Chapter 15

“My goodness, this dress a little expensive!”

Chen Xiaomei felt flesh pain, the dress would cost her two month’s salary.

Linda also took a look at the price on the tag, the price was indeed a little expensive, but when she thought about it and to comfort her heart, there were always a price for being beautiful.

It’s just that the woman earlier who dressed so well, was a person who relies on the clothes she wears, but she was different.

If she wears a dress like this, she could be more beautiful!

“I’m going to try on the dress.”

Linda took the dress and went to the fitting room to try it on.

Chen Xiaomei waited outside and looked around at the other items, she saw a black one and thought it must look good on Linda, so she let the shop assistant take the dress off, thinking she would let Linda try in on later.

After waiting for a while, Linda came out of the fitting room, wearing the same dress as Xue Jiayue.

She walked to the mirror and admired her look with satisfaction.

“Is it good?”

Linda asked Chen Xiaomei.

Chen Xiaomei looked at it and said.

“It looks good.”

The corner of Linda’s moth turned upward and asked Chen Xiaomei again.

“Do I look good or that woman just now?”

Chen Xiamei hesitated a little, although Linda was her best friend, also a beautiful woman, but the two were obviously had different styles.

Simply they could not be compared with each other, if there was no comparison, there would be no harm.

But Linda was obviously far worse.

Worried that telling the truth would hurt Linda’s pride, Chen Xiaomei deliberated in her mind and had to come up with a response that would not offend anyone.

“Beautiful women has many differences, each with their own characteristics, you too believe that you are unique in this world, just as I think that you are beautiful.”

Chen Xiaomei’s words pleased Linda very well, looking at herself in the mirror, Linda looked more and more satisfied, ruthlessly decided to buy the dress.

“I’ll take the dress.”

Chen Xiaomei thought of the price of the dress was so expensive, wanting to persuade Linda, she pulled her and said.

“I just picked another dress, I think you look good in it too. The price was as much, do you want to try it?”

Linda glance at the black dress Chen Xiaomei had chosen, which was not bright as the color of the dress she wanted to buy and the style was old fashioned.

She shook her head in disgust.

“I don’t like black, I’ll just buy this one.”

Chen Xiaomei swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said.

“It’s a bit expensive!”

Linda said unconcernedly.

“Now that I’m in the Xu Group and working beside President Xu, my salary is not low so I should dress better otherwise it’s too humiliating.”

Chen Xiaomei understood as soon as she hear it. She was not buying a dress, she was clearly trying to please the male god in her heart.

Seeing that Linda had already made her decision, Chen Xiaomei did not persuade her.

The price of the dress was Linda’s salary for more than two months, but Linda at the moment was full of thoughts of her appearing in front of Xu Yanwen wearing the beautiful dress.

The idea of getting Xu Yanwen’s favor, she does not think the price of the dress was expensive.

After buying the dress with Alipay debt, Linda happily walked out of the store with her bag.

Chen Xiaomei followed Linda, and looking at her cheerful face, she hesitated and said.

“I heard that your Preside Xu seems to have gotten married.”

Linda let out a laugh at that.

“Maybe a divorce is coming soon.”


“I heard people say when I entered the company that President Xu and his wife is not in a good relationship at all. In the first few days I entered the company the two people also had a few fights in the office, his wife left while crying.”

“But I also heard that his wife seems to be a childhood friend who he grew up with, don’t they have a good relationship instead?”

Chen Xiaomei asked suspiciously.

“Of course it’s not good, he doesn’t want to marry her at all!”

Linda had long since inquired about everything and sympathized with Xu Yanwen for what happened to him.

“President Xu doesn’t like his wife at all, if it weren’t for Elder Xu, he wouldn’t have married her at all and he might get divorced one day.”

Linda was confident in herself, she felt that she was young and pretty, she was good at her job, and now that she had applied for a job with President Xu so easily, she must seize the opportunity!


Xue Jiayue strolled around the mall, bought another pair of shoes and went back home.

Back home, Xue Jiayu took out the design she didn’t finish yesterday and drew it again, which took her a few hours.

When she looked up and check the time, it was already after 6:00 pm. She hurriedly put the design away and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

When Xu Yanwen returned home, Xue Jiayue just made a plate of Kung Pao chicken and a soup to the table.

Smelling the aroma of food, Xu Yanwen’s stomach growled in response.

Xue Jiayue also heard it, she looked up and said,

“Go wash your hands, dinner will be served soon.”


Xu Yanwen turned around and went to the bathroom.

When Xu Yanwen finished washing his hands and came out, Xue Jiayue had already set up the dishes and was waiting for Xu Yanwen to eat at the table.

Xu Yanwen walked over and sat down, picking up the bowls and chopsticks to eat.

Xue Jiayue smiles after watching him eat a few bites.

“These are all made by me, how do you think of the taste?”

Quite good.

Xu Yanwen stopped his chopsticks and said to truthfully.

“It’s delicious.”

It’s always good to be praise, Xue Jiayue was very happy and asked again.

“How about comparing with Sister Zhen?”

Sister Zhen was the cook over at the old mansion and often comes over to help Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen cook and make dishes.

Xu Yanwen was very supportive and said.

“Better than her.”

Xue Jiasyue was even happier to hear this, she took her chopsticks and give him a piece of chicken.

“Eat more.”

Xu Yanwen stared at the dice chicken she gave to him, his eyes flashed for a moment, and lowered his head as he ate quickly.

After eating, Xu Yanwen took the initiative to undertake the work of washing dishes. Xue Jiayue felt that he was very good at this point.

Xue Jiayue was now at the kitchen door watching Xu Yanwen washing dishes, thinking that if he was not the male lead, and she was the current ‘wife’ she couldn’t help but praise him as a ‘good’ and be really be satisfied with him as her husband.

Xu Yanwen turned around and saw that she kept on staring at him and asked.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”



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