Chapter 13

Of course even if Fu Shiyuan was teasing her, she really couldn’t do anything about it. But before Jian Ruixi’s patience runs out, Fu Shiyuan took his hand first and took the initiative to back off.

This time the car door was finally closed.

Jian Ruixi sigh a relief, once again she repeated her action, reignited the engine, and pull the handbrake but once again Fu Shiyuan come forward unexpectedly.

The window glass was rolled down, Fu Shiyuan slightly bent over and put his hand on the window frame, his posture was at ease and unbridled.

What does President Fu wants this time?

As soon as he reached out his long arms, he holds the back of Jian Ruixi’s head and she couldn’t react.

The cool kiss has fallen on the corner of her lips, the next second Fu Shiyuan was already standing outside the car and looked at her with a smile.

“Good bye kiss.”

She was teased, this time for sure.

All Jian Ruixi could do was to give a (QAQ) face.

Jian Ruixi’s face instantly turned red, she immediately stepped into the accelerator and rushed out. If she doesn’t leave, she wouldn’t be able to control herself.

After all even if he was not the wealthy husband, he was still a super handsome man. Even if she only likes fresh meat in the past two years, he has still an overwhelming charisma!

Regardless of the consequences Jian Ruixi was very willing to fall in love with such great man. But many stories had proven that if you want love you can’t have money, if you want money you can’t have love.

In other words, one couldn’t have both.

Since Jian Ruixi chooses to have money through President Fu, she would hold on to it. Even if she was teased by President Fu, she couldn’t go back.

Fu Shiyuan on the other hand just stands in the same place and watches her car disappear from the parking lot.

For a long time, he didn’t move. But his smiles was reflected in his eyes.

Things were getting more and more interesting. If his wife was just unusual, today was a complete reversal.

Even if he doesn’t know much about her life habits, he could still see the difference, especially regarding about children.  If it were in the past, she would definitely not said those words.

Because his wife, was a person who regards status as quite important. Fu Shiyuan guessed that in her heart, Jayce was not as important as Madam Fu’s identity.

After all, it was shown the fact that she could ignore Jayce in order to pleased his mother.

Although Fu Shiyuan also knows that from his wife’s point of view, what she had done was not a big mistake.

In their circle, there were more women he knew who were more than here1, but he was still inevitable disappointed.

If he valued a woman’s dignity, and generosity, he would not have been able to marry her freely at the beginning. Which one of so many well matched ladies who was not virtuous?

So his wife’s changes was very timely, Fu Shiyuan does not care whether she was playing hard to get nor would she return back to her old self, as long as she began to become more interesting and could get along with him more, then that’s enough.


Jian Ruixi had a smooth journey back to the villa. Without the pressure of having a child, her second night after crossing over Jian Ruixi had another good dream.

Once again, she slept until dawn and woke up in the bedroom still alone. The big bed was half empty but Jian Ruixi gradually got used to it.

She sat up and casually turn the quilt and found that there were some folds on the sheet, like traces of being slept on.

It seems that Fu Shiyuan came back to sleep last night. Jian Ruixi sighed casually then tied the belt in her nightgown and got out of bed.

She had no plan for today, Jian Ruixi was so lazy that she doesn’t even want to change her nightgown.

The reason was her silk nightgown was so comfortable that she couldn’t bear to take it off. In addition the villa was full of women, so she doesn’t need to worry.

So goes to wash her face lazily, she doesn’t even bother to do her daily routine even cared to put on makeup.

After she found a rubber band to tie her hair, she immediately go downstairs with her indoor slippers.

“Aunt Wang, is breakfast ready? What’s for breakfast today?”

Jian Ruixi began to shout before she came downstairs, unexpectedly after she shouted the usually enthusiastic Aunt Wang did not replied.

As soon as Jian Ruixi had her doubts, she saw Fu Shiyuan in the living room leisurely.

The sun was already high up in the sky, but President Fu didn’t not go the company. Instead he sat at home drinking tea and reading newspaper.

The scene had a strong impact, Jian Ruixi was so scared that her slippers almost flew away. She calmed herself down and said with a smile.

“Good morning Ethan.”

“The sun is coming out of the west2, you’re actually not working today?”

“Good morning.”

Fu Shiyuan looked up from the newspaper and slowly said.

“Today is the weekend, no overtime.”

Jian Ruixi: “……”

Yesterday he righteously believed that he would rush home no matter how late, she almost believed him.


there were more women he knew who were more than here1– what Fu Shiyuan meant here is, he know more women prioritize status and wealth more

The sun is coming out of the west2– impossible to happen


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