Chapter 27

Zheng Rou was depressed because she really was sure she could succeed in the audition. But didn’t expect that she would not even have the chance to audition.

Her agent had ask her to go to dinner, but she was a little embarrassed to go. She wanted to tell her agent that she didn’t have the chance to audition but she thought it would be better to tell her agent in person.

After all, they were not very popular stars. Zheng Rou was the same as Shen Yan, her agent had many artist under him. She would like to thank her agent for the opportunity and then say sorry.

After thinking about it Zheng Rou was ready to leave.

After several steps forward, Zheng Rou stopped and asked the staff.

“Who was the successful artist in the auditioned just now?”

“No. 8 She Yan.”

Shen Yan?

Zheng Rou has never heard of this name, she thinks it was probably a newbie who has some background. Thinking so, Zheng Rou feel a lot more relaxed.

Shen Yan walked very slowly, while feeling worried at the thought of joining the cast invested by Meng Yi’an.

She has thought of countless ways for Meng Yi’an to torture her. For example, Meng Yi’an could make her dive, or hang her and let others beat her.

 Thinking about this, Shen Yan thought of her previous life.

With a self-mocking s mile. Shen Yan feels that she was overthinking a lot. Her heart was broken by Meng Yi’an in her last life but she survived.

In this life, she would not only go to Meng Yi’an investment group but also take it as an opportunity to work hard.

It was Shen Yan who finished the audition first but since Shen Yan was thinking about Meng Yi’an, Zheng Rou arrived first at the place where Zhou Ruo and the others were eating.

As soon as she walked in, Zheng Rou was stunned looking at so many agents and so was Wang Peng. They were all stunned.

“You’re …….audition is finished?”

“There was no audition, someone had successfully audition before me. Everyone should have finished the audition first before deciding the candidates but I don’t why. The person was directly decided, it seems that it is a newly groomed female artist, I think it was already pre arrange, this audition was just for show.”

Hearing that Zhou Ruo smiled unpretentiously, Shen Yan did not pass the audition not because she was not good enough but because it was already arrange.

Although Wang Peng was unwilling and unhappy he hurriedly said.

“I wanted you to gain some experience with this, it was still okay, we can go to the next audition.”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s not like that was the only audition.”

“I don’t know if the artist we brought will be successful in the role they audition.”

“I just called and ask my artist, they are still waiting for their turn, so it’s probably just this one role that they already have someone else.”

“So what was the point of having someone go through the audition, if it was already decided from the start?”

Everyone was thinking of reasons and deduce what was going on with that certain role.

Wang Peng diverting everyone’s attention readily said.

“Although there is no audition but since we have all come to B city, I will still treat you to dinner and eat the specialties here.”

A while later, when Shen Yan arrived, they were already discussing what to eat.

Wang Peng obviously wanted Zheng Rou to improve her status and as soon he saw Shen Yan he went and asked.

“Did you audition?”

Shen Yan pursed her lips.


“Fortunately, you still have the chance to audition. Our Zheng Rou here didn’t even have the chance to audition. Maybe if she had audition they could still consider Zheng Rou to give her another role.”

After setting down, Shen Yan said hello to Zhou Ruo who didn’t have the chance to speak from the time She Yan arrived.

While everyone was busy talking, Shen Yan was once again lost in her thought. She now hope very much that Meng Yi’an could hurry up and fall in love with the heroine so that he would not have the time to torture her.

He could just busy himself chasing the heroine while getting jealous with the male lead.

Noticing Shen Yan spacing out, Zhou Rou gave a laugh and said.

“Our Yanyan didn’t succeed in the audition also because of that actor with connection, otherwise I think our Yanwan can audition successfully.”

Anyway everyone did not succeed the audition so just blow it ah!

Although Zhou Ruo does not personally promoting Shen Yan, but she was still the artist assigned to her.

Now Wang Peng uses Zheng Rou to compete with Shen Yan, if Zheng Rou wins, then Wan Peng wins. So Zhou Ruo wanted to fight with Wang Peng.

At these words, Shen Yan was a little puzzled, her pretty eyes flashed with little confusion.

What are they all talking about ah?

I didn’t succeeded the audition because of an actor with connections?

But I didn’t auditioned for other roles besides the one I pass..?

Zhou Ruo continued.

“After all, our Yanyan is pretty.”

Zheng Rou was also very good looking but compared with Shen Yan, she was not that pretty.

Zheng Rou didn’t speak, these agents in front of her, with her current position in the entertainment industry were not good to offend.

Wang Peng retorted.

“Although being beautiful is sometimes an advantage in entertainment industry but there are several people who rely on their talent to get popular ah. It depends on the strength. Zheng Rou has both talent and good looks, so that’s why Zheng Rou is more popular than Shen Yan.”

Everyone looked Zhou Ruo and Wang Peng secretly bickering with each other. After quite a long time did they remember to ask.

“By the way, who has succeeded in the audition ah?”

Shen Yan who hasn’t know the matter yet about the ‘actor with connection’ ,Zheng Rou answered the question. She clearly said.

“I asked the staff, they said that the one successfully chosen was named Shen Yan.”



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