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Chapter 25

Several agents sat together and talked about their artist, they also talked about Shen Yan.

“Although Shen Yan gathered a lot of fans this time, she still can’t compare with Zheng Rou, whose acting skills are so good that several directors have praised her.”

“Yeah, it looks like Shen Yan can only return without any success.”

“It’s okay, sister Zhou, you can find another script for Shen Yan to audition.”

“I think Zheng Rou would get this.”

“Zheng Rou is not bad.”

Zheng Rou’s agent Wang Peng laughed.

“I just had her try to and experience it. It doesn’t matter if she succeed in the audition.”

Looking at those agents, Zhuo Ruo regretted it. It would be fine if she didn’t bring Shen Yan to audition.

Zheng Ru would surely win the audition ah.

Wang Peng comforted.

“Sister Zhuo, Shen Yan has good qualifications, she would become popular.”

Although Wang Peng was called Zhou Ruo sister, his status was much higher than Zhou Ruo.

Zhou Ruo smiled and said.

“I asked Shen Yan to audition, but also want her to gain experience.”

“It’s time for Shen Yan to work hard, not to gain experience. She should not play no.3 or no.4 female role on online drama, you should try to make her play the no.1”

“Shen Yan has good conditions, when she accepted the offer. The reason why she was playing female no.3 is because of the assistant director. If Shen Yan didn’t accept the offer, they would cut of Princess Lan character.”

Just like what Zhuo Ruo said, Shen Yan could play anything if she wanted to. And there were also many people auditioned for that role.

“Hahahaha, but next time it’s better to audition for an easier role.”

Wang Peng continued to laugh.

If Zhou Ruo wanted to let Shen Yan to win the auditioned, she could try to talk to Wang Peng but now she had no confidence to fight Wang Peng.

After chatting with the other agents, Zhou Ruo took her phone and went to the bathroom.

“Shen be sure to audition properly.”

Even after saying these words, Zhou Ruo still felt that she had no confidence.

Similarly, Shen Yan has also no confidence, since she has no plans to audition seriously. And since this TV series was invested by Meng Yi’an the more reason she can’t do it.


If it wasn’t for this audition opportunity that Zhou Ruo gave her, She Yan would not have come.

After hearing Shen Yan’s reply, Zhou Rou felt that Shen Yan could not succeed in the audition and could only say.

“Try harder.”

When Zhou Ruo went back, her fellow agents said that Zheng Rou was decided to get the role. Suddenly Zhou Ruo wanted to go back.

Wang Peng shouted.

“Sister Zhou, come here quickly, we ordered your favorite fruit salad.”


Once seated, Zhou Ruo still wanted to send a message to Shen Yan but after thinking for a while, she decided not to, lest it would make Shen Yan nervous.

“There was no point going to our artist now, we’ll all wait here for the audition and see who succeeded, if Zheng Rou got the role it will be my treat for dinner.”

Several agent were smiling and saying yes.

The director of Life Together said that after the audition, he would select the candidate and sign the contract right away.

Wang Peng felt that Zheng Rou could successfully get the role, he already started thinking about who was he going to invite for dinner.

Likewise he also sent a text message to Zheng Rou to try harder on the audition. Zheng Rou herself was very confident that she would be successfully selected.

After all, she had practiced the script many times.

Zhou Ruo on the other hand wanted to find a chance to go back,

“Why don’t I go see Shen Yan?”

“No, I didn’t even go to see Zheng Rou, and besides don’t you want Shen Yan to get the experience?”

Zhou Ruo just smiled and said nothing.


Going back to Shen Yan, she looked at phone and felt a little embarrassed, she was considering whether to seriously audition.

But once she thought of Meng Yi’an investing on the drama—she hurriedly dismissed the idea. She would not seriously audition.

That’s final.

Inside the hotel room.

Assistant Wu did not understand why Meng Yi’an casually asked again what Shen Yan was doing recently.

But since he was no longer paying attention to her, assistant Wu hurriedly had people check and immediately reported to Meng Yi’an.

“She bought some stocks and made some money. Her shooting ended not too long ago, she is in B city right now to audition..”

After a pause Assistant Wu continued.

“Life Together, this is invested by Meng Group.”

Meng Yi’an did not make a sound and just stood up.

Last time when Assistant Wu picked up the necklace, Meng Yi’an’s attitude made Assistant Wu understand that Meng Yi’an hated Shen Yan.

So since he hated Shen Yan, he probably wouldn’t want Shen Yan to star in a drama invested by Meng’s Group.

Meng Yi’an stopped moving, he looked at Assistant Wu. Assistant Wu then asked.

“President Meng should I call the director and tell them not pick Shen Yan?”

“Tell the director of Life Together that I’ll attend this audition.”

Most investors send people to participate in the audition symbolically. Meng Yi’an has never personally attended one.

Now that Meng Yi’an was going, as what Assistant think Meng Yi’an doesn’t want Shen Yan in the drama.

Assistant Wu answered yes, then hurriedly picked up his phone to contact the director of Life Together.

Making the Life Together did not start the audition at the agreed time.

“Why hasn’t the audition started yet?”

“I don’t know, maybe the director was busy.”

“Let’s just wait.”

After looking around at the artist, Shen Yan sent a message to Zhou Ruo and then continued to wait for the audition.

After waiting for more than an hour, the audition for Life Together began.



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