Chapter 14

Austin originally estimated that after marrying him, Ruan Tang would surely approach him in every possible way. Prying into his preferences, seducing him and trying to find ways to give birth to the Crown Prince.

But Ruan Tang didn’t do that—

Not only did he not care, but he was also surprisingly uninterested in him. Like he was from the first place just wanted to be a superficial couple with him in peace.

Austin even once sent the opportunity to Ruan Tang and didn’t wait for Ruan Tang to seduce him.

But what he had was only a stiff body and a cold pheromones.

There were only few people and things that was beyond his control, all which makes Austin more and more curious about Ruan Tang.

“Madam, why did you marry the duke?”

Austin asked.

Ruan Tang took a look at him, only to feel that the little servant was really new since he was a little bold.

“It seems that this is not the question you should ask.”

“I’m sorry madam, I overstepped.”

That’s when Austin realized who he was now.

“Forget it in front of me, but don’t to this in front of others in the future, otherwise you will have bad luck.”

Seeing that he was clumsy Ruan Tang couldn’t help saying something.

“Yes madam.”

Austin instantly hung his head.

“Thank you madam, for mentioning it.”

Ruan Tang stirred the cup of black tea, looking out of the darkened window and suddenly said.

“Because I have no choice.”

“Madam… was forced to marry the Duke?”

Austin looked at Ruan Tang calmly in the darkness, as Ruan Tang’s special pheromone fragrance that resembled orchid and plum lingered under his nose.

The smell was clean and clear—it smell great.

But on the contrary there was not a slightest taste of seduction.

The match of more than 95% made Austin’s tooth roots a little itchy, as he wanted to shed his own pheromone to seduce and take possession of Ruan Tang.

But he could felt the stiffness and straightness of his own body, but he did not choose to do so. He could also feel that Ruan Tang was not so willing.

Ruan Tang already know what would happen between the two of them. Although he already prepared himself mentally, but his body was still tense, even his neck was tight.

He hasn’t been bitten on the gland.

He don’t know if it would hurt either.

Feeling the alpha getting closer to him through the darkness, and as the cold mask fell on the back of his neck.

Ruan Tang couldn’t help but close his eyes.


Austin’s hand was on his back, and through the darkness, he leaned closer to his ear and whispered.

“I’m going to have a good look at my skin and whether my spice are intact…..”

He sniffed Ruan Tang’s pheromone-scented glands very intoxicated. He smelled every fragrance of Ruan Tang while stroking him.

“Well, you smell so good…”

The sensation of sniffing it closer was a bit more fragrant than with a distance.

 But it was still so cold, special and to his liking.

Ruan Tang: “…….”

Ruan Tang did not expect such development, and suddenly the whole person became more rigid.

Sure enough, as a normal person he shouldn’t speculate on how the brain works for a lunatic. It was all his fault.

His body was stiffened as he allowed Austin to touched and smell him. Feeling as he had become a large aromatherapy and a piece of jade for Austin.

It wasn’t until Austin had touched and smelled enough that he has let go of him and pushed his wheelchair away.


By about 8 o’clock in the morning, the young manservant named Seth reappeared in his room and began to serve him, to dress and washed him.

The young manservant’s back was straight, like any other countless ordinary manservants. He was half kneeling in front of Ruan Tang, holding his feet and gently putting on the socks and shoes for Ruan Tang.

His head was lowered Ruan Tang could not see what emotions he had. He could only see his thin lips lightly pursed, eyelashes twitching slightly.

Austin held Ruan Tang’s foot and thought in his mind.

What a beauty.

This omega from the hair to the tip of the toe, there was no place that is not beautiful.

Even the toes are round as pearl and cute which make people loved it.

Every part of the body is a treasure worthy of being collected.

As he was appreciating his collection, he also carefully put on the shoes and sockfor Ruan Tang.

Austin then went to the bathroom and washed his hands carefully. Afterwards he immediately brought Ruan Tang’ breakfast and served a pot of black tea.

“Madam, this Ceylon black tea is a tribute from the Sri Lankan star, the Duke likes it very much, you can try it.”

