Chapter 14

During Jian Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan’s greetings, Aunt Wang already set up the table quickly. The already hungry Jian Ruixi naturally went to the dining room first.

She looked at the breakfast table that was full of dishes, with its different fragrance and flavor. Just as she wanted to praise their rich style of doing things in her heart, she found that Fu Shiyuan also followed her to the dining room.

Jian Ruixi gave him a confused look.

“Ethan you were up so early, haven’t eaten breakfast yet either?”

It is almost, 10 o’clock.

President Fu’s habit is to finish his meal early and go to work, right?

Fu Shiyuan gracefully helped her pull out the seat and smiled.

“I’m afraid you’ll be upset if I eat in advance.”

Of course, Jian Ruixi knew that Fu Shiyuan was only joking, but it was always a pleasure to be complimented by a good man and she could not avoid showing a flattering expression and her mouth also said arrogantly.

“I am not as careful, as you think.”

Sister Zhang was setting the tableware next to her, and didn’t miss the interaction between husband and wife.

She interjected and said.

“Master Fu naturally wanted to take advantage of his vacation to spend time with his wife.”

Without waiting for them to speak, sister Zhang immediately retreated after she finishes setting the tableware.

In their line of work, they also need to know how to read situations. The atmosphere between Fu Shiyuan and his wife was good and could be said to be flirting with each other.

So they shouldn’t stick around as light bulbs. It doesn’t matter whether they needed their service at this time.

Sure enough, when Sister Zhang walked out of the dining room, she couldn’t help herself and looked back.

She saw Master Fu personally served soup for his wife and said something when he brought it to her, causing her to smile like a flower.

If she was still standing at the table at the moment, she was afraid that Boss wouldn’t have the opportunity to show his manners.

Sister Zhang praised herself for her wit.

In fact, Fu Shiyuan was not as humorous as Sister Zhang thought. He just casually congratulated Jian Ruixi.

“It seems that you have solved the problem of insomnia? That’s good.”

Jian Ruixi thought that Fu Shiyuan probably wanted to say that she sleeps like a dead pig in bed.

She doesn’t even know what time she went to bed and what time she could get up. It was not as simple as solving the problem of insomnia.

However, she did not mind that could sleep so well after such a big event, which showed that she had excellent physiological health and that she was a person who could do great things.

In other words, since her wealthy husband said she slept well then it could be the same as praising her again.

Jian Ruixi smiled brightly and told to Fu Shiyuan.

“The capital is really good. You know I’ve been sleeping badly but I don’t know why, as soon as I arrive in Beijing I sleep well.”

“No wonder you always prefer to stay on the mainland.”

Jian Ruixi simply added.

Fu Shiyuan did not explain that his stay in the mainland was meant to be a job and not a preference but he still smiled gently.

“If you like it here, you might as well stay for two more days.”

These words were both gentle and polite, and could be said to be the perfect portrayal of “the most intimate to the most distant couple1.

But Jian Ruixi doesn’t care. In her opinion it was better for Fu Shiyuan and Madam Fu to be unfamiliar.

Although she accepted Madam Fu’s memory, some habits and preferences couldn’t be change at once.

Good things was, Fu Shiyuan and Madam Fu lived in two different places all year round. They don’t know Madam Fu as well as her parents.

So she could live in Fu Shiyuan’s villa for a few more days to make her ‘change’ more natural.

“Then I won’t be polite.”

Jian Ruixi responded with a smile.

But she didn’t plan on staying for too long, Hong Kong was Madam Fu’s home. Jian Ruixi hasn’t really experience the life of a rich lady, when she gets used to the environment she would naturally go back to her ‘home’.

After all, even if it was safe to stay by her wealthy husband’s side, but it was also equivalent to being under the eyes of the immediate boss, which was not something good.

Fu Shiyuan does have the habit of “eat without words and sleep”2. But since Jian Ruixi doesn’t know, the two of them talked freely and no awkwardness while laughing as they eat.

What she knows was that the gap between the origin of a true noble and her own. When she was home, resting, she was lazy to change her clothes and just wore her pajamas with her messy hair.

While Fu Shiyuan was her complete opposite. Even if he had no work, he still wore a suit and tie, he also has the habit of morning exercise, and obviously he could not wear a suit and go running.

She could already imagine that this was already the second set of clothes he change today.

Standing next to the exquisite and sophisticated President Fu, she looked more unpolished.

Jian Ruixi looked down and reflected for a second, she then quickly reacted.

No, President Fu’s closet should obviously have casual clothes.

Unless he bought them just for decorations..?

So she asked wittily.

“Is there any official business later?”

“It can’t be considered business, there’s just a casual party at noon.”

Fu Shiyuan answered truthfully and extended an invitation to her.

“Are you interested in joining us?”

Jian Ruixi thought about it and touched her just-full stomach then shook her head.

“Forget it, I’m afraid of indigestion after a meal.”

Madam Fu rarely accompany Fu Shiyuan to such small functions. They appeared as a couple usually only on big occasions with the media watching.

Jian Ruixi though that her refusal was also considered in line with the persona.

However she also found out in her memory that Madam Fu was a very traditional woman. She never refuses Fu Shiyuan request.

But of course, Fu Shiyuan, a man who almost carve the gentlemanly manners into his bones, even to his wife. He never made excessive demands.

Jian Ruixi even estimated that there was a little chance Madam Fu could refuse him.

Jian Ruixi also wanted to take this opportunity to test the water.

If President was a traditional boss who says “very good, you have successfully attracted my attention” then she could only learn from Madam Fu to be an angry little daughter-in-law.

But if he was really a gentleman the way he showed himself then she could freely release her true self properly.

And the result was satisfactory to Jian Ruixi. As expected Fu Shiyuan was really not a kind of a small man who was insincere.

Fu Shiyuan was still gentle and considerately smiled.

“This kind of meal is really boring, then you play by yourself and let’s have a dinner together in the evening.”

Jian Ruixi also showed a bright smile.

“Yes, but I want to eat hot pot in the evening, can you accompany me?”

Although Madam Fu was not the kind of rich lady who liked to go to a hot pot restaurants, Fu Shiyuan still nodded with an unchanging smile.

“Listen to you.”


the most intimate to the most distant couple1– Husband and wife are a family, and may be closer than mother and child, and friends.
But couples can also become passers-by at once.

eat without words and sleep2– (had hard time translating this but here’s the meaning) It means not talking when eating, and not talking when sleeping. 


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