Chapter 9

The atmosphere in the room became eerie all of a sudden.

Then they saw—

The door was still in a good condition.

There were no zombies in the room either.

Everything was still the way it was, and they were still safe.

Phew.. that scared them to death..

Several people were startled out of their wits, they all took a deep breathe but in those shorts few seconds, they were already sweating large bead of sweat.

Yan Zhen reacted first, he wiped the sweat from his head and then used his hand to hold the clothes and shake them, separating the clothes from the sweat-stained back.

“What happened?”

Once the words were out of his mouth, he found the answer.

All three boys in the room came over, but Tang Tang was still standing still.

Yan Zhen angrily called her out.

“What are you standing at there for? Come here!”

When Tang Tang heard the voice, she immediately looked at Yan Zhen beckoning at her but her eyes went back to Jiang Zhu. In fact she was still a little uncertain about what to do.

Just now, when Jiang Zhu called them over, she was also ready to go over but as soon as she moved her foot, Jiang Zhu’s cold eyes began to stare at her.

At once, she stopped.

Tang Tang guessed in her heart that probably Jiang Zhu did not want her to participate in their discussion?

That’s right, she just dumped him in the morning in front of everyone and scolded him so badly. It was estimated that since childhood, Jiang Zhu has never suffered this kind of injustice, aggression and grievances.

The more Tang Tang think of it, the more she wanted to cry.

Does this mean that she would soon pay the price for her actions?

She’s about to be pushed into a swarmed of zombies to die.

No, she may not die immediately, she would turn into a zombie first and then be chopped many times with knife until her blood gushes out, flesh fall out, hands cut off and then her head severed.

That would be so painful!

Just thinking about it, makes her feel like she dying of pain already—

Others do not know what was running in Tang Tang’s minds, they only saw a woman dumbfounded and was motionless, her face was of surging sadness and despair.

While Jiang Zhu’s look on his face was expressionless.

Yan Zhen and two others, looked back and forth, not knowing what they were up to.

Finally Jiang Zhu moved his eyes away from her and fell back on the paper on the table.

“Come here.” He said.

When these two words reached her ears, Tang Tang thought she heard them wrong, until she saw Yan Zhen and the others signaling her to hurry over, that’s when she trotted over to the table.

The table in the room was not too big, five people standing on the table was a bit crowded. And Tang Tang was the last one to come over, she could only have the small space next to Jiang Zhu.

Two people standing next to each other, and there was inevitably physical contact.

Their arms accidentally touched together and Tang Tang obviously felt him stiffen for a moment, followed by Jiang Zhu’s cold eyes glaring at her.

Tang Tang: “!!!”

Tang Tang was startled, she hurriedly and obediently put her arms around her.

This small movement of these two people were not seen by anyone but Yan Zhen.

Soon five people began to discuss their escape plan.

“First of all I have to say this first!”

Jiang Zhu tap the surface of the table gently and with his clear and cold voice he said.

“The precondition of the plan is that the five of us should be united, and once among us have rebelled…”

When Jiang Zhu said this, he paused. Then looked towards the remaining four people one by one.

Tang Tang didn’t know whether she was thinking too much or it was an illusion but, she always felt that Jiang Zhu would stop a few more seconds when looking at her.

…. He still doubts me!

Dog system! Give me your life!

This is all because of your sloppy work!

“Definitely united! Who dares to rebel? See if I don’t beat him to death first!”

The tiger faced boy rolled up his sleeves and immediately took a stand.

“Mm-hmm, me too, I won’t betray you guys!”

The naïve boy also immediately took a stand.

“I’m just like you, in this situation unless you are fool, who would… necessarily do it.”

Yan Zhen paused, then he change his words, and suddenly turned his head at Tang Tang again.

“Here is a person we are not familiar with.”

The rest of the people looked towards her.

Yan Zhen continued.

“We have limited food and limited time.”

It was obvious when the words were said, he was indicating that Yan Zhen didn’t trust Tang Tang.

That was understandable.

Originally Yan Zhen had always looked down on her and does not like her not to mention what happened this morning. Although she obediently followed him here in the evening to persuade Jiang Zhu to eat, but in the end the person who cause Jiang Zhu not to eat or drink was still her.

Not to mention that it was still the post-apocalyptic world.

Food was scarce, water was scarce and one more person equal one more share of resources.

Although the four boys looked as if they didn’t need to worry to the girl as skinny as her, would do anything bad, once she formed a squad with them, it meant she also needed to consume the usual food and water.

And when the food and water gradually decreases and they were still trapped in here and couldn’t get out, they would be in trouble.

So now the point was, why become teammates with her and consume the resources that would keep them alive, when a weak and largely unhelpful being like her was dispensable?

Tang Tang analyze her situation.

So what will they do next?

Simply push her out the door?

Tang Tang’s heart was in pain.

Dog system! You get me out here ah!


In the midst of silence, the tiger-face boy spoke again.

He scratched his head.

“You don’t mean to give up on her and leave her dead, do you?”

The crowd looked towards Yan Zhen in unison.

“This is the end times.”

Yang Zhen did not answer the question, only calmly said the fact.

Indeed, this was the end times, and the usual was completely different. Every step they take, everything they do, mistakes were not allowed. Once they make a mistake, the hope of life may just fade away just like that.

The atmosphere was sullen.

Tang Tang’s heart was also heavy.

She subconsciously went to look at Jiang Zhu.

But it seems that he doesn’t care about the final result of the discussion about her at all. All his attention was on the paper.

 Tang Tang’s heart went cold again.

So, it is impossible to change the fate of the cannon fodder?

Even if was no longer prodded by the system.

“You’re right!”

The tiger faced boy suddenly tapped Yan Zhen on the shoulder.

“It’s the end times!”

Tang Tang looked at Jiang Zhu again, but he was busy by himself. At the moment, he lowered his head and most of his face was hidden in the shadow.

Now, she knows where she was going to end up.

Yan Zhen was relieved.

He looked at Tang Tang who was standing across the table opposite from him.

She was beautiful and by far the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

He originally, expected to see her panic and fearful expression but he did not expect that the girl did not seem to understand the meaning of the words he just said. Her small face was still very calm.

Suddenly, Yan Zhen felt guilty.

But he quickly shook his head and put that thought away.

He was sorry to give up a life just like that but the situation they were in now— the constant screaming from outside the door and some vaguely strange beast like hissing sound were reminding him.

Now was not the time to be soft heartened.

At this time, Jiang Zhu’s fingers moved.



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