Chapter 14

Xu Yanwen drove the car to Kangning Square just as Xue Jiayue requested. Xue Jiayue then got out of the car with her bag, smiling and waving her hand to Xu Yanwen in the car.

“Be careful on the road.”

Facing her sweet smiling face and the corners of her mouth turned upward, Xu Yanwen’s eyes behind the rimless glasses darkened slightly. He nodded a little and said.

“Okay, I’m going back to the office.”

Only after watching Xu Yanwen’s car drive away did Xue Jiayue turn around, carry her bag and walked to the mall.

The first floor of the mall was for jewelry, cosmetics, and shoes. The second and third floor were for women’s wear, the fourth floor was for children’s wear, the fifth floor was for men’s wear and the sixth floor was for fitness, home wear, etc.

Xue Jiayue directly took the mall’s sightseeing escalator up to the third floor.

Looking around, Xue Jiayue saw all boutique women’s clothing stores. She walked into one of the brand store.

The shop assistant who saw her, immediately judged her from her dress and the bag in her hand. Whether she was a very potential big customer or not. After determining which one she was the shop assistant then quickly welcomed her with a smile on her face.

“Miss, these dresses in our store are the latest model this season, the effect on the body is very good, if you have something you like we can go the fitting room to try it on.”

The assistant used her very friendly voice.

Xue Jiayue walked around the store when her eyes fell on the blue and white dress, and said to the shop assistant.

“I want to try on this dress.”

The shop assistant immediately complimented.

“Miss you have a good eye, this dress in the main item of our store for this season, it will look very good on you.”

As she spoke, the shop assistant took the dress down and held it, guiding Xue Jiayue to the fitting room before giving her the dress.

“I’ll be waiting for you outside, just call me if you need anything.”

Xue Jiayue took the dress to the fitting room, not long after changing the dress she came out. The shop assistant and her colleague came over and praised Xue Jiayue one after another for her good looks.

“Miss you have a great body, this dress looks so good on you as it show off your figure perfectly.”

“Yeah, yeah, look at the shape and cut of this dress, and this quality, it really couldn’t be better on you, it’s like it was custom made for you.”

While the shop assistant and her colleague couldn’t stop complimenting Xue Jiayue on her good looks, two yon girls walked into the store.

“Welcome, please feel free to choose.”

Another shop assistant came forward and said.

Linda and her best friend Chen Xiaomei walked forward and swept their eyes over the dresses in the store when they saw Xue Jiayu wearing a blue and white dress.

Chen Xiaomei pulled Linda beside her and whispered.

“It’s so beautiful.”

Following Chen Xiaomei’s line of sight, Linda also saw Xue Jiayue, and immediately froze, she could not help but say in her heart:

Indeed so beautiful ah!

The blue and white dress, makes Xue Jiayue’s skin more white and tender. Her eyebrows were curved and her red lips were as beautiful like cherry blossom petal. The dress just compliment everything on her.

At this moment, Xue Jiayue turned around and face the mirror, while the shop assistant was still patiently persuading her to buy the dress.

Ont the other hand Linda didn’t moved a muscle while gazing at Xue Jiayue as she thought that the dress on Xue Jiayue was so beautiful.

The dress has just reached an inch above the knee, revealing Xue Jiayue’s slender and straight legs. As she walks around, the dress ripples out a circle of waves as it could swing into people’s hearts.

The nude color high heels on her feet have the visual effect of lengthening her legs, making her tall, slender and graceful.

Xue Jiayue with her eye for designing clothes, also think that the design of the dress was very good, although the price of the dress was a little expensive.

But spending such a price to buy the dress was worth it, she was very satisfied and decided to buy the dress.

“Help me wrap up the dress.”

Xue Jiayye took out her bank card from her wallet and swiped it.

The shop assistant was very happy that she made this order, she could get a lot of commission from her salary this month. She happily swiped Xue Jiayue card’s very quickly.

When Xue Jiayue finished swiping her card, the shop assistant wrapped up the dress and carefully handed the bag to Xue Jiayue.

Xue Jiayue turned her head and saw the two girls next to her still looking at her, so she smiled at them and left the clothing store with her bag.

“What a great beauty, that dress is also nice.”

Their eyes followed Xue Jiayue’s back as she left on her high heels, Chen Xiaomei couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

Linda glance at her best friend beside her and went up to ask the shop assistant.

“Is that blue and white dress still available?”

The shop assistant answered,

“There is another one.”

“Bring it to me and I’ll try it.”


The shop assistant answered and quickly went to the get the dress.

Whn the dress was brought, Linda took the dress from the hands of the shop assistant immediately. She was about to go to the fitting room to try it on when Chen Xiaomei came over and took a look at the price tag on the dress.



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