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Chapter 109

Tang Wanwan’s lunch every day was specially sent to the crew by Fu Ting. Fu Zhen could see that she doesn’t really like spicy food.

However, due to Tang Wanwan’s performance that night in the Sichuan Restaurant, Fu Ting’s meals these days were a little spicy so even if he pours the whole bottle of chili oil, she won’t find anything unusual in a short time.

And in order to prevent others from finding out that this thing was done by him, Fu Zhen deliberately explained to the person who entered the set to avoid the surveillance camera.

He don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but on that day, the lunch box of the crew placed next to the props.

Even if Tang Wanwan’s lunch was place separately, that person still went to the lunch box where the props was.

The man then took the money given to him by Fu Zhen after this, and ran away. That afternoon, Tang Wanwan had an accident when she was hanging on a cliff for a shot.

After investigation, they found out the rope used to hang Tang Wanwan had been scratched several times with a knife.

The then crew began to investigate. There were two blind spot corners in the place where the rope was placed.

They could only see a person walking back and forth, as if looking for something. They check all the surveillance camera in the crew and finally found the person’s appearance.

They quickly found the person according to the clues they found in the morning.

But when they found the man’s home, they learned that the man was leaving the country, but leave a number instead on one of his belongings.

They called the number, after the call connected the person on the call only said one sentence.

“Fu Zhen asked me to do it, it is all his idea, you can go to him if you want.”

The process of completing his boarding was already completed, after hanging up the phone he immediately took the plane and escaped to a foreign country. No one has ever found or contacted him since then.

Tang Wanwan informed Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen about this things.

All the evidence where pointed at Fu Zhen, even if he has hundreds of mouths to defend himself it was all futile.

Fu Zhen was not sad nor uncomfortable when telling this story now. On the contrary, he felt a little ridiculous. At that time was too naïve.

He was already so old but he was jealous like a child. He should have just immediately move out from the Fu family when he realize that Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were all captured by Tang Wanwan.

After all he was just the unnecessary person in that family.

Fu Zhen talked too much, making his mouth dry. He poured a glass of juice and sipped it. Jiang Hengshu put his arms around Fu Zhen’s shoulder and whispered to him.

“No matter how old you are, you have the right to be jealous.”

Fu Zhen raised his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu, his own figure was reflected in the deep blue eyes like the sea, giving him a feeling like he was going to sink into the bottomless ocean.

Fu Zhen put the glass in his hand on the table, and burrowed into Jiang Hengshu’s arms, he whispered to him.

“But I don’t want to be jealous anymore.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a light laugh, patted Fu Zhen’s head and said to him.

“En, and I won’t make you jealous.”

Fu Zhen lifted his head from Jiang Hengshu’s arms and looked up at Jiang Hengshu, he moved his lips somewhat wanting to say something.

Jiang Hengshu felt his hesitation, he looked down at him and said.

“Just say what you want to say.”

However after Fu Zhen said the words, Jiang Hengshu regretted a little. Fu Zhen said to him was.

“You also said before that you have someone you like, I was jealous at that time.”

“At that time….”

Jiang Hengshu did not know exactly how he should explain to Fu Zhen that the person he had said to like before was actually him.

He pressed his forehead.

Fu Zhen hmped, and looked at Jiang Hengshu while raising his eyebrows and then said to him.

“If you want to, I can wait for you.”

For Jiang Hengshu there were two reasons why he said that to Fu Zhen at that time. The first was that he already sense Fu Zhen’s hidden love for him, but at that time he did not intend to accept it.

Fu Zhen’s love was actually very obvious, he thought he hid it perfectly but Jiang Hengshu has been aware of it.

The second was that the little mermaid’s tears that night was too memorable for him, that it would often appeared in his dream.

But when Fu Zhen cried on his back at that time, for a certain period in that instant, the two become one.

Jiang Hengshu sighed softly and spoke gently to Fu Zhen.

“At that time when I told you I have someone I like, that person was the person who I met in the bar that night.”

Fu Zhen narrowed his eyes and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“……..What if it wasn’t me that night?”

Jiang Hengshu felt like he dug a hole for himself unconsciously. He looked straight and explained to Fu Zhen.

“First there is no such thing if or assumingly, secondly..”

Jiang Hengshu was a little shy to say it.

“I lied to you at that time,”

He said to Fu Zhen in a low voice.

“I didn’t realize that at that time my heart already accepted someone to come in, also I said that at time I just to hope…”

Jiang Hengshu didn’t say finished what he hoped at that time but Fu Zhen understood what he meant. He just didn’t expect that Jiang Hengshu would realized that he might like him at such early age.

Jiang Hengshu then said.

“I like you, not because that person was you, but because you are you.”

The more this was explained the more confusing it becomes, but Jiang Hengshu ended with a very beautiful sentence. He said to Fu Zhen.

“The only person I like from the beginning to the end is you.”



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  1. Really FZ was just a kid without malice unlike tww luckily now he has JH to give him all the love he deserves

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  2. Tang wanwan being surrounded by her Mary Sue halo. Good thing it was disappearing now that she’s married. Justice to Fu Zhen!

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  3. I just finished it upto this chapter and so far I didn’t get to really vent about Tamg Wanwan but before that, Thank you so much for trandlating this. I absolutely love it so much that I can’t ecpress it in words.
    Now onto to Tang Wanwan. My mouth was gull of cuss words most of the time I spent reading about her. I really really really hate her and Qin Zhao so damn much. If i had the chance, I sorely wish I coild puch her, my hands have been itching non stop 🙃

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