Chapter 15

Fu Shiyuan’s itinerary was already arranged, so they still have time to chat for a while after eating. At almost 11:30 when Fu Shiyuan got up and ready to leave for his appointment.

Jian Ruixi who was still in her pajamas, so it was not convenient to go out and send her wealthy husband to the gate.

She could only see him off until the car left, then she turned around and went upstairs.

Jian Ruixi could now have fun all by herself. She asked Sister Zhang to make an appointment for a salon service.

She was ready to put on her make-up and visit the spa in the afternoon. It was such a pity that Madam Fu doesn’t have a cosmetologist in the capital, otherwise she could make a direct appointment for on-site service.

During her leisure period she also had a phone call with Madam Fu’s assistant Lisa, who of course took the initiative to call.

From the time Lisa has served Madam Fu they were almost inseparable. From small things like Madam Fu’s clothing, food, housing and transportation to large things such as social and personal property.

They were all taken care by Lisa, the importance of Lisa was self-evident.

In fact Madam Fu was quite independent in her early years. During her college years, she studied alone.

Although her parents were determined to make her into a noble’s daughter-in-law, their economic conditions were just in the middle class.

And her parents was more focused on sending her to an aristocratic school, dressing up like those children of rich families. These expenses were already difficult to afford.

So when Madam Fu studied in UK, apart from having enough living expenses and not having to work-study like most international student, she was no different from any ordinary students.

If she need food, clothing and housing, she would do it herself.

At that time, Madam Fu and her parents declared that they would exercise independence. Although it was a high sounding excuse, she did get refused. But Madam Fu still had a good life.

On the eve of graduation, she met Fu Shiyuan who was handling official business in UK. She soon establish their relationship. Soon after graduation she married into a rich family.

She not only became a full-time wife but soon her mother found a capable assistant, Lisa. After that a group of bodyguards followed her everywhere.

And also from then on Madam Fu became completely respectable.

Over the years, Madam Fu’s self-care ability has long been forgotten. Lisa was quite confident that Madam Fu would still be okay even if President Fu leaves her.

But it would be a different story if Lisa would leave Madam Fu, she was sure it would be difficult for her even to walk.

However reality soon gave her a knowing blow. It was already the third day but Madam Fu was still living okay in the capital even without her.

Lisa who was indifferent on the first day was now, fidgeting in the third day. She finally realized that Madam Fu could not, not live without her. But she couldn’t live without the money.

Thinking about this, as long as you have a money what kind of assistant couldn’t be recruited? If Madam Fu was willing, no matter how capable she was, she only has one hand.

Three heads even beaten Zhuge Liang1. She was not irreplaceable.

After realizing this, she began to show her loyalty to the ‘boss’ without any question. She also expresses that she wanted to come to the capital and accompany Madam Fu.

It was just a pity that Jian Ruixi who has been very diligent to her circle of friends these two days, and was willing to reply back on their messages without any qualms, refuses Lisa to come and accompany her in the capital.

That’s why Lisa who was more and more insecure, finally couldn’t help but call Jian Ruixi.

Jian Ruixi who was in a good mood soon picked up Lisa’s call. At the same time she also wanted to count the property under Madam Fu’s name.

She casually asked.

“Who is taking care of the property under my name?”

When she heard the answer, Jian Ruixi was so frightened that she instantly ‘sat up in her dying bed2. Even a third tier star on her previous world would hired a personal financial advisor.

Madam Fu was such a rich lady, but didn’t care to have one, and just let her assistant take care of it for her. Jian Ruixi couldn’t help but question.

Are all rich people so willful?

When Lisa sent her the financial report in the afternoon, Jian Ruixi learned that Madam Fu really didn’t need financial advisor.

Apart from the share dividends of the Fu Group, she also had fixed monthly living expenses, and the legendary, no limit card of President Fu was in her hands which she could just casually swipe anytime.

Plus the real estate worth hundreds of millions in her name. It could be said that Madam Fu only needed financial advisor on how to spend the money.

Of course, when it comes to spending money Madam Fu was also very qualified. The huge monthly living expensed were all spent in her hands.

However her only investment was given to her mother’s company which was 50 million yuan on her wedding day.

Now her mother’s brand were getting bigger and bigger. It has entered the major shopping malls in the mainland, online stores were also doing a good job.

All in all the investment was a great success.

But that was not the point. Even if her family’s business was bankrupt, Madam Fu still doesn’t need to worry.

Especially when she started to work hard on making a baby. Her rich father-in-law and mother-in-law should be transformed into ‘money dispenser’.

For every birth she would be given a reward of several hundred millions. Madam Fu has three in the future that was a dozen billion.

Just by imagining this, Jian Ruixi’s envious eyes were red.

Unfortunately, now that she has become Madam Fu, it was impossible for her to make a baby. She couldn’t enjoy the more than ten billion yuan.

But she was still a rich lady, before she has time to enjoy it, Jian Ruixi was not willing to lower her standard of living.

She has to think about how to open a new source of more money. Now that she had the status and connection not to mention money, it should not be difficult for her to invest.

First of all was to hire a professional financial planner.

Although Lisa vowed that she had also studied finance, Jian Ruixi was not convince. Because in Madam Fu’s memory, Lisa was just a very competent ‘nanny’.

Basically only taking care of her life, besides no matter how good Lisa was, could she match the elites around President Fu?

Yes, Jian Ruixi was eyeing on President Fu’s elites. She thinks that Madam Fu’s personal assets were nothing compared with President Fu.

And since President Fu was always busy with work, it should be that most of his personal assets were taken care by a professional team.

In the past two days she has become confident in Fu Shiyuan’s character and qualities. And her way of getting along with him was like a bit of a friend.

When the time was ripe, she would borrow from President Fu’s professional team for her to use. And she thinks he wouldn’t refuse.

After having the idea, coincidentally during her spa, she received an invitation from President Fu to have an afternoon tea, which she naturally agreed.

“Where is the address? I’ll be there when I finish.”

President Fu who was considerate, asked.

“Is it almost done? Let me come and pick you up instead.”

Jian Ruixi was not polite with him either, smiled and nodded.


After hanging up, Jian Ruixi comfortably lay back on her bed, continuing her beauty treatment that was done from head to toe.

The beautician helped Jian Ruixi removed her makeup and washed her face. And knowing that Jian Ruixi had an appointment, she didn’t need for Jian Ruixi to tell her and carefully put on her makeup.

It took a little time than expected but their skills were not much worse than the professional makeup artist.

Looking at her glowing self in the mirror, Jian Ruixi nodded with great satisfaction and left the salon with her bag curled up.

Fu Shiyuan who has been waiting in the car for quarter of an hour, was still patient and even praised Jian Ruixi after seeing her ‘glowing’.

And since Jian Ruixi who wanted to get close to him, she started her business mode and brag.

“When you go out with President Fu, don’t you make serious preparations to not lose face?”


Zhuge Liang1– Zhuge Liang, courtesy name Kongming, was a Chinese politician, military strategist, writer, engineer and inventor. He served as the chancellor and regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period

sat up in her dying bed2It means “During my dying serious illness, I was shocked by the news and suddenly sat up.” This is a sentence from Yuan Zhen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, in “Ask the Heaven to Give Jiangzhou Sima”.


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