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Second master Jiang (3)

Jiang Yue’s fingers twitched. Fuck! No one had ever told him that the lady of the Yan family was so good at turning the situation around! She could handle the mood perfectly! Just like this, he could not refute her anymore or it would indeed be as she said.

“It would be better to choose an auspicious day but if Mr Jiang is eager to take a stand for Jiang Jing, you can fight me today.”

Jiang Yie had never imagined a woman would ever ask him to fight. But Gu Xueyi, Yanchao’s wife, had.

Jiang Yue shook his head: “I don’t hit women.”

After saying this, Jiang Yue felt that it was too easy to provoke her and immediately changed his words: “I don’t fight with women…”

When he looked at Gu Xueyi again, the smile was still nowhere to be seen on her face. Jiang Yue sighed inwardly and said: “This incident… Since Jiang Jing caused it, then let’s forget about it.”

“Forget about it? Mr Jiang, do you really believe that you can come to the Yan household at will?”

Jiang Yue felt very conflicted. Did Gu Xueyi really want to settle this matter with him? Wasn’t she afraid? No, as soon as he had crossed the door, she had never been afraid of him and Jiang Yue could only admire her.

Yanchao was the backbone of the family and he had not expected Gu Xueyi would step him during his absence. Whether she really was calm and collected or whether she was outwardly strong, she really looked like she knew what she was doing. Anyone else would have been at a loss for words or flustered under such a scenario… let alone faced to Jiang Yue and his imposing aura.

“What does Madam Yan means…”

Yan Wenbo looked at Jiang Yue and suddenly felt like he had just raised a flag that said “Danger” with big red letters. But apparently, Jiang Yue was completely oblivious.

Gu Xueyi stood up and Yan Wenbo’s breathing immediately slowed down. If she hit him with the belt, Jiang Yue’s pride would be hurt instead.

But Gu Xueyi wasn’t thinking about anything and clenched her fingers into a fist and grabbed Jiang Yue’s collar with the other hand.

The secretary was stunned.

What was happening? President Jiang had said he did not hit women but could it be that Madam Yan still wanted to fight?

Jiang Yue looked at Gu Xueyi’s movement and smiled before staying still. She was very protective of the Yan family. Women had flowery fists with fancy footwork1, they had no strength. A punch was nothing. He also wanted to overwhelm her first…


Gu Xueyi’s left hand held his collar and her right had punched Jiang Yue in the face.


It hurt!

It really hurt!

Jiang Yue was stunned for a second. Not only had he never been grabbed by his collar before, he had also tasted a woman’s fist today.

His secretary rushed to support him. Jiang Yue still hadn’t recovered.

On the other hand, Gu Xueyi frowned slightly, lowered her head and gently rubbed her reddish finger bones before saying: “Okay, Mr Jiang can go now.”

Jiang Yue felt like he had to say something but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out.

“Mr Jiang, are you alright?” The secretary was anxious.

Jiang Yue pushed him away: “Everything is fine.”

He wanted to add “just a little pain” but when touched the inside of his cheek with the tip of his tongue…

Fuck! Why did it hurt even more?

He could only swallow the words back.

“Now… we are even.” Jiang Yue still tried to keep up an elegant demeanor and his next words flowed more smoothly.

“Since President Yan is not in Beijing at the moment, if Madam Yan has any trouble, you can always come to me.”

“The Yan family has many businesses, capables cadres, many relatives and friends, Mr Jiang.” Gu Xueyi said.

Jiang Yue could not help but sigh. She really was unwilling to reveal any weakness!

“Then I will leave first.” Jiang Yue turned around to walk out.

As he was halfway to the door, Gu Xueyi called aloud: “Bring that freshly washed strawberries to Mr Jiang. We cannot let Mr Jiang leave empty-handed.”

The dazed maid woke up and quickly packet the fruit before handing them to Gu Xueyi.

Jiang Yue’s secretary was already sinking but President Jiang was not saying anything and it was not his place to.

Gu Xueyi walked to Jiang Yue and put the box in his hand: “Mr Jiang, drive carefully.”

Her etiquette was impeccable. Hadn’t she said that she had not prepared afternoon tea for him? Why would she give him something? Jiang Yue wasn’t sure whether she was mocking him or if she wanted him to bring a “souvenir” back… He grabbed the box and walked out all the way back into the car.

“Madam Yan…” The secretary started to say but suddenly did not know what words to use to describe Gu Xueyi.

He could not call her rude, could he? She was elegant and polite and had even offered to bring back fruits, even if it was not something expensive. But he could not say she was polite either. She had grabbed President Jiang by his neck, whose madam fared to do this?

Jiang Yue said nothing. He lowered his head and opened the lid of the box. The strawberries inside were still a little bit wet and their tips looked particularly red and attractive. Jiang Yue picked one and put it in his mouth.

Fuck. It was really sweet.

Gu Xueyi had not only been relaxed, she had controlled the mood and used both gentle methods and force, an iron hand in a velvet glove. Jiang Yue’s mind flashed back to the image of Gu Xueyi giving him the box of strawberries… Her lips had been even more beautiful that the fruits on his lap and he felt a little strange in his heart.

Had Jiang Yue seen the whole process of Yan Wenbo and Jiang Jing being beaten a few days ago, he would have realized that he was not anything special.

“Back to the company.”

The secretary nodded. It was only a ten minutes later that Jiang Yue realized how wrong this decision was, when he set foot in the Jiang building.

The staff was panicked: “What has happened to President Jiang’s face?”

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  1. idiom, highly embellished and ineffectual, all show and no go

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  1. I wonder…Is Jiang Yue going to become one of the MC’s fishes?🤔


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