IHFDATN – Chapter 13.1

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15

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Chapter 13.1

“I apologize, Senior Brother.” Qi Yanshu was not bothered by Zuo Xingping’s rudeness and lightly added: “I am still alive.”

Jiang Mian held her forehead and gently pulled on her taoist father’s sleeve until Zuo Xingping finally realized what had just happened.

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing for a while but fortunately, the elevator arrived. The three of them went in and Zuo Xingping looked at the cloth on Qi Yanshu’s eyes. He did not restrain himself at all and asked with curiosity: “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Jiang Mian started listening. She was also quite curious about it but they were not familiar with each other enough for her to ask directly.

Qi Yanshu’s answer was short: “Accident.”

Understanding he did not want to talk about it, Zuo Xingping stopped talking. Anyone who would have been asked if they were not dead yet would most likely not be very happy.

Jiang Mian coughed and apologized: “Uncle Qi, what my father said just now…”

But she was interrupted before she could finish.

Zuo Xingping: “Uncle Qi? You know him?”

Qi Yanshu: “Your father?”

Jiang Mian stared at the two of them with a blank face, not understanding why they were both so surprised. After a long silence, the elevator reached the 18th floor.

The three of them walked out. Qi Yanshu unlocked his door with his fingerprint and quickly went inside without saying anything else.

He must have been angry.

After going back to her place, Jiang Mian started to scold her taoist father.

“Dad, what you just said to Uncle Qi was very rude.”

Zuo Xingping was still wondering why his baby daughter had called him Uncle Qi and why they were familiar with each other.

Jiang Mian explained: “He is from the Qi family and according to the generations, I should call him uncle.”

Zuo Xingping’s focus shifted again and he sighed: “So it turned out he was rich. No wonder he could impress Master Shu and be taken in as a disciple.”

He was a bit sour: “When I asked to be his disciple, he said he didn’t accept any.”

Jiang Mian: “…”

Zuo Xingping explained more about his relationship with Qi Yanshu.

The temple where he was from used to be called Siqing Guan but had been renamed Lingqing Guan. Qi Yanshu had been sent there as a child so he could survive past 30.

At this time, Zuo Xingping’s master had still been alive and had said Qi Yanshu would never live past it.

And because Qi Yanshu’s master was Zuo Xingping’s uncle, they also were from the same generation. (TL note: uncle-zoned again)

Zuo Xingping’s impression of Qi Yanshu was that he was destined to not live past 30 years old. When he would go back to the temple from time to time, he would sometimes come across him.

But lately, he had been too busy to go back and according to the time, he believed that this younger brother must have died. He really had not expected for him not only to still be alive but also live on the same floor as his baby daughter. He really could not have been more surprised.

This was what the plot should have been. Qi Yanshu had not lived to be thirty in the original novel. But the novel had never said anything about the relationship between him and the taoist father.

After explaining the situation, Zuo Xingping thought for a while and said: “Mianmian, spend less time with him in the future.”

Jiang Mian: “Why?”

Zuo Xingping wanted to make up a reason but could not find any and finally said honestly: “He was born with an ominous fate and people close to him would die. He was sent to the temple as a child partly because of his weak body and partly because of his fate. He had to stay away from his relatives in order to avoid misfortunes.”

He added: “If you have more contact with him, you might be influenced.”

Zuo Xingping disliked this way of handling things but for the safety of his baby girl, he could act selfishly.

Jiang Mian: “…”

The author of the novel really had put all her love and affection on the two protagonists. All the supporting roles were worse than the other.

“Okay, let’s not talk about him anymore.” Jiang Mian told her dad Qi Yanshu was just a neighbor she seldom knew. She was aware her taoist father was just worried about her.

“Dad, you can sleep here tonight.”

She thought he would happily agree but he shook his head instead and vaguely told her without looking at her: “I have a job at 2 am so I have to leave.”

He had just bought some food for the baby girl, now he needed to earn some more money or he would not be able to eat tomorrow.

What kind of work did he have in the middle of the night?

Thinking of his identity, Jiang Mian’s eyes lit up.

Although she had arranged a small gathering formation in her bedroom, there was still too little Qi in the air. The function of the gathering formation was only to increase the assimilation and not create it out of thin air.

When she had come to this world, she had sensed the cold Qi around the taoist father. It was very different from her and she did not know what it was. But since he had come in contact with it, as long as she followed him she would find more about it. Now that the opportunity presented itself in front of her, she naturally could not miss it.

“Dad, I’m coming with you.


Zuo Xingping who had been drinking, spat the water out and started choking after hearing his baby daughter.

Jiang Mian: “…”

“No, no!”

This was the first time the taoist father had ever denied one of her requests. Zuo Xingping kept shaking his head that his beard was about to fall off.

“Girls can’t stay up all night, you need to sleep obediently.”

Zuo Xingping knew that he was not a charlatan unlike what the other fathers thought. With his job, how could he let the baby first follow and scare her?

“Dad~” Jiang Mian started to act like a baby and put her hand behind her back so her father could not see the goosebumps. But Zuo Xingping cannot agree to anything that could put her safety at risk and he kept shaking his head. He was still worried that Jiang Mian would get angry and said after racking his brains: “Next time. I will take you next time?”

Next time he would pick up an easy job that would not scare her at all!

Jiang Mian lowered her eyelashes and sat beside him silently. Zuo Xingping saw that her beautiful face was full of disappointment and immediately felt distressed. The baby girl had finally asked something from him but he could not satisfy her! The taoist father was very conflicted and ended up gritting his teeth. He guessed that if there really were to be something unclean, he could always deal with it before Jiang Mian saw it so it would not scare the baby girl.

As this thought came, he quickly said: “Don’t be angry, Mianmian. Dad promises to take you.”

Jiang Mian looked up and gave him a cute smile: “Thank you, dad.”

Seeing her smile, Zuo Xingping was immediately filled with silly smile not realizing his daughter had been acting all along.

But while he had agreed to Jiang Mian’s request, Zuo Xingping still tried to get out of it: “Mianmian, you have to go to class tomorrow…”

Jiang Mian: “Don’t worry, I only have class in the afternoon.”

Zuo Xingping could then only hope that his daughter would feel sleepy and when he saw her go in her bedroom, he thought his wish had been answered. But a few minutes later, Jiang Mian came out again. She had changed into long trousers that were easy to move in and had tied her hair. Zuo Xingping accepted his fate

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