Chapter 16

The location of the afternoon tea house was not far from the salon club she went to. It was just there were a lot of cars on the road on weekend so it took Jian Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan half an hour to arrive at the destination.

Jian Ruixi followed Fu Shiyuan and found out that drinking tea was just really drinking tea. He brought her to the old Capital famous tea house.

Standing in front of the gate of the antique building, Jian Ruixi didn’t have to look at the plaque. She knew what kind of tea they’ll be drinking.

Although it was a bit unexpected at the beginning, but thinking about it President Fu usually has the style of veteran cadre on ordinary times.

If he wasn’t a veteran cadre he wouldn’t have to read newspapers at home, at this time and age. Jian Ruixi didn’t feel strange, she just took President Fu’s hand and entered the gate.

After entering the tea house, Jian Ruixi had her eyes opened once again, there was still such a retro teahouse existed in this time and age. An old waiter came running tiptoed over to them.

“Dear guest, please come inside.”

The inside was noisy at the moment, the lobby was full of classical square tables, and wooden chairs.

Most of the seat were already occupied with guests that were eating melon seeds and drinking tea. What’s more in the middle was a stage, there was singing opera.

Jian Ruixi was not considered an opera actress but she still found this quite refreshing and interesting.

She also found out another thing. President Fu was a very down-to-earth man, they were just sitting in the lobby and not any private room but Jian Ruixi did not object.

The two people have a pot of tea and a few stacks of Chinese cakes to enjoy the performance on stage.

At the table, Jian Ruixi never forgot to tease Fu Shiyuan who enjoyed traditional way and wanted to spend time on teahouses.

Fu Shiyuan just shook his head with a smile and reached out two finger, indicating that it was only his second time coming in this place.

Jian Ruixi did not believe it. Looking at his familiar manner, he was obviously a veteran.

Oh no, regular customer I mean.

However, when she heard President Fu said.

“I can only ask you with some tea.”

Jian Ruixi understand a little—probably he has the same mentality as her when she ask him to a hot pot.

Of course at that time she knows that she should choose to have dinner with President Fu in tall places such as western restaurants. Where it has more atmosphere and was more in line with their identity.

However as hardcore lover of hot pot, Jian Ruixi usually endures her cravings especially since she was a celebrity but finally now that she could indulge a little bit for once or twice on what she loved to do without being on the camera.

So she wasn’t able to endure nor wait to go to the hot pot.

More importantly, hot pot was sacred food in Jian Ruixi’s heart—it was too lonely to eat alone and it was tasteless to eat the meat so she needs to eat with her friends to be satisfied.

But if you look through Madam Fu’s circle of friends, they were either noblewomen, or celebrities, which one of them could accompany her to eat hot pot regardless of thier image?

After thinking about it, only President Fu could barely be Jian Ruixi’s partner because they were quite compatible, they could also pick each other’s topics and they would not be bored looking each other when they eat hot pot.

So Jian Ruixi plans to let Fu Shiyuan accompany her a few more times while she was in Beijing.

President Fu should be in the same mood when he asks her to have tea. After all, it was too lonely to sit alone in such a busy teahouse.

If he asks his colleagues or business friends, their interaction would be utilitarian which was not much different from social intercourse and what could they talk to be able to relax?

If you think about it, the rich also have their own troubles.

Jian Ruixi sighed inwardly but generally she was happy after all since Fu Shiyuan could think of bringing her to the teahouse to spend time, indicating that he has a good impression of her.

It seems that her idea was not wrong with Fu Shiyuan. It was better to be a good friend than to be a good couple with him.

With the afternoon tea, Jian Ruixi enjoyed the hot pot in the evening. Earlier in the morning she was worried about whether it would be a wrong decision to eat hot pot with President Fu but eating with him proved her wrong.

After dinner, they were ready to go home. Because there was no bodyguard with them during their ‘date’ time, President Fu drove in person.

Of course Jian Ruixi got into co-pilot. Seeing that the atmosphere was okay, she took the opportunity to talk about her son.

