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Second master Jiang (2)

“Mr. Jiang.” She opened her lips softly and greeted him lightly.

Jiang Yue noticed that her lips were strained with a bit of strawberry juice, red and glistening, looking full and soft. But her expression was very cold.

Jiang Yue clenched his fists unconsciously and took two steps forward before smiling: “Is Madam Yan having an afternoon tea?”

When the words fell, Jiang Yue realized that he was not intending to show any sort of smile to Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi answered: “Yes. It’s a pity we did not prepare any for Mr. Jiang.”

After speaking, she leaned forward to get a napkin from the table.

Because of her movement, her figure stretched and arched into a beautiful arc. Her black hair slipped from her shoulder to one side of her profile and revealed a slender white neck. Jiang Yue instinctively bent over to get the napkin for her but Yan Wenbo moved faster than him and was closer to Gu Xueyi. In an instant, Yan Wenbo had already handed the napkin to Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi took it, slowly wiped the water from her fingers while Jiang Yue finally regained his senses. He had discovered that Gu Xueyi was not afraid of him.

Not only she was not afraid, but she was also very confident and a little laid back, eating strawberries in front of him without offering him some.

“Have a seat, Mr Jiang.” After drying her fingers, Gu Xueyi looked at him. “What is Mr Jiang doing here?”

Jiang Yue smiled and took a few steps before sitting down. Gu Xueyi finally understood why Yan Wenbo was afraid she would be scared of him.

This Jiang Er was tall and had a dark complexion. At first glance he did not look like a businessman. Even in his suit, he did not look slightly courteous. But was he supposed to be scary?

Gu Xueyi blinked slowly, taking in his entire appearance. How could the people of this era compare to the great generals that had fought their way through with swords and blood and with their overwhelming auras?

Gu Xueyi had grown up in a general’s house and had been surrounded by such people since childhood. Later, when she had married into the Sheng family, she had become the mistress of a large family and had been in charge of more than 400 people. Whether it was to go to the battlefield or enter the palace, she had never been timid! How could she be afraid of Jiang Er?

“Is Mr Jiang here to vent his anger for Jiang Jing?” Gu Xueyi spoke first.

“At least ask for an explanation. Someone from our Jiang family was beaten at your Yan villa… How can we easily forget it?”

“Then what should be done about your Jiang family hitting my Yan family?” Gu Xueyi asked with an indifferent tone.

Had Jiang Jing beat someone too?

Jiang Yue was not surprised. He did not know much about his younger brother but he was aware he liked to start fights among his peers.

“What does Madam Yan want?”

“It’s only natural to return what has been given. So I beat him.”

The implication was that there was no reason for Jiang Yue to come to the Yan household to find fault. After all, the beating was justified.

Jiang Yue was actually a little surprised.

Because he had realized that Gu Xueyi did not look as foolish as the rumors said. Instead, she was extremely calm and his trip to the Yan family had been in vain.

But Jiang Yue could not help but ask: “Oh? And why should I trust Madam Yan? Jiang Jing is my brother.”

His tone became more serious on the second half of his sentence while Yan Wenbo’s face turned cold, his eyes sharply staring at Jiang Yue like an irritated little wolf.

But Gu Xueyi slowly hooked her finger at Yan Wenbo and said: “Come here.”

The fourth master’s irritation immediately calmed down. What was she doing? Yan Wenbo’s gulped, feeling a little shy. Gu Xueyi’s actions looked like she was teasing a dog. But there were outsiders… Yan Wenbo obviously did not want to look like a joke in front of Jiang Yue and moved his body to sit closer to Gu Xueyi.

As soon as Yan Wenbo had acted, Gu Xueyi turned slightly and put her hand on his forehead. Because she had just eaten strawberries, her fingers were a bit cold and Yan Wenbo’s skin was warm. When he felt her touch him, not only his whole body shivered, his heart seemed to have shaken too.

Gu Xueyi did not notice his small reaction and quickly removed the band aid on his forehead before tapping her fingertip on the small white scar.

“Mr Jiang, this was done by your brother.” Gu Xueyi kept touching the wound over and over again and her tone lowered with a bit of anger: “What? Should I allow your Jiang family to bully my Yan family?”

Yan Wenbo was not paying attention to anything she said. His body had become extremely tight. He was already an adult and never had a woman before acting so close towards him…

His eyes flashed. Gu Xueyi’s appearance at this moment was something he had seen countless times as a child; parents taking care of their kids and standing up for them… Just thinking about it, Yan Wenbo could not help but feel feverish all over again. And while she was seriously talking to Jiang Er, he could only think about that.

Jiang Yue saw the scar on Yan Wenbo’s forehead and if someone were to ask him, he would say it was not serious. But Gu Xueyi’s expression was sullen and he did not dare to contradict her.

“Even so, this is just a small fight between children. Why should the adults get implicated?”

Jiang Yue’s secretary felt weirder and weirder the more he listened. Was not the point of today’s visit to pressure the Yan family? Why did it seem that Jiang Yu’s arrogance was weakening? Why did he sound less and less like the head of the Jiang family?

Gu Xueyi smiled.

Since Jiang Yue had entered the Yan villa, he had not seen her smile and he found out that her first smile was like the first flower that bloomed after the frost and snow melted. Stunning and eye-catching.

“This is indeed just a small matter. I beat Jiang Jing for Yan Wenbo’s sake and if Mr Jiang is not satisfied, he can beat me back for Jiang Jing’s sake also…”

“… or could it be that Mr Jiang wants to use this matter to start a dispute between the Jiang and Yan families?” Her tone was sharp and suddenly she stopped smiling.

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