Austin watched him carefully and said.

Ruan Tang took a sip of the black tea and said.

“Thank you, but I don’t like black tea. I’ll just have coffee for breakfast in the future.”

“Madam, the Duke he likes…”

Ruan Tang did not once take the initiative to ask about him with anyone for two whole days, which made Austin felt particular strange.

There was also a special desire to mention himself in front of him.

But Ruan Tang, however, apparently did not grasp his meaning. Seeing the he repeatedly mentioned Austin in front of him, trying to tell him Austin’s preference, he thought that the young man was just trying to help him gain his husband’s favor.

“The Duke and I only had political alliance, there is no emotional basis.”

Ruan Tang immediately put down the tea in her hand and told the young man directly.

Therefore, he did not want to know the Duke at all and did not have to mention his name in front of him.

When he said this, Austin became even more curious. He didn’t understand Ruan Tang at all.

The first time he heard about Ruan Tang was from someone else. He heard that it was Ruan Tang who said to others that he and Duke Austin were quite suitable, and that he would be the most suitable husband for him.

Although Austin had not seen Ruan Tang at that time, he had already made a rough judgment of Ruan Tang because of these words.

He thinks he has nothing to like about this person, he even let countless omega timid and scared.

And this Ruan Ting who was willing to take initiative to marry him and claiming outside that they were quite suitable, it was clear that he wanted to please him (Austin) to win his favor.

The reason for marrying him, and pleasing him in Austin mind could not be other than the Queen’s promise to give birth to the eldest son who would be the Crown Prince.

Therefore, the first impression of Ruan Tang in Austin’s mind was as ambitious as his mother, like to control power to stir the storm, and has a clear goal.

Austin quickly understood that Ruan Tang was answering his last question, and his eyes flashing slightly.

That was not the version he heard.

Ruan Tang gently shook his head and said.

“No I married the Duke voluntarily, because besides him, I have not better choice and he is the most suitable marriage partner I can find for me at the moment.”

“How so?”

Austin looked at him steadily.

He don’t believe Ruan Tang’s words. Ruan Tang looks so beautiful and so special and not like him who was a lunatic, crippled and whose reputation was also bad.

So could no one like him, and could not he find a better marriage partner.

Ruan Tang knew what he was thinking, but he said with a smile.

“I used to think like you, but the fact is that….”

He had several unsuccessful engagement apart from Duke Austin who else could he choose? He wouldn’t be able to find a random person who regarded Ruan Xi as while moonlight and him as black-hearted lotus and to be despised and spat on for life.

Or he wanted to elope with Lu Yang, not to mention that if they really elope, even the emperor star could not run out.

Even if he run out, an omega was so rare that inhibitors were strictly controlled by the Empire. Lu Yang could not protect him.

What’s more, he doesn’t like Lu Yang so why drag people down and delay their future?

Under such circumstances, Duke Austin was the most suitable person for him to marry. To lift the tray to eyebrow level1, they could also show conjugal love as partners, it could also be the same when it comes to bed matters.

After experiencing many things, Ruan Tang’s requirements for a partner has been reduced to be able to live in peace with him and not stand on Ruan Xi’s side and entangled with him.

He doesn’t think that Ruan Xi would seduced a disabled and disfigure lunatic.

Moreover, even if Ruan Xi seduce him a lunatic like Austin would not understand.

Austin looked at Ruang Tang and couldn’t help thinking that he had never seen omega better than Ruan Tang.

Are the alphas of the emperor star blind?

How is it possible that no one likes Ruan Tang?

“Madam, do you hate the Duke?”

After a while, Austin suddenly asked.

Ruan Tang couldn’t understand the question and asked back.

“Hate the Duke? Why should I hate the Duke?”

“Because, the Duke is cruel and murderous and disable and ugly… and a psychopath who has scared several omega’s out of their minds.”

Austin’s description of himself was quite objective.

Ruan Tang suddenly laughed.

“You really dare to say anything.”

He felt that if this fool was out next to Austin, he would definitely, if not dead, disabled.

“I’m only like doing this in front of the Madam.”

