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Chapter 113

After Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen home, there was nothing fresh at home to cook, so they decided to order two takeaways, and asked Fu Zhen.

“Aren’t you scared today?”


Fu Zhen shook his head, before Tang Wanwan threatened him to send him to the court, he was already prepared for the possible trip to the police station. What he did not expect was to go out so quickly.

He thought that even if was released on bail, he would have to wait another two days to get out of the police station.

Jiang Hengshu fiddle with the computer in his hands and said to Fu Zhen.

“It seems that we have to hurry.”


Fu Zhen didn’t understand.

“Look for evidence.”

Fu Zhen does not have any confidence in this fact, he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“It’s been two years, the crew has long been scattered, and the surveillance camera has long been gone.”

“No worries I can still try to find it.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled at Fu Zhen and patted his head.

“You just do your own thing, leave the rest to me.”

Fu Zhen gave an hmm, it seems that he really couldn’t help in this aspect now. Jiang Hengshu turns on the light in the living room, after that his finger started to jump rapidly on the keyboard.

He should be chatting with someone, at the same time he said to Fu Zhen.

“Go to sleep after dinner.”

“Not sleepy yet, wait for a while.”

Fu Zhen then draw for more than twenty minutes when he suddenly think that he looks like the antagonist of Tang Wanwan’s life, while she seeks justice. Thinking of these, Fu Zhen shook his head and threw this terrible idea out of his mind.

Fu Zhen took out his phone ready to see if Tang Wanwan had any news on her side. He found out that Tang Wanwan has never posted since after her interview.

However he saw a post related to her, when a director was asked about his plans for the next few months, the director replied that he would shoot Shazou Chronicle in March and April.

[Tang Wanwan would be the female lead. I hope you can support her more.]

Fu Zhen not only did not get angry when he saw this message, but he laughed out loud.

The fans of Shazou Chronicel have been somewhat immune to this news. Around the Spring time last year, it was already spread on the internet that a live action version of Shazou Chronicle would be made.

Tang Wanwan might play the leading role. However, at that time the news was not confirmed, and they did not dare to speak casually, for fear that Tang Wanwan’s fans would say they were giving themselves too much face1.

They also have tried to ask several times under the official site of the Shazou Chronicle, but the official blog has never answered them.

Fans had to their own brain storming, combined with the Shazou Chronicle’s official blog about coming back after a long time of hiatus.

Fans then speculated that Shazou Chronicle could have sold the copyright, which was why did they restart to continue to update the Shazou Chronicle.

When they think about it, they feel that even if they find a rabbit who don’t know how to act to play as the heroine, they could still accept it.

Besides Tang Wanwan’s acting skills were much better than a rabbit’s.



Maybe they used to have too much filter on Tang Wanwan. Ever since she got married, when they saw her previous plays, they felt that her acting skills were not as good as they had boasted before.

After all, Tang Wanwan was not a respectable actress. She was just a performer. She only participated on a few singing and dancing training sessions before her debut.

While her fist acting role was as the main role.

Before the drama was aired, the netizens were scolding the production and the director for choosing Tang Wanwan but once it was aired, there mouth was immediately shut and sang praises instead.

The netizens completely reverse their impression of Tang Wanwan through this drama. One by one they went to their blog and admitted that Tang Wanwan won them over.

Tang Wanwan’s performance in the drama was really outstanding, when she laughed they couldn’t help but laughed also and when she cry they would also cry.

The netizen shared their laughter and shed tears with her, the media praised her as a born actress.

Now, looking at Tang Wanwa’s acting skill from before and after her marriage. The first play still retains the power of her acting she gave them at that time, which was still moving and touching.

However, the later performance, the netizens obviously found that her acting was not on par, as if she completely wasted her talent.

After watching a few episodes of the last TV drama before Tang Wanwan’s marriage, netizens would find some expressions on her acting that were too exaggerated and not as natural as before.

Looking back at the post they sent out before, some netizens have a sense of strange shame in their hearts. They must have been possessed by Tang Wanwan’s water army to have given many rainbow farts on her every video, now looking at their own bank card there was no more than 50 cents.


they were giving themselves too much face1– TW fans might think SC fan are too much honor, since TW is a well-known female celebrity.


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