed his head his head afterwards, but soon he couldn’t resist looking up again, and looked at it again and again.

“Go put on your coat and I’ll take you out.”

Ye Susu patted his head.

The little boy was stunned, clutching his school bag and in shock he never mentioned the little snack again. He just immediately nodded his head and went to his room.

Ye Susu retracted her gaze with relief.

She was a little impatient to check out the rewards!

What is the value of raising cub?

[For each Cub value, you can exchange one page of any related book about children. After reading it, you can master the knowledge and reach the level of proficiency for the purpose of raising a child.]

Ye Susu had a dumbfounded question hovering above her head and on her face.

The ability to raise cubs, acquired through reading?

She looked up and looked around.

The small and outdated kitchen was filled with all kinds of pots, pans and spoons.

But when she was about to withdraw her gaze, she saw a book <100 Days of Delicious Breakfast> on the small movable table next to her.

This was the original body’s book, she bought when she first became an anchor.

At that time she wanted to be a gourmet master and bought several cookbooks, but then she found cooking tedious, and her food tasted mediocre so she gave up.

In the end, only the cook books that could not be sold were left. They were used as color book or use as practice writing for her son.

Ye Xun couldn’t read or write, but could recognized pictures.

He could cook porridge by just looking at the pictures on the book. Sometimes he also listened to his mother’s instruction and slowly explore by himself.

Ye Susu touched her forehead.

The original body was really a carefree mother1.

While lamenting, she picked up the book and opened at random.

“Susu, what’s gotten into you today?!”

The crisp sound of snapping heels landing on the tiles was accompanied by an annoyed voice.

Ye Wan didn’t even change her shoes and chased her into the kitchen.

Ye Susu looked down and looked at the footprints on the tiles.

“Come one, you don’t even bother to sweep once a week! Don’t I know you yet?”

Ye Wan waved her hand impatiently.

“You don’t like it if I talked about Ye Xun so I won’t talk about it! Go and change your clothes and come with me!”

Ye Susu wasn’t paying attention to her. She was thinking about her living conditions with her cub, and was thinking of an alternative.

I can only bend over and hold my stomach.

“Cousin, I have a stomachache, hiss… suddenly…. I probably can’t go out today.”

“It’s probably because I lead a bad life, and would have no luck in climbing up the ladder, eh.”2

As she said this, she picked up the book, holding her stomach she heads to the bathroom with a pained expression on her beautiful face.

Ye Wan stomped her foot.

“What’s going on? Take some medicine, you put up with it, I’ve arranged an appointment with Mr. Li!”

Arrange an appointment to throw me in his arms!

Ye Susu raised an eyebrow.

“Well, if in case I was in front of Mr.Li and couldn’t hold myself back……”

Ye Wan’s delicate face, twitched fiercely.

“It should not be as bad as that. But if you don’t really feel right, hurry up and go to the bathroom.”

Ye Susu curled the corner of her mouth.

As a cat before she used to urinate and poop on everywhere pretending on doing one or two should be easy.

“Passion are deep and sometimes we can’t control ourselves ah3, cousin you don’t know this because you have been single for a long time. If I go now, I’m afraid it will leave a deep psychological shadow on Mr. Li. The beauty in his arms—then the result…”

The image on Ye Wan’s mind was so vivid for a second that she could see what Ye Susu had said, she then took a deep breath as her face turned green.

If Mr. Li was dissatisfied, the unlucky person would not be Ye Susu but her, the matchmaker.

Ye Wan gritted her teeth.

Ye Susu also did not wait for her reaction and slipped into the bathroom.

The door was slammed heavily, almost hitting Ye Wan’s nose.

Ye Wan quickly stepped back, then she heard the sound inside. She immediately frowned, she quickly covered her mouth and nose.

“You take some medicine and come at evening part. As for your rent I can only give you three more days.”

Ye Wan said stiffly and could only leave gloomily.

Ye Susu hmmmed nonchalantly.

To pay back the rent, Ye Susu have to find way to make money. Going to the party would not help. She could only first see if the value of the cub raising was useful!

Thinking, she casually turned the page and saw the instruction on how to make ‘white porridge’.

This was the simplest and the most common.

[Do you want to redeem this page?]

Ye Susu tilted her head.

In her 99th life, there was only one kind-hearted predecessor who likes to cook and would give her food in person.

It was soft and sticky in the mouth, fresh and fragrant.


She subconsciously raised her hand and touched the side of her mouth.

On the day of her death in that life, she made a wish that the cats could always eat delicious and fresh food in the future.

And Ye Xun, the cub hasn’t had a serious meal for a long time, has he?


In this life as human, she would cultivate her cooking skills!

Children should eat something soft, right?

She remembered that children should eat porridge before on her last lives?

If she could cook porridge, she should be able to sell it for money too.


carefree mom1– raw 神仙 which means supernatural being, fairy and etc. but it was also fig. for lighthearted person, which means a happy go lucky, or free from any burden or anxiety, so I used carefree, as to it was more appropriate

“It’s probably because I lead a bad life, and would have no luck in climbing up the ladder, eh.”2– since she had a stomachache the heaven is not allowing her to meet the investors and have the chance to get an investment for her career.

Passion are deep and sometimes we can’t control ourselves ah3– meaning if Mr. Li saw Ye Susu he could control himself and sleep with her


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