“What time do you usually get in touch with Jayce?”

Jian Ruixi said seemingly unintentionally.

“I wanted video call him last night, but it turned out that mom answered the phone and she said Jayce was still in class—I thought he was already out of school.”

Of course, it was true that Madam Fu was incompetent as a mother but that doesn’t meant that she was not responsible.

Yesterday, Jian Ruixi really planned to get in touch with the child, Jayce. But Elder Madam Fu who talked with her on the phone refused to say the specific time he would be out for school and made it clear that she didn’t want to see her get in touched with her own child.

If it was Madam Fu was the one who heard the reason she was afraid that once again she would be fooled by her mother-in-law.

Jian Ruixi doesn’t understand, if Elder Madam really wanted good things for the little boy, doesn’t she knew know that family relations have a great influence on a child’s character?

However she also knew that Madam Fu was right not to have a direct conflict with her rich mother-in-law.

Her family only became one of the richest people in Hong Kong City by relying on the support of the Fu family. If she was not in charge of her family she could only recognized it by holding her nose.

Fortunately Fu Shiyuan has a very positive outlook. Yesterday in their topic about children, Jian Ruixi guessed that he was different from his parents.

On the other hand Madam Fu probably thought it was enough to provide good education to their children. And family happiness was not so important.

Maybe their definition of happiness was different from that of ordinary people. Fu Shiyuan himself should still pay more attention to parent-child relationship.

Now she wanted to repair the mother-child relationship with Jayce. If he would follow his father foots steps, then she thinks he could also support her.

Sure enough after listening to her words, Fu Shiyuan pointed out.

“He practices at about this time every day. You can make an appointment with him between 8:00-9:00, an hour before going to be is a good time for Jayce.”

It was not easy to be an heir of a rich family. Jian Ruixi sighed and asked.

“He hasn’t been to primary school yet, he has so many classes every day?”

Fu Shiyuan curved his lips and smiled, he was somewhat relieved and proud.

“It was all his own interest.”

“When I was a child, I am not good with study. All I had to do was learn piano, it seems that your genes are better.”

She complimented.

The only talent before Jian Ruixi debuted, was piano. She learned piano in the Children’s Palace when she was a child.

It was more coincidence that Madam Fu also practice piano since childhood, she was also an art major in a University, but compared with her Fu Shiyuan was more versatile.

To sum it up, he knows how to play instrument, chess, calligraphy and painting. For instrument he prefers violin and piano, he also liked oil painting more.

He was also proficient in three foreign languages; English, French, and Japanese.

Fu Shiyuan said humbly.

“Jayce is has more interest than I was when I was a child.”

The family’s own children were always the best. Jian Ruixi nodded understandingly and asked again.

“But today is Saturday, he should always be free right?”

Fu Shiyuan looked at the time and said.

“By the time we get home he should be free.”

“So can we call him back?”

Fu Shiyuan nodded with Jian Ruixi’s win an inch want a foot1 arrangement.

“You call him first, I will appear from behind you, to give Jayce a surprise.”

Jian Ruxi thought of herself this called, ‘there is a policy at the top, there is a countermeasure at the bottom’2.

The rich mother-in-law guarded against her like a thief, certainly she could not think that Fu Shiyuan would always help her secretly, right?

Sure enough after returning home, when Fu Shiyuan and Jayce connected the video, the aunt who was playing with Jayce got up and left.

And it looked like she was creating opportunities for father and son.

Jian Ruixi leaned in at the right time, when she saw the cute little face on the screen Jian Ruixi suddenly turned her head and sighed to Fu Shiyuan in a dreamy way.

“My son is so handsome, my genes are so good.”

Fu Shiyuan: “…..”

I don’t think that’s what you said half an hour ago?


win an inch want a foot1– not satisfied with small gains; give him an inch, and he’ll want a mile

‘there is a policy at the top, there is a countermeasure at the bottom’2-To put it simply, the leader has promulgated a new policy, which is difficult to implement, but the staff at the lower level can always find various ways to satisfy the leader


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