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Chapter 21 – I have a broom, should I show you?

All participants came downstairs one after another and started discussing the division of labor for tonight when the director came over with a transparent glass jar.

Cheng Feng squatted under the camera and gave them an evil smile:

“Looking at your performance today, you are now aware you cannot make money on your own. So from now on, we will provide you opportunities to earn some. There are hundreds of tasks and each person can draw one. The tasks are all different and have a time limit. After completion, you will receive a reward, and if you fail you will be punished.”

The glass jar was filled with colorful paper cranes. It turned out that the production had been waiting for this! And just looking at them each participant knew the tasks were not going to be simple. But it’s not like they had a choice at this point. They could only resign themselves to draw a task.

Zhong Shen pumped it first and after stirring his hand for a long time, he finally took out a crane from the bottom. The group gathered around him and waited for him to take it apart. As the paper slowly unfolded, Zhong Shen read out the content.

“Invite a movie emperor to come to the house as a guest. Mission reward: 1,000 yuan. Mission duration; 7 days. If the mission fails, 1,000 yuans will be deducted from the living expenses and you will have to sing and dance “Zui Xuan Xiao Pingguo”1 in the town square.”

Zhong Shen asked with a dazed look: “Who do I need to invite? Which movie emperor?”

Director: “As long as they have won the award, it does not matter.”

Zhong Shen grabbed the jar: “Don’t stop me, I’m going to smash his head today!”

The evil trick of the production team was a success and they watched Sheng Qiao hold Zhong Shen back with joy.

Zhong Shen turned his head to hug Sheng Qiao’s arm and cried: “Qiao Qiao, they are bullying me! How can I know a movie emperor, I am just a cute newcomer! They can’t afford to invite him so they are setting me up!”

Sheng Qiao patted him on the head and smoothed his hair: “It’s not impossible. You should ask Xiaoxiao, she might know him.”

Le Xiao had gotten many supporting roles in major dramas in the past few years. She had indeed played with a movie emperor, but it was one thing to know each other or only be acquainted.

Of course, Sheng Qiao was also aware that Zhong Shen had been teasing Le Xiao since the beginning of the show: “But because you have been bullying Xiaoxiao for the past few days… she may not be willing to help you.”

Le Xiao finally had a sense of satisfaction with this karma comeback: “I would rather watch you sing.”

Zhong Shen wailed.

While this side was making trouble, Huo Xi silently drew a red paper crane. After opening it, he read: “Find a photo of a person surnamed Qiao and ask for their signature. Mission reward: 300 yuan. Mission duration: 2 days. If the mission fails, 300 yuans will be deducted from the living expenses and you will have to take care of all the housework for a day.”

Zhong Sheng howled even more: “Why is Huo Xi so simple and mine so difficult?”

Huo Xi: “Life is not easy.”

Sheng Qiao bit back a smile and took a red paper crane like Huo Xi. After unfolding it, it said: “Two hours of interaction with netizens watching the live broadcast. Mission reward: 200 yuan. Mission duration: 1 day. If the mission fails, 200 yuans will be deducted from the living expenses and you won’t be able to wear any makeup for a day.”

Seeing that the last two tasks were easy, everybody firmly believed that Zhong Shen had absorbed all the bad luck and they boldly drew their own tasks.

Lu Yihan’s task was to make a handicraft and successfully set it without taking advantage of his popularity. The reward of 500 and the punishment was to work one day for the production team.

Feng Wei’s task was to go to the pet shop to bathe dogs. She had to wash six dogs of different days and the reward was also of 500. Her penalty was to walk in acupressure slippers all day.

In the end, Le Xiao stretched her hand while praying and chose her lucky ping. Zhong Sheng who has been waiting next to her with impatience read it as she unfolded: “Go to the construction site to move bricks for two days… hahahahaha!”

He burst into laughter in the middle of it and Le Xiao wanted to cry. Why was she so unlucky!

Shen the audience thought about what she had said while passing the construction site earlier this morning, they could not stop laughing either. It was like the task had been deliberately made for her.

