IHFDATN – Chapter 13.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15

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Chapter 13.2

At midnight, the father and daughter pair set off.

Zuo Xingping had taken a job in a middle school. He was afraid of frightening the baby girl by speaking too honestly and said to her: “This school is very poor and cannot hire a cleaner so they invited me to clean.”

Jiang Mian: “…”

She raised her head, once again confused by her taoist master.

As they got into the taxi, Zuo Xingping said to the driver: “Go to the second middle school.”

Had he been alone, he would have either walked or rode a shared bicycle. He did not have the money for a taxi.

Forty minutes later, they reached their destination. As Zuo Xingping was about to pay the driver, Jiang Mian pulled him out.

Zuo Xingping: “Mianmian, we haven’t paid.”

Jiang Mian shook her phone: “I already paid with my phone.”

She had just discovered another characteristic of Zuo Xingping. Her taoist father did not use modern communication tools very much. His phone was old and could only answer calls or send messages.

The school was far from the city and it was very late at night. The surroundings were very quiet as the wind was blowed. The entire atmosphere was very gloomy and Zuo Xingping asked in a hurry: “Mianmian, are you cold?”

Jiang Mian shook her head and looked at the school. Although she had not entered yet, she could feel the icy energy inside. She had been right to follow her father here! Jiang Mian started to get a little excited.

“Why is it closed?”

Zuo Xingping looked at the gate with a dark face. He then looked at the security room near them; the light was off and nobody was there.

“Dad, who asked you to clean?”

“The dean.”

“Then call the dean to come open the door.”

Zuo Xingping searched all over his robe until he finally found his phone. After pressing the button, it did not turn off. He shook it and said: “It looks like the battery is dead.”

Jiang Mian: “…”

She did not have any hope for her father to remember the dean’s number.

“Dad, let’s go over the wall.”

Before he could react, Zuo Xingping saw the baby girl roll her sleeves up and move closer to the big iron gate.

There were iron tips at the top to prevent people from jumping over. Zuo Xingping immediately started to worry: “Be careful! Don’t fall, slow down.”

It was only when Jiang Mian had landed safely on the other side that Zuo Xingping breathed a sigh of relief. And before he could add anything, he saw his daughter walk straight to the security room and open the door.

“Dad, wait a minute, I will go see if I can open the gate.”

After a while, Jiang Mian came out with a bunch of keys. After trying each of them, the gate opened and the heavenly master successfully got in. Zuo Xingping walked in a trance.

“Who are you?” A middle aged man that looked like a security guard hurried over. He was the school’s guard but had gone to the bathroom. He had not expected to see two people at the door when he came back.

Thinking of the recent rumors about the school, the security guard’s heart was beating like a thunder drum when he saw their shadows on the ground and was relieved when he saw them. Those were not shadows but people.

When Zuo Xingping noticed the tall guard, he instinctively took two steps forward to protect Jiang Mian.

“I am the cleaner invited by the dean.”

The guard immediately reacted. He had received the order earlier this morning; a taoist priest was supposed to come and he had stayed behind to open for him.

He remembered that the door had been locked but the taoist priest had managed to come in nonetheless. He must have been powerful and the guard’s expression became instantly more respectful.

“Master, please come with me.”

At this time of the night, the students were all asleep and the campus was quiet and only lit by the dim lights from the street.

“Mianmian.” Zuo Xingping held her hand. “Are you afraid?”

“Not afraid.” Jiang Mian smiled at him and Zuo Xingping then relaxed seeing her expression.

The security guard took them to a teaching building. The lights there were turned on.

“Master, this is it. I won’t go in.”

After saying this, the guard runned back to his room like he was on fire, as if something would burst from the building and swallow him up.

Jiang Mian: “…”

When they both entered the building, Zuo Xingping was still wondering if he should go get a mop and pretend he was cleaning until he heard Jiang Mian say: “Dad, what is that? It looks like a person?”

She pointed at the corridor with a finger. When Zuo Xingping looked over, it was empty. Was the baby girl seeing things he could not?

Just as this thought crossed his mind, he smelled something and Zuo Xingping lost consciousness.

Jiang Mian brought her taoist father to the classroom and let him lie on a seat. Although she had not made a lot of progress with her cultivation during this period, it has been enough to refine some incense. Anyone that would smell it would fall asleep for about fifteen minutes.

She had refined it for self preservation and had not expected she would use it first on her taoist father. But she had already sensed the cold Qi on the third floor.

After thinking for a minute, she took out two talisman from her father’s pockets. She took two steps and went back to him to take his peach wood sword.

“Dad, rest well. I will help you with the cleansing tonight.”

After speaking, Jiang Miang walked to the third floor where the strange Qi was awaiting.


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