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Chapter 11

But after seeing his face, apart from the initial surprise, Ruan Tang did not show any fear, panic and disgust from the beginning to the end.

He was calm from start to finish, as if he were a normal person.

And Seth could see he was not disguising it.

All of this has made Seth tremendously curious about Raun Tang as a person.

“….Madam, this face of mine, aren’t you scared?”

The young man looked back and Ruan Tang and asked out at once.

Ruan Tang did not expect that he would asked this. He was stunned but immediately said.

“Scared, why should I be scared?”

“…Because, this face of mine is ugly and disgusting.”

Seth’s tone was really calm, even after mentioning how hideous his face was.

He still remembered the time when he woke up from this serious injury, he weakly and expectantly. look at his mother. He wanted to reach out to be close to her and wanting her to hug him.

But after seeing his face, his mother let out a hysterical scream, of horror and fear at the sight of his face.

“Ah! his face, how did his face become like this, how can it become like this…you guys quickly cure him, cure him ah.. I don’t want to see him….”

“What? It can’t be cured? No cure? Then why.. why is he still alive? Why is he still alive….”

Although the memory has been very long ago, it still left an indelible impression on the disgust and ugliness of his face.

Therefore, he was particularly curios, why could Ruan Tang treat such a face calmly?

“What’s so ugly about it? What’s so disgusting? You’re just hurt, it’s no big deal….”

Ruang Tang looked at the young man calmly.

In fact, he really didn’t think there was anything wrong with the young man’s face. After seeing too many beautiful yet disgusting faces1, he had paid more attention to inner self.

The beauty and ugliness of his appearance really doesn’t mean anything to him.

However since the young man asked this question, although he didn’t show anything in this tone, he must still care about his face and felt inferior.

Although Ruan Tang originally didn’t want to say much, he still said a few more words in order to comfort the young man.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are beautiful or ugly. I have seen many people with gorgeous appearance but they are as insidious as snake and scorpions in their heart. The kindness in the heart should be the most important.”

He then added.

“I believe that you can meet someone who will genuinely likes you in the future and gain happiness..”

“Someone who genuinely likes me? Gain happiness?”

Seth heard this and instantly laughed out in a sarcastic sneer.

How could anyone like a person like him?

And he doesn’t need anyone to like—

“Believe in yourself, you will find it someday.”

Seeing him like this, Ruan Tang thought he felt so inferior to the point of despair so he immediately encourage him.

“In fact, good looks are not necessarily a good thing, because good looks would only attract a lot unnecessary false feelings .. it only fascinate people, they can’t see their true heart and can’t pursue real happiness.”

Just like himself, the so called love at first sight was in fact nothing but physical attraction not true feelings. It was difficult for him to find a true person.

Ruan Tang continued with his soft and gentle voice.

“On the contrary, you can see the true heart only when you have flaws in your appearance and had nothing. Because the one who loves you at this time must love your soul.”

Such feelings was rare, only desirable and enviable.

Seth did not expect that he would say this to him, as to no one had ever said this to him.

He fixedly watched Ruan Tang for a long time and confirmed that all the words Ruan Tang said came from the bottom of his heart.

And he could clearly see that everything Ruan Tang had said were from his heart instead of fooling him. He suddenly said.

“…Madam you are really strange.”

Also really specially beautiful.

He suddenly felt that he didn’t hate this omega anymore.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Seth wasn’t the first person to call him strange, but Ruan Tang didn’t think it was that strange nor a derogatory word.

Because, each person living in this world was special individual that were unrepeatable existence.

And he doesn’t want to make himself like others just because he wants something extravagant.

Nor others want to become like him.

Ruan Tang didn’t see Duke Austin, his nominal husband again for the whole day. But after eating breakfast, Seth led him around the mansion and familiarized himself with the environment.


beautiful yet disgusting faces1– beautiful and handsome appearance but had very bad attitude and character


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