Le Xiao told Zhong Shen: “Why don’t you change with me? I can invite the movie emperor.”

Zhong Shen did not dislike his mission anymore and started protecting his paper like a treasure: “No way, it’s so much easier to invite him! Who doesn’t have a friend that knows one! You go and move the bricks by yourself hahahaha.”

Le Xiao came from a good family, she had never had a manual job, let alone moved bricks. She had never done any housework either but because it was a live broadcast, she could not protest and her tears started falling.

The pink paper in her hand was suddenly taken away and replaced by a red one.

Sheng Qiao: “I will change with you.”

Le Xiao looked at her through her tears but did not react. Sheng Qiao turned to the director and asked: “Can the tasks be traded?”

The director nodded.

“It’s good then.” As if nothing had happened, she raised her hand and patted Le Xiao’s head. “It’s not a big deal, let’s go prepare the hot pot for tonight, the guest should arrive soon.”

Only then did Le Xiao break out of her daze and said with hesitation: “Qiao Qiao, you… or maybe…”

Sheng Qiao knew what she wanted to say and softly pinched her face: “I studied architecture, I prefer to go to the construction site than chat with the netizens.”

Le Xiao did not know whether she was lying or not but just thinking about the construction site, she could not stand it. If Sheng Qiao was willing to help her, she could only accept it gratefully.

At first, she had been a little bit cold toward Sheng Qiao but at this moment, her ill feelings were gone and her tone was full of sincerity: “Thank you, Qiao Qiao.”

Sheng Qiao put the pink paper in her pocket: “Come help me with the vegetables.”

Zhong Shen stomped his foot with hatred for iron not becoming steel.2

The audience that had been laughing in the barrage was shocked by Sheng Qiao’s action.

[I am Le Xiao’s fan, should I thank her now?]

[Le Xiao was really crying just now.]

[Sheng Qiao is really warm and caring toward Le Xiao.]

[She has been caring to everyone for the whole show so far.]

[Do you think every scandal she had before was all made up by Xingyao Media? I’m kind of getting one of her fans now.]

[She needs the public opinion and support but she still trades with Le Xiao.]

[I can understand why she would trade with Zhong Shen but I cannot understand why she is so kind to Le Xiao who she has known for only two days unless she is putting on a show.]

[What did Sheng Qiao say to Le Xiao just now? She studied architecture? Is she making a joke?]

[Does junior high include architecture?]

[She might be talking about geography, after all, geography is also part of architecture hahaha.]

[Is she giving herself a Xueba persona?]

[What a joke, a Xueba junior high graduate.]

[Sheng Qiao would rather go to a construction site to move bricks than to talk to you guys, so stop laughing and be a little self-aware, okay? I don’t think she switched missions with Le Xiao for the sake of looking good but because she didn’t want to talk to you idiots.]

[I agree with the previous comment.] (TL: same, ****)

The kitchen was spacious and they did not feel crowded in it. Some were washing the vegetables while the other were setting up the table.

As they busied themselves, a voice came from outside the living room: “Hello, is anyone there?”

Zhong Shen was standing near the door peeling garlic and leaned out to take a look. He turned back and said: “It seems that the guest is here, it’s the winner of the talent show, Shi…”

Le Xiao shouted out: “Shi Xuan? Is Xuan Xuan here?”

She had a new play this year and the theme song was sung by Shi Xuan, they had gotten to know each other well.

Sheng Qiao put aside her task: “Let’s go greet the guest first.”

In the living room, Shi Xuan was standing in the middle in a dark green windbreaker and holding a fruit basket. She saw the group coming out of the kitchen and smiled. Just like the rumors, she looked indifferent to fame or fortune.

Shi Xuan had been the winner of this year’s biggest talent show and had signed with Xingyao Media.

There was a list going around of stars that could go back to inherit their family business if they failed in entertainment and Shi Xuan was on it. The Shi Group was involved all over the country and was very wealthy. Fans said that because Xuan Xuan did not lack anything, she did not care about fame and was just here to have fun.

