Chapter 13

After paying, Ruan Tian stepped out of the taxi and looked up the glistening and towering building in front of him in daze.

But after a while, he was once again full of ambition and entered Light and Shine Entertainment Media Company with the determination to win.

Light and Shine Entertainment, Ruan Tian heard of this company. Nowadays it was the most powerful entertainment company in the domestic performing industry that has contact with many first-line artists, and would attract many artist every year.

As long as it is an artist promoted by Light and Shine it was already determined that they would make it big.

Being able to sign for Light and Shine was already equivalent to approaching brink of popularity. So there were many artist in the entertainment industry who were looking forward to sign to them.

It was just a pity that the threshold of brilliance was high. If you don’t have a good background, no face, no strength then it would be impossible to enter.

Therefore Ruan Tian could be said to have gotten lucky to be appreciated by Guo Feng, the chief executive of Light and Shine, and to negotiate the contract with him personally.

Of course, luck was also part of Ruan Tian’s the strength. If he didn’t have such a face, Guo Feng wouldn’t have seen him nor could he be never forgotten.

 Guo Feng obviously already informed the front desk as Ruan Tian was not stopped by them to asked if he had an appointment when he arrive.

When Ruan Tian walked into the building, the girl at the reception desk greeted him with a smile.

“Excuse me are you Ruan Tian?”

“Yes, how did you know it was me?”

Ruan Tian was just about to introduce himself when he was asked by the girl.

This girl was a girl used to seeing handsome men and beautiful women. But seeing Ruan Tian close up she couldn’t help but felt amazed.

Her face suddenly flushed red at the speed of light, like she was wearing a red mask and said gently.

“Mr. Guo told me that as long as I saw you I would recognized you.”

What kind of logic is that?

Ruan Tian touched his face.

“Do I look strange?”

“Very beautiful, I have never seen anything more beautiful than you.”

The girl blushed and said again.

“Since you don’t know the way, I’ll take you to the general manager Guo’s office.”

“What’s your name?”

The girl entered the elevator and said.

“My name is Yang Li.”

“Yang Li, you are also very beautiful.”

Ruan Tian praised earnestly.

Humans loves to hear compliments, and it was always the right for him to say more.

Yang Li was shy and at the same time delighted. She covered her hot face thinking it was alreay cooked.

Guo Feng’s office was located on the sixth floor of Light and Shine building. It was luxurious and decorated beautifully with crystal lights set at the top of the corridor and soft carpet on the floor.

Yang Li brought Ruan Tian to Guo’s office when she suddenly froze, her expression was like wanting to say something but was hesitating.

But she finally looked Ruan Tian’s face and asked in a low voice with clenched teeth.

“Ruan Tian, are you an artist who came over for an interview?”


Ruan Tian pointed the office.

“He said he wanted to sign me.”

“Then you must be careful, our General Guo he… he quite like beautiful little boy like you. He has sign someone like you before, anyway you have to be careful.”

Ruan Tian was such a lovely boy, she would be heartbroken if he would be spoiled by the likes of Mr. Guo.

Ruan Tian seemed to understand and smiled sweetly.

“En, I will be careful, thank you sister.”

Yang Li holds her chest, feeling that her heart was going to melt away. She even took out her phone and eyes full of expectation she asked.

“Can I take a picture of you?”

“Yes ah.”

Ruan Tian said without hesitation.

“Then make a pose.”

Ruan Tian faced the camera, put his hands on his chest making a beautiful heart and said to Yang Li.

“Sister, you have to take a good picture of me ah.”

When Yang Li pressed the button she realized that she had switched it to video and recorded Ruan Tian instead. So she just casually change it to taking picture and showed the photo to Ruan Tian.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it?”


Ruan Tian felt that it was still not good as the pictures he usually took himself.

Yang Li admired the photos, she then took the initiative to knock on Mr. Guo’s door for Ruan Tian, and hear Guo Feng said.

“Please come in.”

Before she whispered to Ruan Tian again, and then watched him, the little sheep walked into Mr. Guo’s lair, the big bad wolf.



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