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Chapter 26

After the audition started, the waiting gallery was much quitter, and even some newcomers were getting nervous. Shen Yam was still looking at her phone, just waiting for the audition to end so she could go back.

The first audition were for main characters, and only after that were the supporting characters, so even if Shen Yan waited for 5 hours, it was still considered normal.

But Shen Yan did not expect, that the role she auditioned for began auditioning early, although it was confusing, but this was also good for Shen Yan.

The staff shouted.

“Number eight Shen Yan!”

Slowly standing up, Shen Yan walked in towards the audition set.

The audition set was a small theater, the front was the stage and an auditorium behind. The first row was were the judges seated, and their respective positions were written in front.

After the staff gave Shen Yan a microphone, she took it, and went to the stage. Her eyes fell on the judges, then followed by a very familiar face, Meng Yi’an. When she saw him, she was slightly surprised but soon recovered her calm look.

Shen Yan was very beautiful, so beautiful that people could be amazed at a glance. She has a calm temperament but she also a bright personality that gave a very contradictory feeling.

But this feeling makes people curious, as they wanted to see more of Shen Yan.

The director of Life Together, director Wu looked at Shen Yan and felt that the actor in front of him was good, he then took a look at her resume and had some doubts about Shen Yan’s acting skills.

She was so beautiful but she hadn’t acted in any drama, and the best role she played was the third female in a web drama.

Is this a vase1 ah?

Is this just a very flashy vase?

Meng Yi’an sat calmly on his chair, as his index finger moved making knocking sound on the table in front of him. His gaze was undisguisedly looking at Shen Yan and at this time maybe his little drunkenness dissipated.

“Hello everyone, I’m Shen Yan with a training school background.”

Shen Yan gave a simple and dry self-introduction, after that she did not say anything else. She did not mention nor introduced the movies and TV shows she had appeared in because she knew the people below should already know about that.

There was even a time when Meng Yi’an visited the set and warmed her hands when she was done shooting.

Thinking about this Shen Yan felt fortunate that she had experience a lifetime rebirth otherwise when she see Meng Yi’an now she may be too emotional.

The director of Life Together said.

“Act out the scene where you persuade your sister-in-law not to break up with your brother.”

Shen Yan stood there without moving for a while before she bent down slightly and said.

“Director sorry, I forgot the words.”

Everyone: “………..”

Shen Yan think that with her like this, she could not continue to audition which was what she wanted. She then explained.

“I’m nervous, I ….”

As she was saying this, she also slowly going out.

When an applause rang out from the whole area, it was Meng Yi’an.

Meng Yi’an narrowed his eyes and looked at the stage, his thin lips lightly spat.

“Good performance.”

The biggest investor of Life Together was Meng Yi’an, when he said that the performance was good, what could other say, however they also don’t know how to go along with him.

They wondered what good performance was he referring to.

Shen Yan stopped her tracks and looked sideways at Meng Yi’an.

“I don’t know what else to say with your good performance, the role is yours. Go sign the contract.”

He pause and rephrased his words

“It’s okay to wait for your agent to come and sign.”

This was not Shen Yan waiting for her agent, Zhou Ruo to sign the contract. This was forcing Shen Yan to act on the TV series invested by Meng Yi’an. Making sure that her agent would come to sign the contract.

Shen Yan on the other hand thought that Meng Yi’an hated her so much. He must want to torture her, this was why he wanted to sign her.

But Shen Yan won’t allow it, so she refused.

“President Meng, the auditioned already made me so nervous to be like this, if I act on the original scene I might be even more nervous and ruined the set, I don’t think I can handle the role.”

I don’t want to act, do you understand!

The other judges who were listening felt at first that Shen Yan has come just to ruin the scene when she came up and said she forgot her words.

But when Meng Yi’an asks her to play the role, she now says she was not qualified for the role. In this case, why did she come to audition, if not to ruin or catch the attention and get the role?

Meng Yi’an speak unhurriedly.

“I think you are very suitable, and your acting skill are very good.”

Shen Yan couldn’t refused this role the third time anymore. It would ruin her image and, especially if Meng Yi’an finds Zhou Ruo to sign the contract there would be no way out.

Shen Yan lowered her gaze and said.

“Thank you for President Meg’s approval, I’ll come over with my agent to sign the contract.”

Shen Yan then went out from the theater. The director of Life Together, then asks someone to tell the actors who auditioned for Shen Yan’s role that they didn’t need to audition.

Once out, Shen Yan took her phone and contacted Zhou Ruo.

“Sister Zhou where are you?”

As soon as Zhou Ruo heard Shen Yan’s low voice, she knows that Shen Yan didn’t succeeded in the audition.

She wanted She Yan to go back to the hotel first but when Wang Peng who was next to her hear her, he directly said.

“Is than Shen Yan? You ask her to come over for dinner, I’ll invite her to dinner later, ha ha ha.”

“No need.”

“Sister Zhou you don’t let Shen Yan to come over for dinner just because she didn’t succeed in her audition? That’s just being too strict.”

While saying this Wang Peng took his phone and text Zheng Rou.

“I asked Zheng Rou to comer over after the audition, just to let Zheng Rou can talk to Shen Yan about acting. This is already an oppourtunity!”


vase1– just a pretty face


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    That’s a bit rough. This guy, I do not consider him excellent romance material. One should not use their power to trap potential mates the way he’s doing. Especially if he’s insisting on revenging himself upon her.

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