Seeing that Shi Xuan was the first guest, the number of spectators increased a lot and Shi Xuan;s fans quickly arrived on the battlefield.

Le Xiao ran to Shi Xuan and gave her a hug. She then shook hands and greeted every participant. When it was Sheng Qiao’s turn, Shi Xua quickly retracted her hand and only lightly touched her fingertips. She was not really smiling anymore and said: “Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The last one to greet her was Huo Xi. When Shi Xuan saw him, a big smile appeared on her face and made her whole temperament a lot warmer: “Brother, long time no see!”

Brother? I am still your senior sister, why won’t you call me sister?

Sheng QIao rolled her eyes behind the camera.

A pat on her shoulder scared her so much her eyes almost did not roll back. When she turned her head, Huo Xi was looking at her: “The pot seems to be burning?”

Sheng QIao rushed back to the kitchen.

Le Xiao gave a tour to Shi Xuan.

“We are making hot pot for you. Qiao Qiao’s cooking skills are good, Xuan Xuan, you must definitely give us a five star rating when you leave.”

Because the guest had arrived, everyone had gone out and the kitchen was very empty and Sheng Qiao was the only one left. When she turned around to take a plate, someone behind her took it from the cupboard and handed it to her.

Huo Xi: “I will help you.”

“I’m okay, you go accompany the guest.”

“Everybody is already there, they don’t need me.”

He leaned over and picked up the potatoes. “Do you want me to peel them?”

Sheng Qiao: “No, I’m almost done, I will do it.”

Huo Xi acted as he had not heard anything and turned on the faucet to wash the potatoes. He then picked up the knife and got to work. Sheng Qiao pouted but said nothing else and went back to her own thing in silence. The kitchen was very quiet.

The audience was watching/

[This scene is so warm.]

[Huo Xi is such a gentleman, he won’t leave Sheng Qiao here alone.]

[He has always been one, even with people that hurt him.]

[He is so kind he will be trampled by many people.]

[Fortunately, he is so good, otherwise he would not be able to make it in thirty years.]

[Are we joking?]

[The only ability I see is his face, which is really godsent.]

[If you have never seen his work, you don’t have the right to talk about Huo Xi’s ability.]

[What happened to popularity? Can anyone be popular?]

[He is great at singing and composing, just go listen to him!]

[He is so popular, some people try to blacken?]

One hater had appeared and suddenly, all of Huo Xi’s fans took over the barrage and flooded the comments.

Back in the show, Sheng Qiao and Huo Xi were still preparing the food when Le Xiao hurried in: “Qiao Qiao, where will Xuan Xuan stay?”

“Ask the production team.”

She went to ask them only to find out there was a ladder on top of the stairs that led to the attic. After a while, she ran back down: “Qiao Quao, the attic is so dirty and cold. There is no floor heating.”

Sheng Qiao said: “Can’t you clean it? You can also turn on the heat without floor heating.”

Le Xiao looked at her eagerly.

Sheng Qiao glanced at the kitchen, The hot pot base was already on the table and the dishes were almost all cut and plated. She took off her apron, wiped her hands and climbed to the attic with her cleaning supplies.

There was dust in the air and she first opened the window and turned on the air conditioner to ventilate. She then took her mop and rag and started cleaning.

When everything was neat, she closed the window, switched the air conditioning to eat and the room slowly started to warm up.

There were covers and pillows prepared by the program team in the closet. She made the bed, took the humidifier she had brought and after adding the water, she put it at the foot of the bed. She ended up spraying some of her own SIX GOD fragrance and the air turned warm and sweet.

Once done, she shouted: “Bring Shi Xuan to see the room!”

The group gathered upstairs and Le Xiao said with a smile: “Gosh, Qiao Qiao, do you have magic?”

Sheng Qiao: “I have a broom, should I show you?”

  2. to hate iron for not becoming steel (恨铁不成钢) idiom that means to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement

Author’s note:

Qiao Qiao: It seems that I cannot hide my identity as a wizard any longer.


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