Austin immediately whispered.

Ruan Tong was helpless and reminded him once again.

“You really need to control your mouth next time.”

Austin closed his mouth at once.

“I don’t hate the Duke, I just wanted to be respectful with him.”

After a while, Ruan Tang did not know whether he was answering Austin to talking to himself, and as he suddenly said.

“He …. is a poor man.”

The most ruthless imperial family. As a matter of fact, Ruan Tang has always heard about Duke Austin in this circle.

Duke Austin was the eldest son of the Empress and the first Crown Prince.

Before when he was 10 years old, when he was the crown prince, he had always been the noblest existence of the whole empire.

He was a genius, loved by his parents and carried the hope of the future of the whole empire.

All the tragedies, accidents and changes happened in the year when he was 10 years old. The assassins of the imperial reactionary forces found the opportunity to abduct and hurt him badly.

At that time, the empress was furious and sent out all forces and troops that could be sent out. There were countless dead and wounded.

He was then easily saved, but his face was disfigured and permanently disabled.

If this events were genuinely out of luck then it could only be blamed on real bad luck as Duke Austin’s own fate.

But this was not the case, there have been rumors that when Duke Austin was rescued he was not seriously injured. His injury were in fact curable.

It was when the hidden power and influence of the Queen’s family were showed after his disappearance that shocked and scared the emperor.

He began to realize that the empress, who already have half the power of the empire was ambitious and could kill him at any time, supporting their young son to take his place and take all the power.

The emperor had a great sense of crisis, so he gave an order to the doctor who treated the prince at that time. Asking to let his son to be completely disable and never get well again.

A disfigured crippled couldn’t be an emperor of the empire.

And the queen, the ambitious queen when find out that her eldest son was no longer the crown prince give up on him and gives birth to the other prince again.

She may or may not have known that the emperor had laid hands on her son.

But in her eyes it was just a little bit of frustration in fight for power struggle.

After the eldest son lost the value, she directly ignored her child who had just recovered from serious injury and became disabled.

He did not even visit him once, let alone accompany and encourage him to come out of the desperate situation.

Not only that, she tried to compete with Lady Samantha and pave the way for the prince, but also hurt and used her disabled son again and again to design and frame up Lady Samantha.

As for the emperor, after Duke Austin grew up, he was apparently seemingly guilty so he doted the Duke, even doubling it up and spoiling his lawlessness—

In fact he was regarded as the target standing in front of the children he really loved, to attract the edge of struggle and shelter them from the wind and rain.

Later, he even made more efforts and handed over the imperial torture department to him. Apparently, he doted on his son and gave him great rights.

In fact, he used Austin’s hand to eliminate dissidents and attract hatred, and really regarded Austin as a royal hound and a sharp blade.

Austin, the eldest son was notorious and attracted the hatred of countless nobles. He did what the emperor wanted to do but could not do.

And the emperor as a spoiled child’s father reprimanded him with a few sentenced down the road as he was. And as the good emperor he was still able to show his great justice.

If the accident never happened what could have the outcome of Austin going down this road?

Offending so many rich and powerful families, making people hate him, as birds do their best to hide and it think it could be dead end.

In this circle, Ruan Tang grew up listening to the secret history of the palace and the fights between the empress and the emperor’s lovers.

Ruan Tang had heard Austin name even before he knew him.

When he was child and was in a terrible situation and felt miserable, as long as he thought about the prince, Ruan Tang felt that he was not pitiful at all.

No matter how ruthless and cold Ruan Ming was, or how he don’t want his life anymore, and although how his mother was crazy and his brother was comatose, they still loved him.

When Austin fell from the cloud, the original son of heaven found that he was nothing. His father wanted him to be disabled but his mother ignored him.

Seeing that his father lead a dead end, the emperor harming his own son, making sure he won’t have the ability to interfere with the empire’s matter.

It was like completely falling into a desperate situation and never getting up again.

Ruan Tang asked himself if he could be Duke Austin, he think it would be better to think his crazy.


To lift the tray to eyebrow level1 – mutual respect in a marriage


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