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Chapter 110

Fu Zhen already believed what Jiang Hengshu said, but he just liked to see Jiang Hengshu racking his brains when he explained to him.

“I’ve never given up my seat to anyone else on the bus but you, so in fact the first time I saw you, I already specially liked you.”

In order to ensure the credibility of his words Jiang Hengshu also found another person to testify for himself.

“If you don’t believe me, ask Wang Tong.”

Later Fu Zhen really asked Wang Tong about it. Wang Tong cut the chase and directly said.

“He only took bus three times a year, and even if he wanted to give his seat to someone, he couldn’t find the right person ah.”

But that was in the past. Before he met Fu Zhen.


Jiang Hengshu thought of something, he said to Fu Zhen.

“You can’t eat spicy food but that day we had eat some spicy hot pot.”

This time the wheel of fortune was reversed. Jiang Hengshu who has been interrogated, was the one interrogating Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen raised his hand and touches his nose, his voice was soft, and it sounded coquettish like a cat.

“I haven’t eaten it for a long time. I miss it a little. Moreover I only put a little pepper that day, it’s not that spicy.”

 Jiang Hengshu was not deceived by this little dainty cat at all, he poke him in the face ans asked him.

“Then who was the one with stomachache later?”

Fu Zhen did not make a sound, he just stared at Jiang Hengshu with his two big eyes. Jiang Hengshu once again stressed out the previous set rule.

“No spicy food in the future.”

Fu Zhen made an ‘en’ sound then slumped his whole on the sofa. Jiang Hengshu patted him twice on his belly and asked him.

“What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll make it for you.”

Fu Zhen thought about it for a while and said.

“Let’s fry the left over rice and salami from noon.”

“Anything else?”

“Whatever is available.”

Jiang Henghu got up from the sofa and was about to leave when he saw a glimpse of another news push in Fu Zhen’s phone.

It was still about Tang Wanwan and Fu Zhen. Seeing that, he comforted Fu Zhen and said.

“You don’t have to worry about things on the internet. I’ll find someone to check what happened two years ago.”

Fu Zhen gave some hint but had a little hope that he could find evidence to prove his innocence.

But it was also impossible for Tang Wanwan to take him to the court. There was no suspected crime. The evidence she could find were not directly showing that he was the person behind the incident.


The reports couldn’t find Fu Zhen, so they pointed the spearhead at the Fu family. They finally successfully blocked Fu Jianchen, on his way to his company, they all swarmed up to him, they all handed the microphone to Fu Jianchen and asked him.

“President Fu may I ask how do you feel about the netizines request to take your little son Fu Zhen to court? Do want to help Fu Zhen escape from the law this time?”

Fu Jiacnhen stopped and looked straight at the reporter who was closest to him. Instead of answering the question, he asked him.

“Which newspaper are you from?”

The reported didn’t understand what Fu Jianchen meant when he asked him this question. So he replied with a straight face.

“I’m from the big fish news.”

Fu Jianchen nodded, turned around and continued to walk towards his company.

“President Fu you haven’t answered my question yet?”

The reported called after him from behind.

Fu Jianchen turned his head to his secretary and said.

“We will buy Big Fish news tomorrow.”

“Yes boss.”

The reported was dumbfounded, he froze while holding his microphone in his hand. Several of the reporters who saw this, did not dare to go forward.

For the past two years, Fu Jianchen’s name was always attached to Tang Wanwan’s name, that they forgot who Fu Jianchen was. That he was actually a big person who could shake the business world just by stomping his feet.

The reporter who surrounded the place was instantly scattered and ran away in just a short time.

Madam Jiang also notice the news about Fu Zhen and Tang Wanwan in the past two days. Worried she gave Jiang Hengshu a call.

“Hengshu, what’s going on with Fu Zhen? I saw online that he and Tang Wanwan the female star, have some grudges, is it him?”

Jiang Hengshu admitted.

“Yes, it is him.”

Madam Jiang met Fu Zhen and she believed that she was a good child, of course she also believed in her own child’s vision. She said on the phone.

“Can you solve this matter? If you can’t, you ask your father for help.”

“No yet, I’ll try to handle it myself first.”

Madam Jiang agreed and gave some reminders.

“Tell us if you have any difficulties, don’t be embarrassed.”

“En, I know.”


Tang Wanwan always pays attention to the direction of the wind about her case online. Seeing that there was no one willing to speak for Fu Zhen online, she showed a satisfied smiled.

In fact at the beginning there were still people who doubted the incident two years ago. Some even said that Tang Wanwan could have directed the accident two years ago, otherwise when she fell from such height at that time, how could she just have suffered a small injury to her left arm.

But soon those people were scolded by the water army and fans, so they could only learn to shut up.



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