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Chapter 112

Tang Wanwan first tried to release some gossip through some small media to let everyone know that Shazou Chronicle’s adaption may star in March, to judge Fu Zhen’s attitude towards this matter.

Maybe the trail Tang Wanwan was looking for was too small that didn’t notice not until the deputy director of the studio asked Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, have you sold the film and television copyright of Shazou Chronicle?”

With this question Fu Zhen knew Tang Wanwan has made the announcements and, nnly did Fu Zhen know that Tang Wanwan had not given on this idea until now.


Fu Zhen shook his head and said to deputy director.

“We’ll talk about this later.”

“All right.”

The deputy director nodded. He was aware of Fu Zhen’s attitude and thought that it was unlikely for him to sell the film and television copyright of Shazou Chronicle to Tang Wanwan.

How great of saintly mother ah if he would do such a thing.

“So what are you going to do with the news on the internet now?”

Fu Zhen has no good way to deal with it now. And netizen loved to scold first before knowing the truth, anyways he could create any impact. He said.

“Let’s have a look first.”

His reputation on the internet has not been good and was used to being called out and get scolded, that he just got used to it.

“Don’t reveal the fact that I am the director of Shazou Chronicle first.”

Fu Zhen instructed the deputy director, if this matter was stirred up, the sequel of Shazou Chronicle was estimated to be really in trouble.

The deputy director nodded solemnly.

“I understand.”

What Fu Zhen should do or what he should do every day was not affected by the direction of the wind on the internet at all.

While Tang Wanwan would always check the recent post of Shazou Chronicle’s official blog without any delay but saw no response from FuZhen. While the netizens were asking every day in the comments section about whether this matter was true or not.

But with what happened to Zhao Jin, Tang Wanwan still does not dare to make an official announcement easily. She plan to force Fu Zhen to let him declare it himself, knowing that she has the ability to hold him the on the palm of her hand.

If he was more knowledgeable, he should not say anything and just agree with her.

Tang Wanwan’s popularity in the entertainment industry has always been good so during this period, she received many invitation from film festivals, press conference and variety shows.

Among them, Tang Wanwan picked a high profile film festival to attend.

Reporters immediately swarm to Tang Wanwan with their microphones but because the last they asked Fu Jianchen about the Fu Zhen and Tang Wanwan’s conflict, which he directly took over and wipe out the company made them hesitate to ask Tang Wanwan about the matter.

So when they face Tang Wanwan they did not dare to ask Tang Wanwan about her opinion as they used to. Now they were all careful and ask first about the newly plans about when to have a children of her own and then brought up Tang Wanwan’s left arm, trying to probe her standing on the issue.

After determining Tang Wanwan’s attitude these reporters dared to ask the questions they were most concerned about.

“Wanwan ah, then what are going to do next? What do you think about the netizens poll online to take Fu Zhen to court for this matter?”

As the light spilled on the cameras recordings and photographs, the tiny diamonds on Tang Wanwan’s gown reflected a seven colored glow in the light and the ring on her finger glittered more.

“I’m glad that netizens have such a strong sense of justice, but I actually…”

Tang Wanan acted very torn, she pursed her lips and said to the reporters.

“I actually don’t want to make this matter worst to this point. After all, we are all father’s children, we all have the same blood. I believed that two years ago that was just an impulse on Fu Zhen’s side. I think he was already repenting.”

After she said this, Tang Wanwan sighed. Facing the camera, she wanted to say something but finally shook her head and said to the reporters.

“I have something else to do, I’ll go first.”

But the reporter didn’t want to let her go yet and followed her closely, continuing to ask her questions.

“Can I ask, what does President Fu think about this matter now?”

Tang Wanwan shook her head, smiled and refuse to answer the reporter’s question.

“Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you on this.”

Then she rushed out of the swarmed of reports without looking back.

Soon after the interview video was put online, many netizens believe that Tang Wanwan was really a good big white lotus flower (not a derogatory meaning), and there were also netizens and fans believe that the reason why Tang Wanwan said so was the result of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting’s role behind her.

In fact Tang Wanwan wa very miserable. Although she was in a rich family, she couldn’t even get the one who almost murdered her to get the punishment he deserves.

Alas, rich people also have their own difficulties.

What Fu Zhen did was intentional, to be more serious it was called homicide. Even if Tang Wanwan doesn’t want to report the case, the crew could report according to the destruction of the equipment that was use.

But two years ago, he was force to escape punishment.

The messengers of justice definitely could not allow such things to happen under their noses, since Tang Wanwan herself has difficult story to tell, and cannot report to the police, then they could help her ah.

In the afternoon of the same day, Fu Zhen was in the studio drawing the next episode of the subplot and was almost done when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Someone who was sitting near the door opened it, after opening the door there was two men standing outside, they asked.

“Fu Zhen here?”

Fu Zhen walked over, and before he could say anything, two men grabbed Fu Zhen’s hand and showed him their police license while saying to him.

“Please come with us.”

Fu Zhen knew that the two policemen in plain clothes in front of him were real policemen. He nodded his head and turned back to the other people working in the studio.

“I will go out in advance, you finished your work then get off to work.”

Fu Zhen was very cooperative with the police, only after arriving at the police station did he asked.

“Is it okay if I make a phone call?”

“Yes, you can.”

Jiang Hengshu did not know yet that Fu Zhen had been taken to the police station and after receiving the call he asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Zhen then told talked about his current situation with Jiang Hengshu and told him.

“I’m in the police station now.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm and reassured Fu Zhen.

“I know, don’t worry, I’ll be right there.”

But the news about Fu Zhen being arrested for some reason was surprisingly did not spread.

The police were really efficient in handling cases but netizens would like to know where the police uncles arrested Fu Zhen. Pinghai City was so big, it was not easy to find a person. It only mean one thing, the police uncle have work hard.

However in fact the police found Fu Zhen was in a much simpler way than what the netizens imagined. Fu Zhen registered a studio with his own name and found it in the database.

Tang Wanwan also did not expect the police to act so quickly, so what exactly should she do next?

She wanted to use the second method to send Fu Zhen directly to prison than reconcile with him. However taking the second method was likely to cause Fu Zhen to retaliate.

At the same time, it was even more difficult to please Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting with that method.

So on how to reconcile, she still needs to think about it.

After Fu Zhen was taken into custody, the officer asked several questions about two years ago, and Fu Zhen answered them one by one with a very amiable attitude.

And Jiang Hengshu also soon came to the police station. At present, the police don’t have much evidence against Fu Zhen so they Fu Zhen just need to bail.

Jiang Hengshu helped him to pay a deposit and took him home after he got bailed.



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  2. I honestly hate people like her.
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