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Chapter 111

[Hee hee, can’t wait to see Fu Zhen go to jail, and for Tang Wanwan to take Fu Zhen to court.]

[Yesterday, I finally found a picture of Fu Zhen on the internet, although it is not very clear, but can vaguely see that Fu Zhen looks quite good looking.]

[Tang Wanwan was born in the year of Ding Chou on the first day of the first lunar month. Her life goes smoothly and occasionally offended some vile and nasty beings, and she was able to turn dangers into peace. The fate of the first fifteen years has been bumpy and after fifteen years her road was finally bright and shiny.]

[Fu Zhen’s water army should not come out to wash his name, he should washed himself first!]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, where the hell is Fu Zhen? I’ve gone through the whole blog.]

As the topic was getting hotter with the help of the water army Tang Wanwan hired, there was even a blog poll on weibo about the issue:

Do you support Tang Wanwan to take Fu Zhen to court?

[If you vote, and I vote, Fu Zhen will be in jail tomorrow.]

[If you don’t vote, and I don’t vote, when is this going to end?]

Even some people who were not interested on the matter was asked, “What do you think of Tang Wanwan’s injury two years ago?”

The most popular one was to analyze the legal punishment for Fu Zhen that he may face if the plaintiff goes to court. And at the end of the article, it expresses the ardent hope that Tang Wanwan would take Fu Zhen to court.

In short, this matter was exactly in accordance with what Tang Wanwan wanted. As the heat was getting higher and higher, she believes that Fu Zhen now must be eating and sleeping badly.

Tang Wanwan once really wanted to send Fu Zhen to prison, it was just she has not acted, not because of the lack of evidence but because she may also need the help of Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen in the future.

If she offended them, it was not worth the loss. But no matter Fu Zhen need to agree on what she wanted whether he wanted to or not.

Tang Wanwan holds the phone in her hand, and was thinking of how to repair her relationship with Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen.

The change of attitude was too sudden, Tang Wanwan then carefully recalled when this changes started. Thinking, she remembered this seemed to have started at her wedding.

Was it something they heard at the wedding?

Or what did Fu Zhen do behind my back that day?

Tang Wanwan pulled out the video of her wedding day, and carefully looked at the video of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.

However she did not find anything strange, other than Fu Ting looking up above for a while at the church rose window.

Did Fu Zhen fall down there as a child?

It shouldn’t ah, it’s so high up. If he falls down, if not dead then he could at least have disability.

The only injury she sees on Fu Zhen’s left was when he was kicked by Fu Jianchen two years ago.

So, what is the reason?

Tang Wanwan who was lying on the bed at night, recalled that many years ago when she just debuted she was already scolded by the netizens because of her dispute with her co-star.

So she decided to take a break and went to the seaside just to see Fu Jianchen, Fu Ting and Fu Zhen out playing together.

She could clearly see how Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting loved Fu Zhen to the bone. They were holding him in the palm of their hands with at most care and love, afraid of letting him get hurt.

At that time Tang Wanwan was really envious of what he has.

Shortly after that, a voice sounded very abruptly sounded in her head and it asked Tang Wanwan.

“Do you have any wishes?”

Tang Wanwan it was not strange just answered honestly.

“I wish that I and my work will be loved by all the audiences.”

“I wish I can replace Fu Zhen and get the loved of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.”

“I want to have a perfect love, where my other half is tall and handsome, also has a lots of money.”

The voice was silent for a while, and just when Tang Wanwan thought it was her hallucination the voice said to her again.

“I can make your image on the screen more perfect, but there’s no way to help you get everyone’s love, I can move Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting’s love for Fu Zhen to your body, but you can’t completely replace Fu Zhen. As for your perfect man, it is already planted a long time ago, and I’ll make them bloom ahead of time.”

“Do I have to pay for anything?”

Tang Wanwan asked uneasily.

The voice did not answer her, but from then on Tang Wanwan’s miserable life began to turn around, she became a honey koi1 in the mouth of the fans and became the jewel in the palm of Fu Jianchen and became the object of Qin Zhao’s affection at first sight.

However the voice did not tell Tang Wanwan that all of this has time limit, and the meaning of its existence was to make Tang Wanwan come out of with a perfect ending according to her own wishes.

It drew strength from Tang Wanwan achievements, which on the hand was used to control Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting and was also used as the fuel to return to the world.

And on Tang Wanwan’s wedding ceremony it was all completed on that moment, as it also fell into deep slumber.

Tang Wanwan’s head has been hurting, she tried to call the voice in her mind, but she didn’t get any response. She had tried to raise her hand and press her forehead again and again but to no avail.

She couldn’t be sure if what she just recalled was a dream she once had.

In any case, she must find an opportunity to ask Fu Jianchen, but now the important thing was not this matter.

She must first get the copyright of Shazou Chronicle, otherwise she could really become a big joke in the entertainment industry.


honey koi1– koi was represents luck


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  1. So the Fu family really did NOTHING to her but she’s just jealous and wanna be loved???? Wanting to be loved is normal but why the hell do you have to torture others???? This bitch

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  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    I know we saw this coming. They were really “controlled” by her, still don’t know how to feel though-_-

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! I really want them to get back together, especially knowing everything was engineered by TW. But considering how much damage was done by her selfish wishes, the Fu family will need to work through the aftermath slowly. I really want TW’s beautiful life to completely fall apart, and for her to go to prison for trying to kill Fu Zhen.

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  4. Dolores Ashford Avatar
    Dolores Ashford

    Is she even related to the Fu’s in any way or did she literally just happen so see them and wanted a piece?

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    1. I think that will be the major downfall of hers if she continues to provoke Fu zhen, like his brother already have the DNA test and the voice tang wanwan heard said that you cannot replace fu zhen permanently. So maybe that will be the case.

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