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Second master Jiang (1)

Yan Wenbo was supposed to go to class today but when he thought of second master Jiang’s visit, he did not hesitate before asking for a leave.

After Gu Xueyi had breakfast, she did not go back to her room but sat on the couch, a pillow in her back and a book in her hand and she started reading attentively. Yan Wenbo took a closed look and saw that <Selected works of Mao Zedong> was written on the cover.

Yan Wenbo: ??

Why would Gu Xueyi suddenly read this? No matter how you looked at it, it just did not fit her style.

Gu Xueyi noticed his gaze and raised her head slightly before lowering it down and continuing reading.

“Quite an excellent book.”

Although some things were very different from her dynasty, Gu Xueyi could not help but marvel at it. And after reading it, she would have a more detailed understanding of her new world.

Yan Wenbo had never read it and hearing Gu Xueyi’s words, he gave it a second glance… He would probably read it too later.

The living room quickly returned to silence and only the sound of breathing and pages turning could be heard. Yan Wenbo had trouble staying still and he looked at Gu Xueyi.

In the past he… no, not only him but the whole Yan family had not liked Gu Xueyi. They had never really paid attention to her. But today… Gu Xueyi was very beautiful.

She really had drastically changed. Not only her temperament, but also her appearance.

She was sitting gracefully, book in one hand, and the white dress she wore showed her figure perfectly. From his angle, Yan Wenbo could see her long eyelashes, beautiful jawline and pale pink lips… And the little daylight that poured in the room spread on her hair and shoulder like a golden halo. She was incredibly beautiful and noble.

Yan Wenbo had to force himself to look away. He took out his phone and played games for a while before looking through Weibo and memorizing some words on an app. But with the anxiety in his heart, no matter what it did, he would lose attention and get bored and kept switching apps. And after ten minutes, he did not even remember what he was doing. This time alone with Gu Xueyi was still difficult, but it was different from before.

Yan Wenbo finally found a TV show that was currently airing and played it. The quiet room suddenly became noisy and Yan Wenbo’s anxiety started to calm down.

“Master Hou, Yuan’er is willing to sacrifice her life for Master Hou…”

When Gu Xueyi heard this sentence, she could not help but turn her gaze. She knew that Yan Wenbo was playing a “TV show” on his “phone” but the lines gave her a sense of familiarity. She was instantly curious and put down her book.

“Can I see it?” Yan Wenbo suddenly heard Gu Xueyi’s voice.


He moved stiffly next to her, leaving some space between them. Gu Xueyi sat a little closer and stared at the screen in his hand.

Even though Gu Xueyi had gained a certain understanding of this world these past few days, she felt wonder once more. This world was really amazing. There were many novel ways of entertainment and people’s lives were extremely convenient…

Whatever Gu Xueyi did, she would always do them very seriously. This was a concentration habit she had cultivated over the years. But Yan Wenbo could not concentrate at all. What lingered in his nose was the scent from Gu Xueyi which was no longer the Mon Paris from Yves Saint Laurent that she used to shower herself with but a faint shampoo… like lemon. Yan Wenbo’s thoughts went crazy in his mind.

One was looking at the phone seriously and the other was distracted but they were in rare harmony and all the servants in the villa were surprised.

By the time the two of them had gone through eight episodes of the costume drama, it was time for lunch.

“… It’s not pretty.” Gu Xueyi commented.

Yan Wenbo had not paid attention to the plot at all but when he heard her voice, he glanced at the screen and saw a familiar face. His facial features were so exquisite that he could only be described as “gorgeous.”

The man was wearing a jade crown and was dressed in brocade clothes. When the camera swept over, he looked offensively conspicuous.

Yan Wenbo: “It’s pretty ugly.”

But Gu Xueyi had already lost interest and had not noticed that exceptionally beautiful face.1

She got up and walked to the dining room. The maid had already arranged the food and Gu Xueyi looked at it. In addition to the main meal, there were vegetable salads and fresh fruits. This made her very satisfied.

There were modern terms called “science and technology” in this new world and thanks to it, people in this era could enjoy fresh and varied fruits. Exactly what Gu Xueyi liked.

Yan Wenbo just stared at her. He had seen her eat breakfast and now lunch after reading a book halfway and watching a few episodes of the drama like she did not care at all about second master Jiang’s visit.

“This is delicious.”

Gu Xueyi suddenly raised her head and pointed to the plate of strawberries in front of her. The maid replied in a hurry: “Should I wash more for Madam?”

“Yes.” Gu Xueyi nodded.

The same instant, Jiang Er came to the door.

Jiang Er was actually called Jiang Yue. He was the second child of the Jiang family and since he had been young, he had always been very stubborn and everyone used to call him “Jiang Er”2 to make fun of him. Nowadays, however, his name was like a symbol telling people to not underestimate him.

Jiang Er had taken his secretary with him and had left a bodyguard outside.

“Mrs Yan.” As soon as he entered the door, Jiang Yue politely greeted the woman sitting on the couch, Yan Wenbo at her side.

The Yan Wenbo that always acted untamed was actually sitting upright and a little… behaved?

The young woman in a white dress was very graceful, one hand pressed on the pages of her book, the other paused in the air. If one looked closer, they could catch a glimpse of the water remaining on her fingertips.

The maid came out carrying a plate of strawberries and placed it respectfully in front of Gu Xueyi. Jiang Yue glanced at the fruits and looked at Gu Xueyi again.

Her eyes were like cold stars and her eyebrows like distant mountains. They looked like they had been drawn in ink stroke by stroke, like a classical Chinese masterpiece. Her beauty, combined with her indifferent demeanor, formed another king of unique, sharp and compelling allure.

President Yan’s wife turned out to be so pretty?



  1. This whole part must sound a bit confusing and while it’s not an important scene, I feel like I should explain it as it makes no sense otherwise. Spoiler alert? The person Gu Xueyi is talking about is Jiang Meng while Yan Wenbo is talking about one of his brothers. They are both working on the same drama (which will be told in a few chapters).
  2. 二 can both mean ‘two’ and ‘stupid’
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